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Signups for Kirkcaldy Parks 10k Trail Race 2022

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Cached signups as of 08:27:10, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurname Gender Club Age Group
Anonymous User Female F50
Suzie Dempsey Female F40
John Dempsey Male M50
Fraser Simpson Male M Open
Gail McNab Female Kirkcaldy Wizards F50
Graeme Syme Male M Open
David Curran Male M40
Anonymous User Male Dont have 1 M Open
Sarah McIlroy Female Runsum Running Club F60
Sandra Gardener Female Falkland Trail Runners F50
Annie Gibson Female Dunfermline Academy of SuperHeroes F60
Vikki Laing Female F Open
Alan Gardener Male Falkland Trail Runners M50
Sarah Raeburn Female Kirkcaldy Wizards F40
John Lee Male Falkland Trail Runners M60
Anonymous User Female F Open
Myra Robertson Female F60
Leighton Bruce Male M50
Bill Duff Male Falkland Trail Runners M70
Mairi Paterson Female F50
Robert O'Neill Male Dunfermline Cycle Club M50
Rosemary Lee Female Falkland Trail Runners F60
Ali Temple Male M40
George Lister Male Portobello Running Club M50
Judith Arnstein Female F50
Marie Smith Female F60
Stephen Horrocks-Birss Male Fife Athletic Club M Open
John Brennan Male M60
Suzy Goodsir Female F40
Scott Affleck Male M40
Elizabeth Cooper Female F Open
Andy Ballantyne Male M50
Phoebe Somerville Female F Open
Anonymous User Female F Open
Zandra McCulloch Female F Open
Vhairi Walker Female F40
Anonymous User Female F Open
Angela Small Female Anster Haddies Running Club F40
Karen Young Female Beacon Runners F50
Anonymous User Female F Open
Kieran Forsyth Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M U17
Rob Justice Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M50
Jane Sadler Female F50
Anonymous User Male M Open
Nicole Kelly Female Leven Las Vegas F Open
Brian Cowan Male Pitreavie AAC M50
Hilary Millar Female F50
Anonymous User Male M40
Heather Watson Female F50
Mark Mills Male Stuart Tite running M40
Katie Calder Female F50
Becky Simpson Female F Open
Sally Habib Female F50
Wendy Grieve Female Kinross Road Runners F50
Ricardo Duque Male M40
Louise Ogilvie Female F Open
Linda MacEachen Female Kinross Road Runners F60
James Wright Male Hunters Bog Trotters M60
Peter Greig Male Montrose Flyers M60
Kay Cumming Female F50
Anonymous User Female Cairngorm Runners F70
Kenneth McAllister Male M60
Shaun Williams Male Anster Allsorts M40
Anonymous User Male M Open
Paul Leishman Male M40
Jeana Anderson Female JogScotland Cowdenbeath F40
John Kinninmonth Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M50
Ewen Campbell Male M50
George Lees Male BEACON RUNNERS M60
Sue Clark Female F50
Jakub Marszalek Male M Open
Louise Muszynski Female Muir of Ord Jog Scotland F Open
Andrew Preston Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M40
Cicely Leeuwenberg Female F Open
Elaine Downie Female F50
Pauline McAdam Female F60
Neil Arnold Male M50
Dawn Martindale Female Pitreavie AAC F40
Brian Taylor Male M50
Pauline Spender Female F50
Craig McAdam Male M60
Sarah McEwan Female Fife Athletic Club F50
Peter Mabe Male Fife AC M60
Katie Russell Female F40
Anonymous User Male M40
Jonathan Keddie Male M40
Gemma Skinner Female F Open
Charlotte Moye Female F Junior
Colin Aitken Male Leven las vegas M50
Nicky Compston Female Pitreavie AAC F50
Anonymous User Female F40
Val Wills Female Beacon Runners F50
Susan Stewart Female F Open
David Hogg Male Beacon Runners M50
Lorna Taylor Female Pitreavie AAC F50
Greg Wilson Male M Open
Ashley Craig Female F40
Susan Thomson Female Arbroath Footers F50
David Shepherd Male Fife Athletic Club M60
Christine Marsh Female PITREAVIE F50
Kevin Leslie Male M40
Anonymous User Female F40
Sandie Knudsen Female Pitreavie AAC F50
Joan McIntosh Female Troon Tortoises F50
John Ritchie Male M50
Neil Laidlaw Male Edinburgh Frontrunners M40
Vivienne Stewart Female Kirkcaldy Wizards F40
Stephanie Paterson Female F40
James Stewart Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M50
Austin Craig Male M40
Neil Smart Male M40
Brian Stevenson Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M60
Stuart Punton Male M50
Ian Watters Male M60
Brian R Smith Male Fife Athletic Club M60
Martin Henderson Male The Meedies Running Club M40
Anonymous User Female F40
Timothy Compston Male Pitreavie AAC M50
Charles Doherty Male Kirkcaldy Wizards M50
Malcolm Macfie Male Fife Athletic Club M60
Steven Knapman Male M40
Lynda English Female Leven Las Vegas F60
Dawn Aitken Female Leven Las Vegas F50
Gareth Hannah Male M40
David Mckay Male Meedies running club M50
Keith Bremner Male Vegan Runners UK M40
Ryan Leydon Male M Open
Hugh Vinning Male M60
Max Robertson Male Wigton Road Runners M Open
Anonymous User Female F40
Anonymous User Female F Open
Anonymous User Male M Open
Katarina Kamenska Female F40
Craig Glencross Male The Meedies running club M40
Sean Edmond Male M Open
Patrick Odonnell Male Kirkcaldy wizards M Open
Graeme Temple Male M40
Jan Vinning Female Recreational Running F50
Bill Simpson Male Anster Haddies Running Club M60
Andy Mitchell Male M40