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Signups for Spiggie 10k

Cached signups as of 21:44:56, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
Jaclyn Ross Female Senior
Matt Bruce Male Senior
Caroline Smith Female Over55
Hannah Budge Female Senior
Andrei Bordeianu Male Shetland AAC Over45
Susan Linklater Female Shetland AAC Over65
Babs Ross Female Shetland AAC Over50
Craig Irvine Male Over45
Andrew Grant Male Senior
Frances Tait Female Over40
Wilma Sim Female Over45
Ross Work Male Senior
Aidan Bennett Male Over40
Jacqueline Tulloch Female Over40
Anonymous User Male ZE Running Over45
John Drummond Male Over50
Martha McArthur Female Senior
Jim Ratter Male Over55
Moraig Lyall Female Shetland AAC Over50
Norrie Lyall Male Shetland Amateur Athletics Club Over50
Mairi Thomson Female Over50
Linda Tulloch Female Over45
Yolanda Bruce Female Over50
Margaret Birrell Female Over40
Emma Courtier Female Senior
Hannah Adamson Female Senior
Juergen Kurtz Male Over55
Garry Spence Male Over55
Karl Simpson Male Over45
Neil Arthur Male Senior
Janice Hamer Female Shetland Amateur Athletics Club Over55
Steven Henry Male Over40
James MacLeod Male Over55
Michael Rattray Male Over55
Scott Willis Male Over45
Marc Williamson Male Senior
Jan Howard Female Over45
Diana Tulloch Female Shetland AAC Over35
Margaret Tregonning Female Over50
gemma adam Female Senior
Ian Irvine Male Over50
Garry Munro Male Shetland Amateur Athletics Club Over40
Frank Miller Male Over65
Una Simpson Female Over50
George Simpson Male Over50
Anonymous User Female Over45
Dawn McCall Female Over55
Allyn Sutherland Male Senior
Russell Gair Male ZE Run Over45
Reece Black Male Shetland Amateur Athletics Club U18
Richard Ingrey Male Over50
Judy Hamer Female Shetland Amateur Athletics Club U18
Abby Bisset Female Senior