Signups for Harmeny AC 7R Multi Terrain Half Marathon

Cached signups as of 08:35:38, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
Catherine Ramsay Female Over40
Richard Taylor Male Dunbar Running Club Over50
Shona McConnell Female Over40
John Redding Male Linlithgow Athletic Club Over40
Alan Doig Male Kinross Road runners Over50
Iain Hawkins Male Over50
Emma Galloway Female Over40
Tony Wayte Male Strathearn Harriers Over60
Scott Craighead Male Carnethy Hill Racing Club Over40
Neil McCulloch Male Senior
Eddie Turnbull Male Over60
Abbey Campbell-Krause Female Senior
Alan WEIR Male Lothian Running Club Over50
Mark Hooper Male Carnethy Hill Racing Club Senior
Marie Botelho Female Over40
Kirsty McDonald Female Over40
Allan Stratford Male Over40
Sandy Orr Male Lothian Running Club Over40
Norman Inglis Male Over40
Lindsay English Female Haddington Running Club Senior
Lucia Tisnes Female Dundee Road Runners Over40
Stuart Donald Male Over50
Alvaro Aldeguer Male Over40
Robin Panton Male Senior
Andrew Kinninmonth Male Over40
John Irvine Male Haldol Harriers Over40
Stephen Maloney Male Edinburgh Running Network Over40
Norman Brown Male Carnethy Hill Racing Club Over50
Mike Lieberman Male Lothian Running Club Over60
Lorna Sinclair Female Over50
Craig Freshwater Male Hunters Bog Trotters Senior
David Wilson Male Hunters Bog Trotters Senior
Michaela Johnson Female Senior
Kevin Gemson Male Over40
Chris Haworth Male Senior
Christopher Browne Male Over40
Karen Archer Female Arbroath Footers Over40
Grahame Johnstone Male Over40
Peter Baillie Male Over40
Gavin Major Male Pitreavie AAC Senior
patricia littlechild Female Over50
Susan Graham Female West Lothian Triathlon Over40
Shery Johnston Female Portobello Running Club Over50
Kevin Funnell Male Falkland Trail Runners Over40
Stuart Lockey Male Over50
Elizabeth Richardson Female Over40
Fraser Ballantine Male Senior
Alan Jeffrey Male Portobello Running Club Senior
Patricia Hampton Female Harmeny AC Over60
Sam Newington Female Durham City Harriers & AC Over40
stephen ingledew Male Edinburgh Athletics Club Over50
Amy Alcorn Female Moorfoot Runners Senior
Kirsty Ford Female Over40
Nick Leitch Male Over50
Alan Knowles Male Lothian Running Club Over40
Jill Stephen Female Hunters Bog Trotters Senior
Iain Howatt Male Pitreavie AAC Over50
Adrian Campbell-Krause Male Hunters Bog Trotters Senior
Isla Kapasi Female Haddington Running Club Over40
Lindsay Cockburn Male Harmeny Athletic Club Over40
Allan Ramsay Male Race Fitness Over40
Mark Galloway Male Over40
Dougie Campbell Male Over40
David Hunter Male Over50
Seona Burnett Female Harmeny AC Over50
Elliot Mather Male Over40
Roddy Sandeman Male Senior
Carol Murray Female Over50
Jordan MACDONALD Male Senior
Rebecca Helliwell Female Over40
Mairi Paterson Female Over50
Jonathan Campbell Male Pitreavie AAC Senior
Alison Gelly Female Dundee Road Runners Over50
Rhona Anderson Female Dunbar Running Club Over50
John Mcintosh Male Dundee Road Runners AC Over50
Graham Tennet Male Unattached Over40
Ross Cunningham Male Portobello Running Club Senior
Eilidh Moir Female Dundee Road Runners Senior
Yana Thandrayen Female Portobello Running Club Over40
Pamela Whitlie Female Carnethy HRC Over40
Fiona Kirkaldy Female RTC Warriors Over50
Paula Dimond Female Corstorphine AAC Over40
Simon Johnston Male Falkirk Victoria Harriers Over40
David Murray Male Over50
Julia Drewer Female Ferranti AAC Over40
Will Stewart Male Senior
Jessica Husbands Female Hunters Bog Trotters Senior
Mike Kemsley Male Over50
Robert Mclear Male Portobello Running Club Over40
Paul Lockie Male Teviotdale Harriers Over50
Helen Holmes Female Over40
Vicky Speirs Female Over40
Dorothy Meikle Female Over50
John Ford Male Over40
Julie Hunter Female RTC Warriors Over40
Diarmuid Cotter Male Over50
Gerry Yates Male Harmeny AC Over40
Michael Royden Male Dundee Road Runners Over50
Graeme Ingram Male Over40
Dougie Melrose Male Over50
Michael Reid Male Carnethy Hill Racing Club Over40
Graeme Braid Male Falkland Trail Runners Over40
Ross Meldrum Male Over40
Pamela Williams Female Over50
Angus Mclean Male Portobello Running Club Over40
Andrew Waddington Male Senior
Mark Upward Male Portobello Running Club Over50
Adrian White Male Harmeny Athletic Club Over50
Johnny Lawson Male Portobello Running Club Over40
Keith Martin Male Harmeny AC Over50
Shelagh Davidson Female Beacon Runners Over40
Sarah Healy Female Musselburgh and District Athletics Club Senior
Garry Forfar Male Senior
karen spence Female Falkland Trail Runners Over50
Paul Foxlow Male Over40
pascaline mollard Female Ferranti AAC Senior
Murdo McEwan Male Carnethy HRC Over60
Chris Lee Male Senior
Gavin Jefcoate Male Over40
simon cocker Male Over50
Michael Watts Male Linlithgow AC Senior
John Cowan Male Over50
Claire McCraw Female Senior
Matthrew Wood Male West Linton Runners Over50
daniela ellis Female none Over40
Murray GILLIES Male Senior
Chris Paton Male Over40
Tim Watson Male West Lothian Triathlon Over40
Gemma Mcandrew Female Senior
Donna Mcvie Female Fife Athletic club Over50
Ewan MacNeilage Male Senior
Chris Grant Male Race Fitness Over40
Steve Stewart Male Stewart Brewing running club Over40
Andrew Dow Male Over40
Megan Wright Female Hunters Bog Trotters Over40
Daniel Tipping Male EH3-Milers Senior
katrina wright Female Harmeny AC Senior
John Stamp Male Over40
Michael Stratford Male Over40
Susan Gray Female Over50
John Mair Male Over40
Lyn Bow Female Livingston & District AAC Senior
Rosie Shankey Female Senior
Benjamin Cross Male Senior
Julie Blythe Female Over60
Sheena Marshall Female Over40
Genevieve Harborow Female Harmeny AC Over40
Aron Mitchell Male Over40