Signups for 34th Moffat Gala Festival of Running 2019 (15km)

Cached signups as of 06:12:24, refreshable every 5 minutes

Ross Penny Male Wakefield District H & AC
Samantha Cook Female
John Gordon Male Glasgow South Road Runners
Peter Woodfield Male
johnny minto Male
Andrew David Gilmour Male Unattached
Graeme Rogerson Male Jogging Buddies Paisley
Kirk Nicholson Male
Lynda Minto Female ADAC
Eamonn Long Male
Jim Buchanan Male Hartfell HRC
Andrew Sinclair Male
Craig Robison Male Dumfries Harriers
Sean Mcgleenan Male Dumfries Running Club
Lewis Black Male Dumfries Harriers
Kevin Plummer Male Hartfell Hill Running Club.
Anne Macfarlane Female Dumfries Running Club
Ann Clanachan Female Garscube Harriers
Miriam Adcock Female JogPeebles
Ann Lister Female Glasgow Phoenix Runners
Michael Grant Male Hunters Bog Trotters
Fionna Ogilvie Female Hunters Bog Trotters
Scott Walker Male Run Club Dalkeith
Person record deleted by user
Donald McPartlin Male Garscube Harriers
Janet Priestley Female Hartfell Hill Running Club
Graham Tennet Male Unattached
Alexandrea Gonzales Female
Tom Cammack Male Springfield Striders RC
Claire McArthur Female Hamilton Harriers
Eileen Nicol Female Gala Harriers
Anne Purves Female Gala Harriers
Callum Walker Male
Caroline Fraser Female
Rhiannon Breed Female Dumfries Running Club
Kirsteen Kellock Female Dumfries Running Club
James Kellock Male
Alan Robertson Male Lothian Running Club
Duncan Robertson Male Garscube Harriers
Frank Mcpartland Male Haddington Running Club
John Cowan Male Annan & District AC
Ruth Aitken Female
Lindsay Stewart Female
Bryan Gregg Male Lochaber Athletic Club
Richard Thow Male
Robert Wallace Male Dalbeattie Running Club
Michael Andrew McKean Male Dumfries Running Club
Colin Williams Male Moorfoot Runners
Paul Nichol Male Moorfoot Runners
Finlay Finlay Male Garscube Harriers
Anne Sillars Female Garscube Harriers
Chloe Mcadam Female Garscube Harriers
Ali McNay Male Motherwell Athletics Club
Andrew Davis Male Dumfries Running Club
Dean Carr Male Moorfoot Runners
Gillian Carr Female
Ian Campbell Male Hunters Bog Trotters
Michael Hurst Male
Robert Gordon Male Dumfries Running Club
Stuart Black Male Dumfries Harriers
Paul Young Male Lothian Running Club
Jim Alexander Male Lothian Running Club
Wendy Gass Female
William Lumsden Male Lasswade Athletics Club
Sally Fingland Female
Heidi Davies Female
Mick Batty Male
Diane Baillie Female Jog moffat
Paul Graves Male DH Runners
Norman Johnstone Male Annan and District AC
Jason Little Male Dumfries Harriers
Lucie Dutton Female
Martin Tilstone Female Non Affiliated
Ruth Hinks Female Pink Panters, Jog Scotland
David Hinks Male
Daniel Stone Male Rothwell Harriers & AC
Myra Owen Female Jog peebles
Liz Dawson Female Annan and District AC
Gordon Vivers Male Annan and District AC
Amy Nicholson Female
Stuart Burgess Male St Bees Triers
Paddy McDonald Male Haddington Running Club
Rhona Robinson Female Jog Moffat
Frank Birch Male Teviotdale Harriers
Hamish MacDonald Male Dumfries Running Club
Alasdair Hardie Male
Christopher Benson Male
Kevin Quigley Male
Colin Saunders Male
William McCulloch Male Gala Harriers
Rich Welsh Male Rothwell Harriers & AC
Gordon Paterson Male Dumfries Harriers
Beverley Stewart Female Jog Moffat
Ruth Griffith Female Annan & District AC
Michael Jardine Male Dumfries Running Club
Katrina Smith Female Annan and District AC
Richard Smith Male Annan and District AC
Mark Smith Male N/A
Athole Smith Male Garscube Harriers
Carol Elliot Female Dumfries Harriers
Katie White Female Garscube Harriers
Pauline Virgo Female
June Scott Female Dumfries Running Club
Stuart Gillespie Male Dumfries Running Club
Kenny Patterson Male Hartfell Hill Running Club
George Miller Male
James Taylor Male Annan and District AC
Gemma Leadbetter Female Dumfries Running Club
Rory Graham Male Houghton Harriers & AC
Geoff McQueen Male Annan and District AC
scott mcdonald Male
Stephen Mohan Male Dumfries Running Club
Brian Mohan Male Dumfries Running Club
Sandy Shankland Male Dumfries Running Club