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Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing or Shopping?

Please see the Terms and Conditions page.

Please see our Security page

Organisers can choose whether the competitor should pay the Service Charge upfront, or whether to pay the Service Charge later themselves, or a mixture of both. Where the organiser chooses to pay the Service Charge themselves, there is no surcharge to the entrant.

The Organiser's contact details are shown on the Essentials tab of the info page for the event or membership.

If a Waiting List is available for an event, the option will be shown to you on the Event's page. Not all events support Waiting Lists, and some support limited Waiting Lists.

Please use the to contact us. We cannot answer questions about particular events, see "How do I contact the event organiser?" for that.

We don't know. Organisers can login and open their events immediately if they wish, and they needn't notify us in advance. Also, much as we'd like to, we can't guarantee that an organiser will continue to use EntryCentral from one year to the next.

User Account Queries

Log in, and scroll down to your list of sign-ups. Click/tap 'Details' and then make changes as required and/or allowed.

The message is correct. Some possible sources of confusion:

  • You have signed up for things as a Guest User, so not through a User Account. Your email receipts for those things will tell you if you signed-up as a Guest User.
  • You have a User Account, but you have changed your email address to a new address - try the new address.
  • You used to have a User Account, but you deleted it

Not all events support transferring a sign-up to another person, but if you look at the sign-up's details from your Sign-Up History, you will get an indication of the organiser's policy for this beside the person name.

If transfers are allowed, you will need to have added the new person to your User Account with Add Person. Then, you can Change Person on the sign-up.

Many users are members of a few clubs - maybe one for cycling and another for multisport, possibly one more for runs - and in such cases they will want their clubs correctly assigned per event type. Additionally, we don't assume that e.g. a multisport club name should be applicable for running events because very few are registered with UK Athletics. However if you want it to appear for running events you can add it to your list of clubs as a Running/Athletics club, and then you can Change Club on historical sign-ups as applicable.

No. Email addresses don't need to belong to only one individual, and ownership of an email address can be passed from person-to-person. Attempts to search the database for your old sign-ups could result in an unforseen leak of personal information belonging to another person.

  1. Login to your account
  2. locate the signup in your History, click Details
  3. locate "Virtual Event Activity Log", supply and save details requested

To disable your account you need to do both of these:

  1. click Reset Password on the login screen instead of the Login button
  2. submit your email into the Reset Password form
Your account is then locked until you either
  • change your password by submitting the OTP emailed to you
  • wait 30 minutes, your account will already be re-enabled automatically

If you did not mean to disable your account, ensure that you click Login button and not Reset Password button on the login screen

You've chosen to anonymise yourself on public sign-up lists - look for the 'Anonymise Name on Public Lists' option in your Person details and amend as required.

Going to an event?

Each event has its own refund policy. Contact the event organiser, who will determine what you are due according to their own refund policy and/or EntryCentral's refund policy, and will instruct EntryCentral as appropriate

The contact details for organisers are shown on the event's information page.

If you have an EntryCentral account you can login and make the change yourself.
If you signed up for something as a guest user, you will need to contact the event organiser with enough information to identify yourself, and details of the change you want to make.

These codes have been specified by the race organiser for the event. They often follow guidelines from the National Governing Body. Please contact the individual organiser for more details.

First, Check your spam folders.
Guest Users - If you still can't find it please contact the organiser who can resend a duplicate. If that still doesn't work, it's because your email address is not accepting email from our server and you will have to supply the organiser with another email address.
Users with EntryCentral accounts - you already validated that you could receive email from us during account registration, but you can resend yourself email receipts as required and/or change your email address if necessary

Your email receipt will tell you whether you signed up as a Guest User, or through a User Account. If you signed up as a Guest User the claim details are in the email receipt; if you signed up through a User Account the claim details are in the sign-up details within your User Account.

The Pass opens in Apple Wallet and similar Android apps. It's a convenient way to store your event data, without needing to search your email for the email receipt and/or carry printouts. There's nothing in the Pass which isn't already in the email receipt, so if you can't open the Pass it won't matter - the email receipt already has all the information you need.

Organising an event?

Please see the Information For Organisers, and use the email tool on that page to contact us.