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Signups for Hereford Couriers 5K Spring Road Race Series 2023.

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Cached signups as of 08:12:20, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurname Gender Club Age Group
Anonymous User Male Hereford & County AC MU17
Stephen Snead Male Hereford Couriers V50
Paul Jones Male Hereford Couriers V50
Daniel Kennedy Male Blackheath and Bromley Harriers SM
David Gresswell Male Gloucester AC V55
Tom Payne Male Severn AC V40
Luke Williams Male Hereford Couriers V40
Sandy Browne Male V55
Henry WHITE Male Halo Sports Foundation MU17
William Maul Male Hereford Couriers SM
Lynne Compton Female Wye Valley Runners FV55
Matthew Leyshon Male V40
chris james Male Western Tempo V55
Clare Hawling Female Cheltenham and County Harriers FV60
matthew evans Male Aberdare Valley Amateur Athletic Club SM
James Jones Male Builth & District SM
Emma Oldham Female Worcester AC FV40
Sky Herington Female Hereford Couriers SL
Emma Woodward Female Malvern Buzzards Running Club FV35
Alice Godding Female Western Tempo SL
Jonathan Davey Male Hereford Couriers V55
Chris Nicholls Male Tewkesbury Running Club V40
Matthew Ansfield Male V50
Kelly Jones Female FV35
Barry Griffiths Male Brecon AC V55
Wendy Nicholls Female Cirencester Athletics Club FV50
Brittany Teague Female Western Tempo SL
Joyce Warburton Female FV50
Luke Mason Male Hereford Couriers V35
Lauren Pullen Female FU20
Liam Curtis-Moore Male Hereford Couriers SM
Lee Price Male Builth & District V45
Robin Woods Male Builth & District V45
Jonathan Kennedy Male V50
Anonymous User Female Hereford & County Athletics FU17
Thomas Kennedy Male North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club MU20
Marcus Bennetto Male Forest of Dean AC SM
Anonymous User Male V40
Millie Walters Female FU17
Martin Williams Male Ledbury & District Harriers V40
Helen Knight Female CLC Striders FV40
Ryan Knight Male SM
Nicola Kelly Female Builth & District Running Club FV50
Samantha Jane Female Hereford Couriers FV40
Sybil Marsh Female Ludlow Runners FV75
Christian Mason Male Hereford Couriers V35
James Cooke Male Hereford & County AC MU15
Nick Paviour Male Wye Valley Runners SM
ALEX HOPE Male Severn AC V55
Paul Cooke Male Malvern Buzzards Running Club V40
Anonymous User Male Hereford couriers SM
Eric Apperley Male Croft Ambrey RC SM
Christopher Anderson Male Severn AC V35
Kate Morris Female Hereford Couriers FV40
Mark James Male Western Tempo V45
Charlie Partridge Male MU15
Lauren Cooper Female Parc Bryn Bach Running Club SL
Archie Fox Male Severn AC SM
Beverley Phillips Female FV50
Chris Campbell Male Hereford Couriers V60
Naomi Eaton Female Western Tempo FV35
James Smith Male Severn AC V40
Anonymous User Female Black Pear Joggers FV35
William Morris Male Hereford Couriers SM
Sunin Patel Male Telford AC V40
Carl Salmon Male Malvern Buzzards Running Club V35
Beth Apperley Female Hereford Couriers SL
Tim Giles Male Ludlow Runners V50
Kim Saunders Female Hereford Couriers SL
David Green Male Hereford Couriers V55
Daniel Spear Male Hereford Couriers V35
Allen Edwards Male Hereford Couriers SM
Angus Kirby Male Ludlow Runners V55
Olivia Hayman Female Croft Ambrey RC FU13
Wesley Bereza Male Western Tempo V40
Victoria Watkins Female Worcester AC FV40
Gerry McGARR Male V70
Robert Connell Male Hereford Couriers V60
martin lloyd Male Hereford Couriers V40
Edward Hogan Male Ledbury & District Harriers V45
Linus Burnage Male Worcester AC MU17
Cliff wood Male Black Pear Joggers V50
Laura Hands Female Hereford couriers SL
Andy Taylor Male V50
Emma Powell Female Western Tempo SL
MILLIE PORTER Female Gloucester AC SL
Samantha Watts Female Severn AC FV40
Adam Wilson Male Malvern Buzzards Running Club V50
Dan Nurse Male Severn AC V40
Helen Taylor Female Telford AC SL
Thomas Powell Male Ludlow Runners V35
John Noonan Male Hereford Couriers V65
Jamie Lambie Male Shrewsbury AC SM
Aaron Higgins Male Hereford Couriers SM
Christopher Cleary Male Hereford Couriers SM
Anonymous User Female Hereford Couriers SL
Mark Thomas Male Croft Ambrey RC V45
Anonymous User Male Shrewsbury AC V60
Isobel Watt Female Cheltenham and County Harriers FU17
Louis Peterson Male Chiltern Harriers AC MU20
Emma PRICE Female Hereford Couriers SL
Kevin kerrigan Male Hereford Couriers SM
Declan Miller Male Ludlow Runners SM
Jon Schofield Male Severn AC V35
Clare Watt Female Run Mummy Run CRC FV50
Richard Andrews Male V55
Yvonne Gajny Female Shrewsbury AC FV45
Colin Parry Male Forest of Dean AC V40
Mike Mansfield Male Gloucester AAC V50
Lisa Sutton Female FV40
Matthew Brunnock Male Western Tempo MU20
Josias Ashby Male Worcester AC MU20
Sam Rule Male Forest of Dean AC V45
Bryony Dean Female Hereford Couriers FV45
Paul Roberts Male Ludlow Runners V60
Alex Doherty Male Western Tempo SM
Michael Strange Male Forest of Dean AC V65
Jamie Carroll Male Shrewsbury AC SM
James Gribble Male Tewkesbury Running Club SM
Oliver Hughes Male Lliswerry Runners V40
Vaughn Hughes Male Newport Harriers MU17
Steve Turner Male Birmingham Running Athletics & Triathlon Club (BRAT) SM
Haf Rees Female Hereford & County AC FU15
Steve Hartley Male V60
Gwynant Jones Male Maldwyn Harriers SM
Ben Warburton Male Hereford & County AC MU17
Richard Boseley Male Severn AC V60
Will Morris Male SM
David Prosser-painting Male V45
Charlie Jones Male Western Tempo V35
Steve Herington Male Hereford Couriers V70
Will Connell Male Hereford Couriers SM
Sophie Collier Female Severn AC SL
David Clarke Male Severn AC V50
Ifan Jones Male Maldwyn Harriers V55
JOY BAKER Female Ledbury & District Harriers FV50
Fred Tyler Male Hereford & County AC MU15
Harriet Brown Female Black Pear Joggers SL
Nicole RADLEY Female SL
Brandon Adams Male Hereford Couriers SM
Michael Errington Male Severn AC V40
Faye Lewis Female Hereford Couriers FV40
Rachel Vines Female CLC Striders FV40
Anonymous User Male Hereford Couriers V35
Darren Gibbons Male V35
David Bannister Male Ledbury & District Harriers V45
Poppy Oliver Female Forest of Dean AC FU15
Rachel Cashmore Female Malvern Buzzards Running Club FV50
Mark Hookins Male Hereford Couriers V55
Ben Oliver Male V35
Jennifer Cashmore Female Unattached FV55
Chris Price Male Hereford Couriers V45
Louis Ansfield Male Weston Tempo MU17
Grant White Male Monross Trailblazers SM
Quisha Cashmore Female FU15
Ieuan Vale-Smith Male Hereford Couriers SM
Anonymous User Female Hereford Couriers FV50
Anonymous User Male Hereford Couriers V45
Ryley Anderson Male MU15
Graeme Walker Male Hereford Couriers V55
James Vaughan Male Birchfield Harriers SM
Gavin Jones Male Monross Trailblazers SM
Bryan Vaughan Male Western Tempo V55
Rachael Toolan Female Wye Valley Runners FV40
David Aubrey Male Western Tempo SM
Nick Hitchings Male Worcester V50
Matthew Wooden Male Shrewsbury Athletic Club SM
Peter Carmichael Male Western Tempo SM
Jamie Griffiths Male V40
Jonathan Edwards Male Hereford Couriers V40
Anonymous User Female Hereford Couriers SL
Hollie Francis Female Hereford Couriers SL
Nick Currie Male Western Tempo V55
Sarah Askey Female Hereford Couriers FV55
Sarah Fowkes Female Malvern Buzzards (UKA4062421) FV60
Kirsty Jenkins Female Hereford Couriers SL
Ewelina Ciesielska Female FV35
Laura van Heezik Female Severn AC SL
Paul Mammatt Male V50
Deanna Mammatt Female FV45
Guy Jenkins Male Hereford Couriers V60
Emma Davies Female Monross Trailblazers FV50
Avril Seftel Female Hereford Couriers FV50
Alison Stamp Female Hereford Couriers SL
Peter Darwen Male Black Pear Joggers V55
Paul Kemp Male Wye Valley Runners V45
James Morgan Male Western Tempo V40
Oscar Martin Male Hereford & County AC MU13
Kimberley Pickett Female Hereford Couriers FV35
Emma Foreman Female FV50
Andrew Kaye Male Vegan Runners UK V60
Pete Walker Male Shrewsbury AC V40
Malachy Clarke Male Hereford & County AC MU20
Mark Williamson Male Forest of Dean AC V60
Anonymous User Male Hereford Couriers V40
Anonymous User Female Ludlow Runners FV60
Kelsham Hanna Male Builth & District V50
ROBERT KERR Male Ledbury & District Harriers V65
Vanessa Ward Female Monross Trailblazers FV35
Alan Robertson Male Forest of Dean AC V65
Caroline Kerr Female Ledbury & District Harriers FV55
Tom Boog-Scott Male Ludlow Runners V70
Lucy Jarvis Female Hereford Couriers SL
Anonymous User Female Hereford Couriers FV45
brian Symonds Male Wye Valley Runners V80
Evie Hawkesford - Johnson Female Worcester AC FU20
Lindsey Flowers Female Wye Valley Runners FV35
Neil McNish Male Hereford Couriers V50
Paul Gilbert Male Hereford Couriers V45
Eliot Taylor Male Western Tempo SM
Anonymous User Male Croft Ambrey RC V50
Dan Phillips Male Hereford Couriers V40
ANGELA WIXEY Female Severn AC FV55
Steve Nicoll Male Pershore Plum Plodders V60
Matt James Male Hereford Couriers V35
Malc Gonnella Male Fairwater Runners Cwmbran V65
Clare Mallender Female Hereford Couriers FV45
Ben Goddard Male Hereford Couriers SM
Nigel Dexter Male Droitwich AC V35
Lorna Shaw Female Wye Valley Runners FV60
Ben Probert Male SM
Dan Hardy Male V35
Anonymous User Male V60
keith williams Male V60
Alex Haines Male Midland Masters AC V50
caroline edwards Female Andali fitness FV55
Celia Escande Female Hereford Couriers SL
Hannah Campbell Female Hereford Couriers SL
Robert Gilligan Male Wye Valley Runners V55
Sophie Hope Female Severn AC FV35
Dave Ainslie Male Hereford Couriers V60
Anonymous User Female Hereford Couriers FV35
Ben James Male Hereford Couriers V40
Kieran Price Male SM
Mike Hughes Male Western Tempo V45
Sam Juson Male Croft Ambrey RC SM
Izzy Broady Female SL
Brent Lowson Male Wye Valley Runners V60
Harvey Bowron Male Worcester AC SM
Bryan Markham Male Croft Ambrey RC V80
Anonymous User Male Newent Runners V60
Christopher Brown Male Severn AC V40
Neil Gamble Male Aberystwyth Athletic Club V50
Lisa Wilkinson Female FV45
Tim Broome Male Hereford Couriers V40
Anonymous User Male Unnatached V55
Ally Fletcher Female Malvern Buzzards Running Club FV40
Paul Millsom Male V65
Mike Hayward Male Croft Ambrey RC V60
Lucy Hillary Female Bourton Roadrunners Club FU15
Dan Cleworth Male Hereford Couriers V45
Adam Zielinski Male V40
Tim Iveson Male Builth & District Running Club V40
Victoria Kennedy Female Almost Athletes FV40
Tirian Ashby Male Worcester AC MU20
Neil Grinnell Male Ledbury & District Harriers V45
Richie Richards Male Hereford Couriers V55
Mike Kennedy Male Almost Athletes V50
ryan lawrence Male Hereford Couriers SM
Phil Parry Male Lonely Goat RC V40
Paul Evans Male Brecon AC V45
Ben Hope Male Severn AC SM
Robert Limb Male V45
Stephen Goodridge Male Brecon AC V60
Joe Kellas Male SM
Dawn Nicholls Female Hereford Couriers FV55
Linda Davies Female Leominster Runners FV55
Lloyd Davies Male Western Tempo SM
Matthew Eyre Male Army Athletics Association V40
Connor Middleton Male Shrewsbury AC SM
Kevin Duggan Male Presteigne Pacers V45
Simeon Foreman Male Malvern Buzzards Running Club V45
Gerald Gobey Male Hereford Couriers V65
San Walker Female Newport Harriers FV45
Emily Walker Female Newport Harriers FU17
Will Hartop Male Stroud & District AC V35
Louie Lambeth Male Wolverhampton & Bilston MU20
Jonathan Meadows Male Monross Trailblazers V35
Isaac Culshaw Male MU17
Richard Watkins Male SM
John Watkins Male V40
Richard Worth Male V55
Lucas Salvage Male Newport Harriers MU15
Mervyn Davis Male Black pears Joggers V75
Daniel Gummery Male SM
Thomas Gummery Male SM
Samantha Greenman Female FV35
Laurence Fowkes Male Malvern Buzzards Running Club V50
Lianne Powell Female Hereford couriers FV35
James Powell Male SM
Kristan Humphreys Male Newport Harriers V45
Tyler Hawley Male Wolverhampton & Bilston MU20
Rebecca Byford Female Worcester AC SL
Alexander Logan Male Ludlow Runners V40
Benjamin Dean Male SM
John Maddy Male V55
Erika Broom Female FV35
Liz Davies-Ward Female FV60
Marcus Price Male SM
Emily Moseley Female Ludlow Runners FV35
Mark Paviour Male Maldwyn Harriers V60
Emma King Female Lliswerry Runners FV40
Sarah Mccauley Female Hereford Couriers FV40
Clare Vaughan Female Hereford Couriers FV50
Joanne Yarnold Female FV50
Luke Butler Male Shrewsbury AC V35
Christopher Berry Male Black Pear Joggers V55
L W Female FV40
James Neilson Male Wolverhampton & Bilston MU17
Clare Thompson Female Severn AC FV35
Tom Smith Male SM
Martin Smith Male Severn AC SM
Oliver Smith Male Halesowen ACC MU15
Aneta Sedziak Female FV40
Kieran Whittall Male Hereford Couriers SM
Ben White Male Team Bath Athletic Club V35
Jim Dicken Male V65
James Durman Male Shrewsbury AC SM
Chris Riley Male V60
Cai Rees Male Hereford & County AC MU17
Amy Penn Female Forest of Dean AC SL
Samantha Harper Female Croft Ambrey RC FV45
Lesley Ashton Female Vegan Runners UK FV60
Nathan Pettit Male Severn AC SM
Adam Mitchell-Haywood Male Hereford Couriers V40
Adam JONES Male Shrewsbury AC SM
Alex Hills Male Worcester AC SM
Victoria Woodhall Female Hereford Couriers FV45
Gavin McCaugherty Male Western Tempo V40
Audrey Edwards Female Merthyr running club FV60
Catherine Gilbert Female Brecon AC FV45
Oscar Nash Male Newport Harriers MU15
Stuart Nash Male Chepstow Harriers V40
Laura Jenkins Female Hereford Couriers SL
John Bailey Male V50
Daisy Coe Female Hereford Couriers SL