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Signups for The Hope Valley Run 2023

Users who have chosen to remain anonymous in their Person settings will be displayed as Forename=Anonymous Surname=User

Cached signups as of 20:01:00, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurname Gender Club Age Group
Isabelle Pierry Female SL
Anonymous User Female Wye Valley Runners FV55
Paul Campbell Male Hereford Couriers V40
Philip Nugent Male V35
Bethan Evans Female FV35
Colin Lambourne Male Hereford Couriers V45
Robert Connell Male Hereford Couriers V60
Andrew Pickup Male V35
Phil Johnson Male Ledbury & District Harriers V55
Sarah Askey Female Hereford Couriers FV55
Daniel Newton Male Pont-Y-Pwl & District Runners V50
Ian Lynch Male Trail Running Association V60
James O'Brien Male Hereford Couriers V45
ANGELA WIXEY Female Severn AC FV60
Jacy Dickerson Female FV55
Helen Lynch Female Trail Running Association FV55
Nicky Clarkson Female FV45
Victoria Woodhall Female Hereford Couriers FV45
Anonymous User Male Hereford couriers SM
Paul Davies Male Hereford Couriers V60
Neil Harper Male V35
Mark Hookins Male Hereford Couriers V55
Karen Lacey Female Malvern Buzzards Running Club FV50
Bert Lacey Male Malvern Joggers V55
Martin Carter Male Hereford Couriers V55
Ross Cameron Male Hereford Couriers SM
James Vidler Male Wye Valley Runners V60
David Richmond Male V60
Tim Jenkins Male Black Pear Joggers V60
Billy Smallwood Female Wye Valley Runners FV55
Michael Smallwood Male Wye Valley Runners V55
Ros Lloyd Female FV40
Dave Sherwood Male Wye Valley Runners V65
Ralph Lloyd Male Wye Valley Runners V60
Philip Powell Male V70
Celia Escande Female Hereford Couriers SL
Paul Kemp Male Wye Valley Runners V45
Josef Godfrey Male Hereford Couriers SM
Tym Musgrove Male Ledbury & District Harriers V60
Josh McMahon Male SM
Richie Richards Male Hereford Couriers V60
Rebecca Ansfield Female Wye Valley Runners FV45
Anonymous User Male MU20
Kieron Brown Male SM
Jethro Richards Male Wye Valley Runners SM
David Green Male Hereford Couriers V55
Laura Hands Female Hereford couriers SL
Nicola Emerson Female FV45
ryan lawrence Male Hereford Couriers SM
Hayley Cochrane Female FV40
Kate Owen Female Wye Valley Runners FV40
Anonymous User Male Hereford Couriers V35
Debbie Davies Female Lonely Goat RC FV40
Lorna Shaw Female Wye Valley Runners FV60
Anonymous User Male Hereford Couriers V50
Ian Summers Male Gloucester AC V55
Alan Rowlands Male Hereford Couriers V45
Ella Hogan Female Ledbury & District Harriers FV45
Ronan McCarthy Male NEJ Running Club V45
Bryony Dean Female Hereford Couriers FV45
Steve Rooke Male Ledbury & District Harriers V50
David Klotz Male Wye Valley Runners V40
Hollie Francis Female Hereford Couriers SL
gary thompson Male ledbury and district harriers V60
Sam Juson Male Croft Ambrey RC SM
Richard Broad Male Forest of Dean AC V75
Jo Ellis Female Wye Valley Runners FV45
Chris Ruck Male Hereford Couriers V55
Abi Knight Female Hereford Couriers SL
Helen Milner Female Ledbury Harriers FV50
Lee Simms Male SM
John Noonan Male Hereford Couriers V65
Luke Mason Male Hereford Couriers V35
Lea Wood Male SM
Philip Hopskins Male V60
Michael Jones Male V50
Ian Phillips Male V50
Richard Bradley Male V60
William Maul Male Hereford Couriers SM
Jonathan Davey Male Hereford Couriers V55
Dan Cleworth Male Hereford Couriers V45
Pip Cottrell Female Ross Runners FV55
Ricardo Martins Male Wye Valley Runners V45
Joan Martin Female Girls That Jeff FV55
Stephanie King Female Croft Ambrey RC FV55
martin lloyd Male Hereford Couriers V45
David Millichap Male Croft Ambrey RC V55
Alison Parry Female FV45
Anonymous User Male V45
Neil Grinnell Male Ledbury & District Harriers V45
Anonymous User Male Hereford Couriers V40
William Morris Male Hereford Couriers SM
John brown Male V45
James Davies Male Hereford couriers V40
Kevin Barnes Male Hereford Couriers V60
Guy Jenkins Male Hereford Couriers V60
Luke Williams Male Hereford Couriers V40
Edward Gwynne-Harris Male SM
Anonymous User Male V70
Richard Evans Male Wye Valley Runners V45
Sam Buckler Male V40
Susie Hay Female Hereford Couriers FV40