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Signups for The Dundonald 10K Road Race

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Cached signups as of 04:26:21, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurname Gender Club Age Group
Alistair Frew Male M
Gerard Penman Male Troon Tortoises AC M50
Janet Smyth Female Monkton Milers F50
Annmarie Corti Female F40
Gary Higgins Male Dailly Dynamos M40
Rosemary Starkey Female F40
Graeme Collin Male M60
Mark Stewart Male Fit Ayrshire Masses M40
Claire Rogerson Female F
Karen Mclaughlan Female Monkton Smilers F50
Gary Ross Male Dailly Dynamos M
Katie McDowall Female F40
William Kinnear Male Monkton Milers M60
Thomas McCulloch Male M
Alex Carroll Male M
Rachel Reid Female F
Craig Kerr Male M40
James Smith Male Cambuslang Harriers M
Anonymous User Female F
Anonymous User Male M40
Graeme Kerr Male M
Colin Weir Male Irvine Running Club M40
Mark Ford Male M50
Lewis Scremin Male M50
Andy Willetts Male North Ayrshire Athletics Club M40
Louise Gray Female F40
Gillian Baird Female DVLC run club F40
Lynda Bennett Female Newton Stewart Triathlon Club F
Stuart McLeod Male M
Lisa Steele Female Dvlc run club F40
Carolann Morley Female Monkton milers F40
Stuart Murdoch Male M50
Anonymous User Female Dvlc run club F
Rosemary Charlwood Female F50
Barry Bohan Male M40
Steffen McAndrew Male M40
George Coles Male Troon Tortoises M
Brian Mathieson Male M40
Calum Scoular Male M
Ainsley Neish Female F
Rhona Sutherland Female F
Barry McGill Male M40
Douglas Simpson Male M50
Natalie Sharp Female Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club F
Lucy Stanley Female Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club F
Fiona Henderson Female F50
Paul Ford Male M50
Patrick Jones Male M
Bobby McCallum Male M50
Iain Henderson Male Troon Tortoises M40
Colin Anderson Male M40
Dianne Miller Female DVLC RUN CLUB F40
Peter Young Male M40
Rachel Cox Female Monkton Milers F50
Gary Christie Male SBF M40
Michelle Strachan Female F
Ann Adams Female F50
Kenneth Neill Male Ayr Seaforth Athletic Club M40
Bryan Miller Male M40
Natalie Cobb Female F
Anonymous User Female Fit Ayrshire Masses F40
Jim Murphy Male M40
Robert Gibson Male Calderglen Harriers M40
Anonymous User Female F
Ewan Hunter Male M
Anonymous User Male M40
Kirsti Stirling Female F40
Euan Webster Male Ayr Seaforth Athletic Club M
Anne Noble Female Troon Tortoises F60
Matt Pearce Male Troon Tortoises AC M50
Craig Lloyd Male SBF M
Hazel McFarlane Female Troon Tortoises F50
Stuart Nibloe Male Kilmarnock H & AC M
Greg Turner Male Giffnock North AC M
Robert Montgomery Male SBF ASSUALT TEAM M50
Alan Townshend Male M
James Jones Male M
Pauline Ferguson Female Killie Striders F
Chloe Shannon Female Ron's runners F
Herman du Preez Male M40
Taylor Thompson Male M
Anonymous User Male M50
Graeme Law Male M
Scott Francis Male M
Connor Bray Male M
Frank Johnstone Male M50
Martin Moench Male M
Patrick Jones Male M50
Helen Marshall Female SBF F50
Gordon Burnside Male M
Janice McKellar Female Ayr Seaforth Athletic Club F60
Kenneth Weir Male Scottish Athletics M70
Senga Burley Female DVLC run club F40
Cameron Telfer Male M
Helen Wilkie Female F
Mark Parker Male Tonis tigers M
Stewart McCallum Male M
Elaine Warr Female F50
Iona Mackay Female Strathaven Striders F40
Stuart Gregor Male M40
Katie Broadfoot Female F
Iain Tomb Male HSH M40
Steven Kerr Male Prestwick Panthers M40
Kieran McCowan Male M
Kirsty Zorget Female F40
chris sharkey Male M50
Alexander Curran Male Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club M
Natalie Gardiner Female F
Gary McIsaac Male M50
Corey McIsaac Male M
Andrew Sinclair Male M60
michael mckenzie Male M50
Catherine Stericker Female F40
Andrew Chan Male M
Scott Don Male M
Daniel Mulhern Male M
Ewan McDonald Male M
Grant Clark Male M
Emma McCulloch Female F40
Sean Watson Male M
Lauren Quinn Female F
Joe Hope Male Troon Tortoises M50
Paul docherty Male M
Anna McLullich Female F
Claire Webb Female F40
Paul Lafferty Male Irvine Running Club M
Robert White Male M50
Andrew Wilson Male M
Kirsty Irving Female F
Christie Miller Female F
James Mair Male M
Anthony Graham Male M50
Kirstie Copeland Female F
Heather Steel Female F40
Lauren Connell Female F
Jennifer Brown Female F
Lachlan Calder Male Shettleston Harriers M
Claire Adams Female F