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Cani-Sports Scotland - Black Dog 5k

13 May 2017

THE BLACK DOG 5k - Held in Memory of Becky Johnson
Cani-sports Scotland invites you to our End of Season Beach Race

Saturday 13th May 2017 - just under 5k (2.68 Miles) Junior/Kids/Short course approx 2k (1.24 miles)

Briefing will be 9.30am, Race off at 10.00am short course as soon after as possible, self registration from 8.00am

Pettycur Sands, Pettycur Bay, Kinghorn, Burntisland, Fife, KY3 9SB

Medals 1st - 3rd in all Age Group/Categories - Male & Female, 2 dog Male & Female
Juniors (11-14), Kids (7-10 acompanied by an adult)

Medals & The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company Limited Vouchers presented to 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each category

Entry fee £15 long and £10 short - entries close Monday 8th May 2017


COURSE the course is an out and back on Pettycur Sands to the Back Rock round the rock (might get your feet wet) across to a flag and back a distance is just under 5k.
It will be a mass start with the whole entry spread out in a line or 2 on the beach, plenty space. The short course will be out and round a flag and back. Older children, 11-15, wishing to run the long course may opt to do so.

RESTRICTED ENTRY For parking and mass start reasons the entry for this race is capped at 100 runners with no waiting list.

DOGS must be a year old on the day of the race, bitches in season are not permitted to race and should be kept well away from the start / finish area and not taken on or near the course if brought to the event. Pregnant or nursing bitches are not permitted to race. Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times during the race and should not be run in a slip lead, check/choke chain, head collar, flexie lead or any collar that restricts breathing, if a muzzle is required it should be of the wire greyhound racing style. For your dogs comfort we suggest they run in a suitable harness, some equipment may be available for sale or hire on the day.

Dogs should not be brought to the event if they are coughing or have recently been in contact with infectious disease. It is the owners responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy before racing. If in doubt consult your vet.
A dog may only run in one 5k event per day but a human can run a 2nd class if they want with a different dog (i.e. bikejor with one dog canicross with the other you will have to wear a different bib number and start at the end of all canicross racers)
If a dog runs the junior 2.5k class or short course and the owner is happy with the dogs fitness it may also run in the 5k class.

BORROWED DOGS It is presumed that you are running with your own dog. If you must borrow a dog to race with you should be familiar with each other, have trained together prior to the race and the handler should be aware of the dogs behavior in a race environment and be responsible for its care throughout the event. You will not be permitted to race with a borrowed dog that you have only just met. Borowed dogs cannot be entered in the 2 dog category.

CHILDREN runners age 7 - 10, on the day of the race, must be accompanied by an adult who is also attached to the dog, on foot (no bikes). Accompaning adults are there for safety only and should not handle the dog for the child at any point during the race, the adult must not run ahead of the dog, encourage it or command it in anyway and should cross the finish line behind the child and dog. 

It is presumed that children will be running a family dog, if they must borrow a dog to race with it should be of an appropriate size and strength that the child would be able to handle the dog alone. All children attending the event to run or spectate must be supervised by an adult at all times and instructed not to approach dogs they do not know.

KIDS RACES /2.5k SHORT COURSE / FUN RUN is a shorter option for adults, adults wanting to accompany their kids and enter the fun run/short course can do so as long as the 2 dogs in question get along or are welcome to share a dog. NOTE There are no prizes for the Adults Fun Run results will be posted online. Note this race will start as soon as all runners/dogs involved are back and may start before the slower long course runners are finished as "Time and tide wait for no man"

START/FINISH the start / finish of all races will be on the beach. Finish will be a netted shoot narrowing to the end, please stay in your finish order especialy if you finished in a gorup of runners, to allow the timers to note your number and finih position.

MASS START Main race will be a mass start at 10am, signaled by an air horn and a large visual flag waved, all runners should spread out on the beach within the 2 start flags (1000m available) before 10am, each runner shoudl have a about a meter of space, if its to close move to the outside, its your responsibiity to find a space or to start behind, a few seconds lost at the start can be gained by not getting fankled or having dogs try to play with each other at the start. Some dogs will do better and have more motivation to move forrward/chase if you start behind the pack. Short course mass start again well spaced out at least 2 or 3 meters appart as indicated by race timers.

INSURANCE The race will be covered by event/public liability insurance but all racers and spectators attend the event and run at their own risk.

CHANGES TO ENTRIES Changes to entries must be made by email only to  substituting of dogs is allowed, and can be made on the day, but we are unable to transfer the entry to another runner. If you need to transfer between classes, i.e. one dog to two dog or long course to short course etc., this must be done by email, before entries close and start the list is published (entries usually close the Monday before each race). Start list is published in advance to pick up any minor errors errors only. There is no refund available if you withdraw from the event.Changes to entries must be made by email only to substituting of dogs is allowed, and can be made on the day, but we are unable to transfer the entry to another runner. If you need to transfer between classes, i.e. one dog to two dog or long course to short course etc., this must be done by email, before entries close and start the list is published (entries usually close the Monday before each race). Start list is published in advance to pick up any minor errors errors only. There is no refund available if you withdraw from the event. 

CANCELLATION Should the race have to be cancelled or postponed for reason beyond the organisers control or in the event of bad weather making the course too dangerous to run on the organisers reserve the right to take expenses already incurred from entry fees before using any remaining moneys to refund entrants. To claim a refund competator(s) should send a Self addressed and stamped envelope to the organiser within a month of the event date. NOTE it is the entrants responsibility to check the race is still on before traveling, the organisers will, post on facebook, and email all entrants if there are any last minute changes - please check your email before traveling.

PARKING There are 2 public car parks in Kinghorn one near the beach at the end of Pettycur Road and the other at the Community center about a 10min warm up jog or 15/20 min walk from the beach, there is also on street parking, please respect the locals and their drivways if parking on street. 

TOILETS There are public toilets near the lifeboat station opposite Kinghorn beach and 0.5 of a mile from race start. There is a 30p pay to pee automatic toilet by the car park nearest the race start and we hope to hire in one or 2 blue plastic portaloos (subjet to entry numbers and cost). DO NOT pee in public as the whole beach and race is overlooked by houses and this may jepordise future events.

BEACH Please respect the venue. Leave no litter. Clean up after your dog in all areas and on the course. 

FOOD There will be no catering van at this event please bring your own food and flask or use local shops and cafes. A very nice cafe "Carosel" up Pettycur Road and by teh additional parking and public toilets. There is also a nice chip shop in Burntisland.

CAMPING No camping available at the start. Local Campsite

SAFETY Please listen to the race briefing and marshals instructions. If your dog(s) are likely to be noisy and excited please do not bring them to the race briefing so that everyone can clearly hear safety instructions.
There may be other park users on the course, please respect them, give way and let them know you are coming.

CONDUCT Please treat other competitors, marshals, other beach users and organisers with respect. No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated. A dog that attacks, bites or harms another dog or human will be disqualified.

COMPLAINTS Should be made on the day directly to the race director, any complaint regarding an issue that may alter the results due to disqualification or potential timing error must be made within 20 mins of the last runner finishing. You may be asked to put your complaint in writing. A fee of £25 will be taken and refunded if your complaint is upheld.

CHANGES TO YOUR ENTRY Any changes you need to make to your race entries for classes or dogs (note you cannot transfer a human name if the human cannot come sorry entries are not transferable) should be done by EMAIL ONLY PLEASE by closing date, if you ask for changes in Facebook messages, comments on posts or on events pages I might not get to see them or if I do I might not remember to action them when back at the computer. Email is the only reliable means of communication, face book stuff gets lost.   canisportsscotland @ (remove spaces) stat list will be posted prior to the race.

PHOTOGRAPHY Official photographe of the race will be availalbe to view and buy on:
as soon after the event as possible.

RESULTS Official results will be on as soon after the event as possible, usually by 6pm once the race organisers are back in wifi alnd. NOTE any results will be Provisional untill listed as FINAL on the notes section.

Emergency Vet  Albavet, Nicol Street Kirkcaldy  01592 641333


Cani-Sports Scotland
Karen Connal, 40 Netherhouse Avenue, Lenzie. G66 5NG Tel:  0777 904 1322

Linda Lucey, Longriggs Farm, Coalsnaughton, Alloa, Fk13 6LG. Tel: 07775 62793

Karen Connal


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For each sign-up with a card payment, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

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Pettycur Sands Pettycur Bay Kinghorn Burntisland KY3 9SB Fife