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Signups for CSS Black Dog 5k

Cached signups as of 04:39:20, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
David Bull Male 25-39
Chris Sturrock Male 25-39
Jason Grant Male 25-39
Vicki O’Hare Female 40-49
Jack McCord Male Lomond Canicross 40-49
Derek Turner Male 50+
Peter Chambers Male 25-39
Lynn Smith Female Lodestar Cani-X 40-49
Christina Grant Female Dundee and Angus Cani-Cross 25-39
Kirsty Hepburn Female 25-39
Matt Adams Male 40-49
Ben Hukins Male Cani-Fit 40-49
Kirsty Ford Female West Lothian Canicross 40-49
Colin McGill Male Cani-Sports Edinburgh 40-49
Emma Lessels Female 16-24
Velda McCune Female Forth Valley Canicross 40-49
Ellyn Freitas Camacho Female Brighton to Weald Canicross Club 40-49
Neil Martin Male 50+
David Lyttle Male 50+
Ian Hepburn Male Andrew Allan Architecture 50+
Sandie Kennedy Female Dundee and Angus Cani-Cross 50+
Janis Mcarthur Female Clydeside Canicross 25-39
Linda Watt Female Paws on the Run 40-49
Linda Mackenzie Female Forth Valley Canicross 40-49
Sarah Jones Female 40-49
Karen Meikle Female 60+
Louise Mitchell Female Cani Sports Fife 25-39
Dougie Maclachlan Male Forth Valley Canicross 50+
Shari McCredie Female Cani-Fit 40-49
Nicole Brooks Female Lodestar Cani-X 25-39
Duncan Robinson Male Cani-Sports Fife 16-24
Steve Robinson Male Cani-Sports Fife 50+
Catriona McDougall Female Cani-Sports East Dunbartonshire 40-49
Lucy Henderson Female West Lothian Canicross 25-39
Linsay Park Female Dundee and Angus Cani-Cross 25-39
Cameron Doyle Male Cani-Sports Edinburgh 25-39
Barbara Misztal Female Cani-Fit 25-39
Anonymous User Male Cani-Sports East Dunbartonshire 16-24
Michael Burns Male 25-39
Ruth Burns Female 25-39
Karlene Forsyth Female 50+
Leigh Paterson Female Cani-Sports East Dunbartonshire 25-39
Gemma Welsh Female Cani-Sports East Dunbartonshire 25-39
Susan Thomson Female 50+
Wendy Simpson Female Forth Valley Canicross 60+
Michaela McLean Female 40-49
Laura Chandler Female Dundee and Angus Cani-Cross 25-39
Grant Ingram Male Canicross Aberdeenshire 25-39
Robert leggett Male 40-49
Gregor Leggett Male 40-49
Lauren White Female West Lothian Canicross 25-39
Alistair Black Male Canicross Aberdeenshire 60+
Ethan Cameron Male Lodestar Cani-X 16-24
Nicola Harkness Female Cani-Sports Edinburgh 40-49
Craig Christie Male Aberdeenshire 40-49
Sarah Legge Female 50+
Jennifer Broadfoot Female Forth Valley Canicross 25-39
Alan Foy Male Clydeside Canicross 40-49
Louise Chapman Female 40-49
Susan Robertson Female Cani-Sports Edinburgh 50+
John Allwood Male 60+
Andy Jones Male Cani-Sports Edinburgh 50+
Jamie Stevenson Male Forth Valley Canicross 25-39
Steven Calder Male 40-49
Gemma Skinner Female 25-39