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Signups for Langholm Border Gamesl (Youth 9 - 16 Years)

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ForenameSurname Gender Club
Zara Milburn Female
Craig Tindle Male
Rosa Mabon Female
Charlie Whitecross Male
Oliver Hastie Male
Isaac Hastie Male
Kyle Feeney Male
Anonymous User Female
Reuben Paxton Male
Anonymous User Male
Rose Davidson Female
Jay Donoghue Male
stuart whiteford Male
Ava Donoghue Female
Rory Fleming Male
Anonymous User Female
Lewis Fleming Male
Robert Horton Male
Iris Dennison Female
Connor Davidson Male
Nathan Goodfellow Male
Beth Dennison Female
Chloe Mcleod Female
Scarlett Bell Female
Carra Mcleod Female
Ivan Watson Male
Amber Smith Female
Dane Smith Male
Lucas Millican Male
Ava Millican Female
Robyn Lees Female
Louis Millican Male
Aoiffion McVittie-Brangan Female
Ella McG Female
Jack Laverty Male
Anonymous User Female
McLaren Welsh Male
Ben Nairn Male
Joe McDade Male
Ava Bell Female
Craig Watson Male
Greg Watson Male
Isla Woodburn Female
Matty Fleming Male
Harry Fleming Male
Evie Leonard Female
Elsie Douglas Female
Iona Douglas Female
Chloe Walker Female
Leo Tait Male
Ollie Smail Male
Freya Walker Female
Alfie Walker Male
Rachel Dumma Female
Anonymous User Male
Anonymous User Female
Tess Renwick Female
Niamh Slight Female
Oliver Fenech Male
Max Vevers Male
Harry Lauder Male
James Wood Male
Callan Michie Male
Freya Michie Female
Leela Kataleza Female
Erin Jackson Female
Reece Jackson Male
Lily Hislop Female
Cam Scott Male
Archie Scott Male
Hannah Knowles Female