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Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon

12 May 2024

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

The Hatch End Triathlon will return on Sunday 12 May 2024.

The Jetstream Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon is a popular family-oriented race targeted at inexperienced/less-confident triathletes and non-triathletes wanting a new challenge. The pool based swim and less competitive, family-oriented nature makes this an ideal starter race for those new to the sport. As a popular warm-up race experienced triathletes are also welcome (but experienced places are limited to ensure sufficient space for less-experienced).

The adult race includes a 400m pool based swim (17 lengths at Hatch End swimming pool) followed by a 17km road based cycle (3 laps) and an off-road 3km run (3 laps at Hatch End playing fields). Junior races cycle on the playing fields rather than the roads with age-appropriate adjustments to distances (see table below). See the for more information.

Note traithlon age is measured at 31st December of the race year, not the day of the race. Unless your birthday is early in the year your triathlon age will often be 1 year older than your actual age on race day.

Race Distances & Early Entry Fees

Age at 31 Dec Swim(lengths) Bike(laps) Run(laps) Entry Fees*
Adult - novice 400m(17) 17km(3) 3km(3) £34/42*
Adult - experienced 400m(17) 17km(3) 3km(3) £34/£42*
Youths: 15-16 yrs 400m(17) 5km(5) 3km(5) £16/£14
Tristar 3: 13-14 yrs 306m(13) 4km(4) 2.4km(4) £14/£12
Tristar 2: 11-12 yrs 212m(9) 3km(3) 1.8km(3) £14/£12
Tristar 1:  9-10 yrs 165m(7) 2km(2) 1.2km(2) £12/£10
Tristart:   8 yrs 70m(3) 1km(1) 0.6km(1) £9/£7

*Additional £8 British Triathlon day licence/insurance fee for non-BTF members (£2 reduction for junior BTF members).

Refunds will only be allowed up to 30 days before the race, subject to a £5 cancellation fee (£2 for juniors).

St Luke's Charity Donations

We are proud to support St Luke's Hospice again this year. St Luke's Hospice looks after people in Harrow and Brent whose illnesses are no longer curable. They help and empower them to enjoy the best possible quality of life, whilst ensuring their family and carers are supported too.

Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon is a club run, community event, initially founded by the Hatch End Association in 2000 and continued by Jetstream triathlon club since 2006. Jetstream would like to thank Harrow Council, Everyone Active and Race Timing Solutions for helping us keep entry costs to a minimum. 


For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

A British Triathlon Race Pass is required for participants who are not a British Triathlon Home Nation member. For this event, Race Pass costs are £2.00 for participants aged 24 and under, and £8.00 otherwise.

Adult Experienced (17yrs+)
30 Apr 2024 23:59£34.00
Adult Novice (17yrs+)
30 Apr 2023 23:59£34.00
Youths : 15-16 yrs
30 Apr 2023 23:59£14.00
Tristar 3: 13-14 yrs
30 Apr 2023 23:59£11.00
Tristar 2: 11-12 yrs
30 Apr 2023 23:59£11.00
Tristar 1: 9-10 yrs
30 Apr 2023 23:59£9.00
Tristart: 8 yrs
30 Apr 2023 23:59£7.00

Dates and Status

Date: 12 May 2024

EventAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Adult Experienced (17yrs+)??/70Open30 Apr 2024 23:59
Adult Novice (17yrs+)??/150Closed30 Apr 2023 23:59
Youths : 15-16 yrs??/30Closed30 Apr 2023 23:59
Tristar 3: 13-14 yrs??/40Closed30 Apr 2023 23:59
Tristar 2: 11-12 yrs??/60Closed30 Apr 2023 23:59
Tristar 1: 9-10 yrs??/70Closed30 Apr 2023 23:59
Tristart: 8 yrs??/30Closed30 Apr 2023 23:59


Ed Darnell

Harrow Arts Centre Uxbridge Road Hatch End Harrow HA5 4EA