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Logo for Mad March Mile 2023

Mad March Mile 2023

01 Mar 2023 - 31 Mar 2023

Organiser's Description

Mad March Mile 2023

Many thanks for signing up to the Mad March mile.  This is our 10th Year and the event continues to grow so we are using online registration only, no cash!

This year, it would be great, if you can all share the event on your social media, Entry Central allows you to do this easily at the end of your registration. 

Please ensure you join us on Social Media:-

Quite simply, run at least 1 mile each day throughout March in addition to your usual routine.  If you need to substitute the one mile run for another exercise, anything is allowed, as long as it takes you a similar amount of time it would to run a mile (15-20 mins).

The cost is £12 this year with £5 going to the very kind Trevor Pictor of White Horse pottery (Huge subsidy) for the personalised mug, a small amount going to entry central (50p) to help us with the registrations. and the rest goes to the charity (£6.50 per entry minimum); this year the charity is The Grand Appeal in Memory of Hattie McConnell

In Memory of Hattie McConnell

For 2023 we would like to raise money for The Grand Appeal in Memory of Hattie McConnell, here is the story from Local couple: Mum, Lou Cox and Dad, Jason McConnell:-
Our beautiful daughter Hattie only managed 5 days with us. Due to lack of oxygen during a traumatic birth she was left severely brain damaged. We all transferred to St Michael's Hospital where she started brain cooling treatment but sadly it didn’t work and we made the difficult decision to turn off her life support knowing that she wouldn’t have any quality of life if she was to survive.
Our brave and stubborn girl managed to breathe by herself for a further 36 hours although agonising for us she gave us that bit of extra time to hold her and love her. Our gorgeous Hattie went to sleep on the 19th of May. That morning the hospital arranged for us to borrow a pram from the children’s ward so we could have a little bit of normal life with her. For the first time we were able to be her parents and take her for a walk in the most beautiful gardens across the road from the hospital. Jason and I sat down on a bench under some trees as the sun was shining down on Hattie, this is where she passed around 1.30pm it was like she was waiting for the right moment to make this whole nightmare worth something. We then took her back, cuddled her, bathed her and played mummy and daddy’s favourite songs whilst holding her tight and singing our hearts out, we are so grateful for the very little time we had with her.
We are overwhelmed by the love and care received at St Michael’s and would gratefully accept any donations to help other babies and families in loving memory of Hattie.
MMM2023 will launch for entries on 1st November 2022.
Big thanks to Jen Buckle for helping to put this together.

In addition to the entry fee there are two other ways of donating EXTRA money:-

  1. Choose "No mug required" on entry form.
  2. Choose "extra donation", you have several options on entry form

Please be aware this is not organised by a club or any other running entity, just for friends and friends of friends, please consult you doctor before attempting this epic challenge.




01 Mar 2023 23:59£12.00

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Start: 01/03/2023 00:00:00

End: 31/03/2023 23:59:00

Status: Open

Total Places: 500

Places Available: ??



Sean Price



Location: Anywhere in the world that you can walk, run, jog or exercise for an extra 15-20 minutes. By all means substitute your mile with another similar activity.