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Scottish National Youth Triathlon Championships 2024

18 May 2024

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

Fusion Triathlon Club are proud to announce The National Youth Triathlon Championships Saturday 18th May 2024 (ages 8-16yrs) and Adult Novice/Super Sprint Triathlon



The Scottish National Youth Triathlon Championships hosted by Fusion Triathlon Club is a fun event set in the grounds of Glasgow's Bellahouston Park.  Although this event hosts the National Youth Championships, there is no minimum standard required and the event is aimed at all levels and abilities and is an ideal introduction to the sport of triathlon.  The course is on traffic free park roads with the run course on grass and tarmac. All entrants will receive a goody bag with race day momento.

Along with the youth events we are also running an adult Novice/Super Sprint Triathlon that is ideal for both new and seasoned competitors.

Planned running order of the events:

Event Swim(pool) Bike(closed roads) Run (park)
Tristar Start Age 8 50m 1.4km 600m
Tristar 1 Age 9 - 10 150m 4km 1200m
Tristar 2 Age 11 - 12 200m 6km 1800m
Novice (adult) 400m 10km 3000m
Tristar 3 Age 13 - 14 300m 8km 2400m
Youth Age 15 - 16 400m 10km 3000m


Tristar2/Tristar3 Inter Regional Championships (IRC) Qualifier
This event is also a qualifying event for the Scottish IRC team. The 2024 Inter Regional Championships will take place at the British Triathlon Super Series Grand Final at Mallory Park Race Circuit on 14 & 15 September 2024.

This will mean that gear restrictions are in place for Tristar2 and Tristar3 events.  Please read the following information carefully if you are competing in either of these events:

Selection Information

The aim of the Triathlon Scotland Inter Regional Championships Team is to provide a race-based experience of the skills athletes wishing to progress onto the Triathlon Scotland Performance Pathway will require. Selection to the 2024 Triathlon Scotland Inter Regional Championships Team will be determined by the selectors appointed by Triathlon Scotland and will be made in line with this aim.

To be eligible for selection, participants must:

  • Have a valid Triathlon Scotland membership prior to the start of the final selection race.
  • Be living in Scotland or be an active member of a Triathlon Scotland Affiliated Club.
  • Be registered as a female at birth for nomination for female events (and as a competitor in a female place in a Mixed Relay). See the BTF Transgender Policy more information.
  • Take part in at least one of the selection races in Scotland. The IRC selection events for 2024 have been confirmed as the TriStar 2 and 3 waves at: National Youth Triathlon Championships, Bellahouston Park (Saturday 18 May) and Lochore Aquathlon hosted by Triathlon Scotland (Sunday 23 June)

The TriStar 2 and TriStar 3 events that are being used for selection for the IRC team will be gear restricted. For full details on what this means and how to check if your bike has the correct restrictions please refer to – Gear Restrictions – British Triathlon

On the day there will be Triathlon Scotland staff available to help TriStar 2 and TriStar 3 athletes ensure their bikes conform to the regulations and provide advice and support if needed.


Championship Eligibility 

Scottish National Championship events comprise overall winners and age group category winners, giving members the chance to compete against their peers and win National titles.

To be eligible to win a National title you must be a Core or Ultimate member of Triathlon Scotland no later than 5pm, 3 working days prior to the championships (e.g. 5pm Wednesday for a Sunday event).  The only exceptions to this are for the Scottish National Youth Triathlon Championships, where competitors can join Triathlon Scotland at registration before the race starts, and the Scottish National Schools Aquathlon Championships, where participants do not need to be a member.

Please select the race category being entered: Female category or Open category.

Only people who are female sex at birth are eligible to compete in the Female category. All individuals including transgender people are eligible to compete in the Open category. Responses to this question will enable event organisers to allocate competitors into the correct race category, as required under the British Triathlon Transgender Policy effective 1 January 2023. This can be read here and provides more information regarding race categories and eligibility. 

Club Event Page :

This race is held under the rules of TriathlonScotland and the British Triathlon Federation. The rule book can be accessed here.

To join Triathlon Scotland, please click here:

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event that you need to withdraw from the race we will refund 50% of the entry fee until 28 days before the race. After that, no refund will be payable.


Exchange Policy

We do not offer a facility to exchange entry places prior to the event under any circumstances.  This also applies to people arriving at the event who wish to take another person's place.  Identities of TS members will be checked at registration.

Swim Time

PLEASE ENTER AN ACCURATE AND REALISTIC TIME FOR THE ACTUAL DISTANCE OF THE EVENT.  This is used to put everyone into heats and to determine the starting order.  If you don't know your swim time you can put down a provisional estimated swim time and this can be updated at any time prior to the date on which entries will close.   If you have put an estimated time, please go to a swimming pool and time yourself so the heats can be as fair as possible.  Enterning a swim time too fast or too slow results in more overtaking of or by the athlete concerned which will waste time for both the athlete concerned and other participants.  Only entering an accurate time can allow a smooth and fair swim leg.

If you are unable to enter online then please contact the race organiser for further information.


About Triathlon Scotland

Triathlon Scotland is the National Governing Body for triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon, recognised by the British Triathlon Federation.

We help to provide opportunities for racing through our event permitting procedure and support our best event organisers to host our series of Scottish Championship events.

You can become a member of Triathlon Scotland at any time by visiting You can choose from our Essential, Core and Ultimate membership packages.  You will receive a race licence with our Core and Ultimate membership packages and access to discounted race entries in most events across Great Britain. All membership packages offer insurance cover (cover varies) and access to fantastic product discounts and exclusive offers.

As a Core or Ultimate member, you are also eligible to take part in the National Triathlon Series, and also earn a Scottish National Championship title.

If you are not a member of Triathlon Scotland, by entering this Scottish National Championship event, you will be contacted via email by Triathlon Scotland for Championships eligibility and monitoring purposes.  We would like to also let you know about future opportunities within triathlon, and encourage you to opt into this service.


Triathlon Scotland GDPR Statement

You agree that we may publish your personal information as part of the results of the event, and will pass such information to any governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences, or the publishing of results, either for the event alone, or combined with, or compared to other events.  Results may include, but are not limited to first name, surname, date of birth, age category, result, penalties and any club / home country / regional affiliation.

You also agree that in the event of a disciplinary or welfare incident that you are either involved in or witness, we may pass on your personal information to British Triathlon and/or the relevant Home Nation association or any relevant Authorities for the purpose of supporting any investigatory activity into that incident.


To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

A British Triathlon Race Pass is required for participants who are not a British Triathlon Home Nation member. For this event, Race Pass costs are £2.00 (plus £0.08 service charge) for participants aged 24 and under, and £8.00 (plus £0.32 service charge) otherwise.

Youth Champs Tristar Start - 8 yrs Girls
10 May 2024 23:59£21.00
Youth Champs Tristar Start - 8 yrs Open
10 May 2024 23:59£21.00
Youth Champs TriStar1 - 9-10 Girls
10 May 2024 23:59£32.00
Youth Champs TriStar1 - 9-10 Open
10 May 2024 23:59£32.00
Youth Champs Tristar2 - 11-12 Girls
10 May 2024 23:59£33.00
Youth Champs Tristar2 - 11-12 Open
10 May 2024 23:59£33.00
Youth Champs Tristar3 - 13-14 Girls
10 May 2024 23:59£34.00
Youth Champs Tristar3 - 13-14 Open
10 May 2024 23:59£34.00
Youth Champs Youths - 15-16 Girls
10 May 2024 23:59£35.00
Youth Champs Youths - 15-16 Open
10 May 2024 23:59£35.00
Novice Triathlon - Female
10 May 2024 23:59£38.00
Novice Triathlon - Open
10 May 2024 23:59£38.00

Dates and Status

Date: 18 May 2024

Closing Date: 10 May 2024 23:59

Status: Closed

Youth Champs Tristar Start - 8 yrs Girls??/24
Youth Champs Tristar Start - 8 yrs Open??/24
Youth Champs TriStar1 - 9-10 Girls??/24
Youth Champs TriStar1 - 9-10 Open??/24
Youth Champs Tristar2 - 11-12 Girls??/48
Youth Champs Tristar2 - 11-12 Open??/48
Youth Champs Tristar3 - 13-14 Girls??/48
Youth Champs Tristar3 - 13-14 Open??/48
Youth Champs Youths - 15-16 Girls??/24
Youth Champs Youths - 15-16 Open??/24
Novice Triathlon - Female??/24
Novice Triathlon - Open??/24


Keith Langdon

Bellahouston Leisure Centre Bellahouston Drive Glasgow G52 1HH