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Signups for Castle Douglas Bike and Food Gravel Sportive presented by STUDIOVELO

Cached signups as of 05:06:14, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
Stuart Black Male 17-39
Lewis Black Male 17-39
Paul phillips Male 45-49
Gareth Montgomerie Male Studio Velo 17-39
Mike Warbeck Male Fechan Flyers 45-49
adam harris Male 17-39
Lesley Martin Female 50-54
Anna Cameron Female SR Albannach 17-39
Luke Park Male 17-39
Ross kerr Male 40-44
Leo Blamire Male 40-44
Rachael McDougal Female 40-44
Steven Deas Male 50-54
Paul Heath Male 17-39
Jamie McCreath Male 17-39
Stewart Thom Male Studio Velo 17-39
Marc miskimming Male 40-44
Nick Stapleton Male 55-59
Caitlin Kirkpatrick Female 17-39
Wendy Young Female 50-54
Grant Young Male Studio Velo 17-39
Bruce McCleary Male Studio Velo 40-44
Mark M Pearce Male 55-59
Victoria Loughlan Female Albannach 17-39
Angela Nisbet Female Fechan Flyers 55-59
Peter Woods Male None 17-39
Pamela Styles Female Fechan Flyers 60+
Andrew Meiklejohn Male 45-49
Murray Wilson Male 45-49
Craig MacWilliam Male 55-59
Paul Rose Male 60+
Philip Edwards Male Livingston Cycline Club 50-54