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Signups for Strathaven Striders 'Run with the Wind' Half Marathon

Cached signups as of 22:09:50, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
Stevie Eccleson Male M40
Carys Currie Female Strathaven Striders F45
Anna Grant Female Bellahouston Harriers F35
Sally Fitzpatrick Female Strathaven Striders F45
colette mair Female F35
Ruth McConachie Female Hamilton Harriers F35
Sarah Devlin Female Strathaven Striders F35
Richard Thow Male M40
Louise Sutherland Female Giffnock North AC F55
Simon Smith Male M40
Paul Dobbin Male Strathaven Striders M40
Danny Basler Male Hamilton Harriers M40
Laura Farquharson Female Hamilton Harriers F35
Joe Haughey Male Shettleston Harriers M40
Trevor Walsh Male M40
Ria Horne Female Wee County Harriers F35
Heather Hill Female F35
Anonymous User Female Hamilton Harriers F35
David Benstead Male Greenock Glenpark Harriers M50
Lynne Morrison Female F45
Stephen Reid Male Greenock Glenpark Harriers M40
Murray McAlpine Male ATHelite Triathlon Club Senior
Richard Millar Male Shettleston Harriers M40
Michelle Donaldson Female Glasgow Triathlon Club F45
Francesca Burke Female F35
Neil MacRitchie Male M40
Nickye Macsween Female Wee County Harriers F45
Alastair MacSween Male Wee County Harriers M50
Allan Hogarth Male Giffnock North AAC M50
Janet Balneaves Female Hamilton Harriers F35
Elspeth McNeil Female F45
Greg Longmire Male Hamilton Harriers Senior
Steven Blair Male Corstorphine AAC M50
Richard Goldsworthy Male Strathaven Striders Senior
David Raeside Male Strathaven Striders M40
Tabitha Hawthorn Female Water Rats F35
daniel jennings Male Senior
peter williams Male Strathaven Striders M60
Ewart Gray Male Hamilton Harriers M60
Robert Bonchev-Henderson Male Senior
Viki Boncheva-Henderson Female Senior
Greig Neilson Male M40
Gayle Mcmorrow Female Strathaven Striders F35
Anonymous User Female Senior
Gerry Hanlon Male Bellahouston Road Runners M50
Viki Smith Female Greenock Glenpark Harriers F45
Terri Wall Female Greenock Glenpark Harriers F55
Gary Phinn Male M40
Christopher White Male M40
Graeme Porteous Male M50
Andrew Baird Male Senior
Phil Rodger Male Senior
Micki Henderson Female Strathaven Striders F45
John Henderson Male Strathaven Striders M50
Graeme Lindsay Male M40
Joyce O’Shea Female F35
Shona Watson Female F35
Craig O'byrne Male Senior
Becky Howie Female Strathaven Striders F35
Colin Perry Male M50
Ian Easton Male Westerlands Cross Country Club M50
Martin Howell Male Calderglen Harriers M50
John Mitchell Male M50
Ewan Wallace Male Giffnock North AC M40
Iain Moore Male Senior
Simon Fraser Male Hamilton Harriers Senior
Larry Foster Male Edinburgh Running Network M60
Anonymous User Male WERR M40
Jordan Dawson Male Senior
Mark Foster Male Clyderunners Senior
Craig Markey Male Senior
Karen Markey Female Senior
Eilidh Macleod Female Senior
Chris Murray Male M40
David Gillespie Male Senior
Lauren Elliott Female Senior
Anonymous User Female Strathaven Striders Senior
Robbie Drummond Male Garscube Harriers M50
Helen Munro Female Stornoway Running & Athletics Club F55
Charlotte Cunningham Female West End Road Runners F35
Jason Buttery Male PH Racing Club M50
Ewan Neilson Male M40
Andrew Gibson Male Dumfries Running Club Senior
Claire Macaskill Female F45
Tony Fox Male Wee County Harriers M50
Sian Watters Female F35
Alison Cairns Female Bellahouston Harriers F45
Carol Richards Female Hamilton Harriers F45
Kenny Gullen Male Wee County Harriers M60
Audrey Gordon Female Cumnock Cruisers F45
Jacquie Stewart Female F55
Laura Gray Female Garscube Harriers F35
Alan Muir Male Hamilton Harriers M50
David Campbell Male M50
Allan Smith Male M40
John Macpherson Male M50
Jamie Hill Male M40
Jamie Cunningham Male Hamilton Harriers M40
John Tougher Male Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club M40
Sian Kedward Female Senior
Paul Turnbull Male North Ayrshire Athletics Club M50
Sean Lynch Male M60
Kevin Lynch Male Senior
Elaine Macleod Female West End Road Runners F45
Paul Sclater Male Strathaven Striders M40
David Gallacher Male M40
Karen Rosling Female Bellahouston Harriers F35
Martin Walker Male M40
Joanna Wallace Female Newton Road Runners F35
John Dickson Male Hamilton Harriers M50
Alan Mackay Male M40
derrick ritchie Male Giffnock North AC M60
Jamie Cassidy Male M40
Luke Palmer Male Senior
Dorothy Lucas Female Strathaven Striders F55
Michael Dunbar Male Whitemoss AAC - Jog Scotland M40
David Blackburn Male Portobello Running Club M50
Stuart McLeod Male M50
Dave Smith Male M50
Wanda McMillan Female Kilbarchan AAC F45
William Maclean Male Senior
Graeme Bain Male M40
William Sutherland Male Whitemoss AAC M60
Ian Dorey Male M50
Brian Lees Male Lothian Running Club M50
Campbell Mcgregor Male M50
Robert Simpson Male Shettleston Harriers Senior
Clare Mckinlay Female Senior
Ruth McKelvie Female Senior
Alison Jardine Female F35
Alham Said Male WERR M50
Roksana Jamil Female Virgin active F45
Laura Mairs Female Senior
Emma Johnston Female Senior
Graham Johnston Male M60
Byron Moreton Male West End Road Runners Senior
Robert Wishart Male West End Road Runners M60
Pauline Callan Female Duncan jog Scotland cambuslang F45
Elaine Macdonald Female Bellahouston Harriers Senior
Jane Gardner Female Sweatshop Edinburgh F45
Tom Wishart Male Reyka Runners Senior
David Grant Male Senior
Gary Kilpatrick Male North Ayrshire Athletics Club M40
Peter McLaughlin Male Newton Road Runners M40
Scott Watson Male M40
Emily Jackson Female Bellahouston Road Runners F35
Amy Kelly Female F45
Gareth Walker Male M60
David McCallum Male Senior
Harriet Henderson Female Senior
Alan Poole Male Greenock Glenpark Harriers Senior
bobby miller Male Ayr Seaforth AAC M60
Brian Fulton Male M50
Wesley Pattison Male Greenock Glenpark Harriers Senior
Angela McKinney Female F45
Stuart Leitch Male M40
Thomas Connelly Male M40
Saraid Lawson Female Strathaven Striders F35
Boyd Mackenzie Male Greenock Glenpark Harriers M60
Mark Hull Male Hamilton Harriers M50
Douglas Lamb Male Strathaven Striders M50
Desmond McPeake Male M40
Chris Rodgers Male Fitayrshiredads M40
Anonymous User Female F45
David McKay Male M40
Margaret Maclean Female F45
Darren Shields Male Bellahouston Harriers Senior
Colin Meikle Male M50
Ruth Ward-Cox Female Strathaven Striders F35
Andrew Doherty Male Senior
Michael Sweeney Male Helensburgh AAC M40
Lyndsey Blair Female Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club F35
Alana McGuire Female Senior
Gordon Brown Male M50
Robbie Stillie Male Senior
Iain Cowan Male Senior
Kenny Osborne Male Troon Tortoises M50
Paulo Leite Male M40
Tom Widdows Male M40
Neale Kelly Male Hamilton Harriers Senior
Finola Ashe Female F45
Caroline GoodenoughGoodenough Female F45
Leeann Shannon Female F35
John Brogan Male Airdrie Harriers M40
Stuart Paterson Male Carnegie Harriers Senior
Fiona Robertson Female Dumfries Running Club Senior
Keith Charters Male East Kilbride Athletics Club M50
Jacquie Fabian Female Strathaven Striders F55
Stephanie Rudd Female Bellahouston Harriers F45
Garry Beresford Male M40
Lisa Beresford Female F35
Catherine MacDonald Female Strathaven Striders F55
Pauline Keegans Female Strathaven Striders F55
Graeme Croll Male M50
Alastair Drummond Male Newton Road Runners M40
Lisa Vernon Female F45
Debbie Hutton Female F45
Carly Reid Female Calderglen Harriers Junior
Christopher McCarron Male Calderglen Harriers Senior
Graham Ramage Male M50
Derek McIvor Male M40
Elizabeth Cosgrove Female Senior
Claire McSorley Female Calderglen Harriers F35
Antonio Di Carlo Male M60
Yvonne Mcnairn Female Giffnock North AAC F35
Malcolm Gourley Male M60
Ian Hodge Male Cambuslang Harriers Senior
Karen Allen Female Calderglen Harriers F35
Chris Bateman Male Senior
Marie Neil Female Strathaven Striders F55
Hazel Stead Female F35
Victoria Dallas Female Bellahouston Road Runners Senior
David Murray Male M50
Rob Soutar Male M50
Gerry Craig Male VP-Glasgow AAC M50
Michael McCrohon Male M40
Grace Collins Female Scottish Dental Runners Senior
Susan Gray Female F55
Anonymous User Female Senior
Neil Nairn Male Fenwick Striders M50
Lorne Crawford Male M50
Robert Pattinson Male M50
John Burns Male Motherwell AC M50
Mark Stewart Male M40
Zander Beggs Male M50
David Savage Male Senior
Kev Winsley Male Newton Road Runners M40
Angela Cassidy Female F55
Jennifer Lee Female Hartfell Hill Running Club F45
Graham Thom Male West End Road Runners M50
Iain Crawford Male Cambuslang Harriers M50
Mark Fleming Male Senior
Alison Wood Female Garscube Harriers Senior
Judith Turner Female PH Racing Club F45
Darren Keeping Male M50
Gergely Bajzath Male Tinto Hill Runners M40
Rhona Cameron Female F35
Emma Laverty Female F45
June MacLeod Female Bellahouston Harriers F55
Jacqueline Glass Female Bellahouston Harriers F55
Angela Campbell Female Strathaven Striders F35
David Rowan Male M50
Sylvia Campbell Female Strathaven Striders F45
John Mcmorrow Male M40
Emma Downie Female Strathaven Striders Senior
Liza Linton Female Strathaven Striders F35
Ruth Marshall Female Strathaven Striders F45
Julie Turner Female Strathaven Striders F35
Geraldine Armstrong Female F45
Helen Dickson Female Strathaven Striders F55
Brendan Keeley Male Strathaven Stridersc M60
Marie-Claire Smith Female Striders F45
Lucy Brien Female Strathaven Striders F45
John McCabe Male Troon Tortoises AC M50
Rose Gillon Female F35
Joe Chambers Male Springburn Harriers Senior
Andy Hall Male Strathaven Striders M40
Rachel Kelly Female Strathaven Striders F35
Robbie Rooney Male M40
Haytham Kubba Male M50
Paul McCallum Male Ron's Runners M50
David Massey Male Hamilton Harriers M40
Laura Wallace Female Ayr Seaforth Athletic Club F35
Allan Price Male Harmeny AC M60
Robin Scott Male Kilbarchan Amateur Athletic Club M60
Neil Clifton Male M40
Stuart Macfarlane Male M60
Rob Crusher Male Giffnock North AC M50
Alex Morrison Male Senior
Katie Russell Female F35
David Barton Male M40
David Smith Male Senior
Laurie Heigh Male Senior
Paul Heigh Male Senior
Billy Sandilands Male Senior
Sarah Lindsay Female Strathaven Striders F35
Anonymous User Female F55
Jennifer Killeen Female Senior
stewart kennedy Male Lothian Running Club M50
Andrew Potts Male M50
Lisa Major Female F45
Lyndsay Kerrigan Female Clydesdale Harriers Senior
David Goldie Male M40
Paul Glen Male M40
Hilary Glen Female F45
Gary Alexander Male Senior
sheena ewing Female jog scotland F55
Norma Kennedy Female F45
Karen Kerr Female F55
Kevin Farmer Male Senior
Craig Ferguson Male Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club Senior
Daniel Burns Male Clydesdale Harriers Senior
Samantha Wilson Female Strathaven Striders F35
Brian Smart Male M40
Chris Moon Male Strathaven Striders M50
James Anthony Stevenson Male Scottish Fire and Rescue Service M60
Louise Hope Female Strathaven Striders F35
Chris Forbes Male Senior
Cat Hawker Female F35
Graeme Hawker Male Garscube Harriers M40
Adrian Bickerstaff Male Hamilton Harriers M40
David Hepburn Male Hamilton Harriers M40
ROSS BICKERSTAFF Male Hamilton Harriers M60
Gillian Chisholm Female Hamilton Harriers F45
Hamish Hilston Male Strathaven Striders M60
Cheryl McNulty Female Hamilton Harriers F35
Alan Crawford Male M40
Mattia Mancinelli Male Garscube Harriers Senior
Neil Ross Male M40
Chris Upson Male Cambuslang Harriers M50
Athole Smith Male Garscube Harriers M50
Steven Latta Male Senior
Gavin Gray Male Senior
Alison Lessells Female Calderglen Harriers F35
Gil Hunter Male Hamilton Harriers M50
Gordon Hay Male Hamilton Harriers M50
Phillip Wong Male M60
Jim Mearns Male Calderglen Harriers M50
Donna Doyle Female Strathaven Striders F45
Louise McGhee Female Personal Tiago Ribasqui F45
Kirsty Hurt Female West End Road Runners F35
Mark Sherwood Male Senior
Graham Laird Male Strathaven Striders M50
Agnieszka Sloss Female F35
Barry Sloss Male M40
Eugene Dias Male M50
Pamela Lee Female F35
Arlene Dolan Female West End Road Runners F45
John McLaughlin Male M40
Wendy Morcos Female F55
Aileen Aitken Female F35
Jennifer Garrow Female F45
James Mcpherson Male Strathaven atriders M40
Scott Henderson Male M40
Nicola Laverty Female F35
Brendan Teague Male Strathaven striders M50
Michael Feeney Male East Kilbride Athletics Club M40
Paul McGinty Male M40
Katie Hryschko Female F35
Clare Bellward Female Senior
steven sneddon Male Senior
Rhona Martin-Smith Female Senior
Andrea Lusty Female F35
Euan Convery Male Senior
Laura Mooney Female Cross Garage F35
David Mooney Male Cross Garage M40
Julie Mooney Female Cross Garage F35
Alan Leslie Male Senior
Yvonne Vance Female Strathaven Striders F45
Frances Lowrie Female Giffnock North AC Senior
Richard Lowrie Male M50
Eddie Boyle Male Lanark triathlon club M60
Stuart Caldwell Male M40
Gillian Dunbar Female Strathaven Striders F55
Scott Griffin Male Senior
LAURA MCGLYNN Female Whitemoss Amateur AC F35
Pete Annandale Male Cross Garage M40
Gary Walker Male M50
Claire McEwan Female F35
Ewan McPherson Male M40
Bryan McFall Male M50
Nathalie Brohan Female Lanark Triathlon Club F45
Wilson Kane Male ATHelite M50
Gordon Kane Male Senior
Andrew Ross Male Senior
David Mooney 1 Male Cross Garage M40
David Hepburn Male Glasgow Triathlon Club Senior
Fraser Kennedy Male M40
Niall Kennedy Male N/A Senior
David Gilmour Male M50
John Cowan Male M40
Claudia Rosillo Female F35
Angela ONeill Female Strathaven Striders F35
Derek ONeill Male Strathaven Striders M40
Paul Gooding Male West End Road Runners Senior
Kymberley Lamont Female Strathaven Striders F35
Susan Moran Female F35
Leigh-Anne Fogg Female Strathaven Striders F35
David Lowry Male M40
John Munro Male Stornoway Running & Athletics Club M50
Rebecca Simister Female Strathaven Striders Senior
Neil Young Male M40
Fiona Sneddon Female F35
Alex Vendittelli Male Senior
Lee Hennessey Male Achilles Heel Senior
Scott Mcdermott Male G72tri M40
Mark Sherman Male West End Road Runners M50
Philip Maguire Male M50
Caroline Cassidy Female Achilles Heel F35
Mark Reilly Male Strathaven Striders Senior
John Mullen Male Weavers M50
Willie McBlain Male M40
Alan Morwood Male none M60
Stuart Gilliland Male Senior
Robbie Gilliland Male Senior
Scott Goodman Male Strathaven Striders Senior
Darren Eddie Male M50
Euan Burt Male Hamilton Harriers Senior
Kevin Allan Male Senior
Fiona Ewart Female Strathaven Striders F35
Lynne Gillies Female F45
David Paton Male Senior
Greg Thomas Male Senior
Fiona Knighton Female F35
Allan Douglas Male Strathaven Striders M60
Nicola Clark Female Strathaven Striders F35
Michael Leighton Male Senior
Mark Hewlett Male Senior
Christina Alexander Female Strathaven Striders F55
Kirsty Sloan Female Strathaven Striders F55
Marc Quigley Male Senior
Graham Parry Male M40
Eleanor McCabe Female Strathaven Striders F45
Julie McCulloch Female V2 Drilling F55
Alison Chand Female Strathaven Striders F35
Emma Hughes Female Calderglen Harriers Senior
Finlay slane Male Lothian Running Club M60
Ross McLean Male Motherwell AC M40
Lindsay Pattie Female F35
Allan Gowans Male M40
Mark Kay Male M40
Graeme Quinn Male Senior
Andrew Quinn Male Senior
Douglas Picken Male M40
Peter Mclean Male M40
Douglas Stewart Male West end road runners M50
Tristan Harrold Male Senior
Adam Capek Male Senior
Alison Mcculloch Female Hamilton Harriers Senior
Kirk Ritchie Male M40
Ross Ritchie Male Senior
Colin Herd Male Senior
Paul Queen Male Strathaven Striders Senior
Iona Murray Female Strathaven Striders Senior
Emma Smith Female Strathaven Striders Senior
Neil Smith Male Achilles Heel M40
Charles Tait Male Senior
Blair Davidson Male Senior
Sue Lassman Female F45
Paul Lafferty Male Kilmarnock Harriers & AC Senior
Catherine Jackson Female F35
Ken Jackson Male Strathaven Striders Senior
Carol Ann Anderson Female Strathaven Striders F45
Adam Templeton Male Junior
Alanna Templeton Female Senior
Hugh Goldie Male Strathaven Striders M40
Andrew White Male M40
Euan Godon Male G72 Senior
Craig Easton Male Senior
Lucy Kilmartin Female F35
Gerad Mcloughlin Male Glasgow Triathlon Club M40
Steven Lyttel Male M40
Andrew Mc Linden Male Hamilton Harriers M60
Hazel Scott Female F35
Derek Scott Male Strathaven Striders Senior
Duncan Scott Male M40
Beth Lockhart Female Glasgow Triathlon Club F35
Claire Gillespie Female Strathaven Striders F35
Irene Wilson Female Strathaven Striders F55
Carol Wilson Female F35
Thomas Wilson Male Strathaven Striders M60
Brian Wilson Male M40
Neil Richardson Male Motherwell AC M40
Graeme Lowe Male Hamilton Harriers M40
David Kilpatrick Male Giffnock North AC M40
John Thomson Male M50
Emma Thomson Female Senior
Frank McCafferty Male M50
Fiona Cushnaghan Female Greenock Glenpark Harriers F55
Emma Lunan Female F35
Fraser Duthie Male Achilles Heel M50
Nicole McMillan Female Senior
Chris Bonnar Male M40
Calum Hendry Male Strathaven Striders Senior
Peter Hendry Male N/A M40
Jamie Partridge Male M40
Agata Mrowinska Female F35
Douglas Roberts Male Senior
Rhona Atkinson Female F35
Callum MacInnes Male M40
Chris Bennett Male Cross Garage M50
George Petit Male M40
Paul Bagnicki Male Senior
Margaret Maitland Female Strathaven Striders Senior
Stuart Maitland Male Strathaven Striders Senior
Chris Marsh Male M50
Alex Donaldson Male Strathaven Striders M40
Marianne Jack Female Rays running club F45
Alistair Macdonald Male Newton Road Runners M40
Jennifer Macdonald Female West End Road Runners Senior
Donald Macdonald Male M50
Mark McFarlane Male Senior
Brendan blackwood Male Strathaven Striders M40
David Osborne Male M40
David mclure Male Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club Senior
Rebecca Mitchell Female Achilles Heel Senior
Margaret Allison Female Strathaven Striders F55