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Organiser's Description


incorporating a round of the Camathias Cup 

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2024, East Fortune Raceway near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, EH39 5BX

Run by the Scottish Classic Motorcycle Racing Club, supported by Melville Motorcycle Club

National Restricted Event.   Permit No. 015812 70/737


Please note: All enquiries for this event should go to Louise Nichol

0792 021 3492


SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS. The Scottish Classic Motorcycle Racing Club will be running a National Restricted Motorcycle Road Races & PR5 Spectator Parades (for Classic and Vintage Racing and Road Machines) at East Fortune Raceway, 22nd and 23rd June 2024, The meeting will be held under the National Sporting Code of the Auto-Cycle Union appendices of the ACU and Standing Regulations for PR5 Parades and these Supplementary Regulations together with any Final Instructions subsequently issued or Official Announcements made.

RACING Eligibility:

Open to holders of 2024 Road Race Licences of the SACU, ACU. Holders of Licences issued by Federations other than the SACU or ACU must have written starting permission from their FMN, personal accident insurance and valid repatriation insurance. These must be produced at signing on.

Parental Agreement forms must be completed by parent if competitor is under the age of 18 years. Forms can be obtained from the Secretary of the Meeting on request.

Minimum age of entrant,14.

PR5 Parade Eligibility:

Riders under 70 years of age must hold a Road Race Competition Licence or a Full Class “A” DVLA motorcycle licence.

Participants (including sidecar passengers) who are 70 years of age or over must also hold a current ACU/SACU Parade Licence or a current ACU Road Race Competition Licence. 

ACU/SACU Parade Licence forms may be requested from the ACU, SACU or Secretary of the Meeting.

Parental Agreement forms must be completed by parent if competitor is under the age of 18 years. Forms can be obtained from the Secretary of the Meeting on request.

Minimum age of entrant,14


  • Clerk of the Course: Hugh Ward                         
  • Secretary of the Meeting:  Louise Nichol           
  • Club Steward: TBC                                                                                                                
  • Chief Technical Officer: Dave Mallon
  • Incident Recorder: Sandra Lang                        
  • Chief Marshal:   TBC
  • Timekeeper: Stevie Haire                                  
  • Child Protection (Club Safeguarding Officer):  Sandra Lang

Entry Details 

·        ENTRIES:

o  NO telephone entries will be accepted.

o  All entries must be made via Entry Central using the official entry form which will contain all additional required information for your entry and tickets.

o For insurance purposes, anyone in the paddock must be signed on and car registration numbers must be given at the time of booking. Tickets will be issued in the form of a QR code and must be shown on entry.

o Entries accepted strictly in order of receipt. A maximum of 6 reserves will be accepted per class.

o The SCRMC Ltd reserves the right to refuse, amend or restrict entries without notice and the decision of the SCRMC Ltd will be final

·         ENTRY FEES:

o    All entry fees must be paid via Entry Central. Please note Sidecar teams driver and passenger must both sign up on entry central (Driver is charged the entry Fee)

o    If the meeting is cancelled, entry fees may be returned or carried forward at the discretion of the SCRMC Ltd.  

o    An entry can be cancelled and fees refunded subject to £20 administration charge by producing a valid medical certificate indicating his /her incapacity to compete.

·         PASSES:

o    All tickets will be electronically issued via Entry Central no later than 5 days prior to the event. Vehicle passes will be issued on arrival.

o    Parade Entry will include the equivalent of one vehicle pass and two individual passes.

o    Racing Entry

               A Solo entry will include the equivalent of one vehicle pass and three individual passes.

               A Sidecar entry will include the equivalent of two vehicle passes and five individual passes. Passes will be sent separately to both Driver and passenger

o    Additional passes can be purchased via Entry Central or at the gate at face value

·         INSURANCE: The SCRMC Ltd undertakes to insure each driver and passenger, indemnifying them against any third-party claims made arising out of Races, Official Practice or the parade, excluding claims by other drivers or passengers, entrant, sponsor or mechanics. All drivers and passengers will be covered by personal accident insurance whilst parading. The SCRMC Ltd will NOT be held responsible for repatriation of any Competitor.


o    Racing: Not more than 40 solos or 24 sidecars, first come, first served, shall start in a race or heat. If more than 40 or 24 entries are received for a class, the SCRMC Ltd reserve the right to alter the programme accordingly by for example, running heats, time permitting. If less than 6 entries are received for a class, the SCRMC Ltd reserves the right to cancel it, or include it with another class.

o    Parades: will contain up to no more than 30 solos and 10 sidecars. If fewer than six entries are received, the SCRMC Ltd reserve the right to alter or cancel the parade accordingly. Riders will be controlled by two pace vehicles one at the front and one at the rear.

·         LICENCES:

o    Racing Current 2024 competition Licence Numbers must be entered correctly on Entry Central Form and licences must be shown when signing on. (Non-production of licence entails a £10 search fee to the SACU, donating to the Ben Fund).

o    Parades: Licence type must be entered on the Entry Form and shown when signing on. (No licence, No parade). A VALID LICENCE MUST BE PRODUCED AT SIGNING ON

It is the entrants responsibility to ensure they have a valid licence.  


o    Racing: Full details of class eligibility can be obtained via the SCRMC website, from the Eligibility Officer or Secretary of the Meeting

o    Parade: Full details of class/machine eligibility for both the Classic/Vintage Racing Machine Parade and the Classic/Vintage Road Machine Parade can be obtained from the SCRMC Ltd Eligibility Officer or Secretary of the Meeting. 

·         TRACK DISTANCE: East Fortune is 1.56 miles long and over 30 feet wide. Travel is in a clockwise direction.

o    Racing: All Races will be 8 laps unless otherwise specified by the Club Officials

o    Parade: All Parades will be a minimum of 5 laps unless otherwise specified by the Club Officials.


o    Racing: On arrival at the Circuit drivers and passengers must report to the Secretary's Office to sign on where they will collect their Technical Inspection Pass, Official Programme and Memento. The office will be open on Friday 21st June between 3pm and 6pm and from 7.30am on Saturday 22nd and 7:30am Sunday 23rd June.

o    Parade: All riders (and sidecar passengers) must report to the Secretary's office to sign-on AFTER 10am on Saturday (or Sunday for Sunday-only entries) where they will collect their Technical Inspection Pass, Official Programme and Memento.

·         TECHNICAL INSPECTION: Competitors & Entrants must report to the Secretary of the Meeting BEFORE REPORTING TO THE TECHNICAL INSPECTOR.

o    Racing: Technical inspection will take place from 8am on Saturday and Sunday. Additional technical inspections may be available on Friday from 4pm until 6pm. Drivers and passengers must present their Machines, Helmets, Identification Discs, Protective Clothing and Footwear which must be worn for technical inspection and proof that they have signed on. Machines MUST have the correct Numbers fitted prior to technical inspection. Sidecars will be examined without, then with fairing fitted.

o    Parade: Technical inspection of all parade bikes and riders/passengers clothing and helmets will take place from 10am on Saturday (and 10am Sunday) at the Marque by the café. Appropriate protective clothing and footwear must be worn for technical inspection and proof that they have signed on. Road machines must be road worthy with the decision of the technical official being final.

·         RE-EXAMINATION OF BIKE AND RIDER: required for any crash/parting from the motorcycle on circuit. (1) Collect incident form from Incident Recorder; (2) Present yourself, in protective clothing with your helmet to the Medical Officer – take the form for signature. This would clear you to parade again during the meeting. (3) After repair, present the bike and yourself, in protective clothing with helmet to the Technical Officers, for examination (bike and your protective clothing). Once signed, return the incident form to the incident recorder.


o    Racing: All Competitors shall attend a briefing at Saturday, 8.45am, unless otherwise advised. Sunday-only competitors should report to the Clerk of the Course at the Circuit Office by 8.30am Sunday

o    Parade: Entrants will be required to attend a briefing meeting on Saturday morning at the Circuit Office. Specific time of the meeting will be advised at Sign-On. Sunday-only entrants may be asked to report to the Clerk of the Course at the Circuit Office.

·         RACING PRACTICE: There will be one practice session per class on Saturday commencing at 9.30am. There will also be a timed qualifying session to determine grid positions for the races or the full weekend.  Practice for competitors who are entered for the Sunday event only (any others at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course) will commence on Sunday at 9.30 am. 3 laps per Competitor MUST be completed. Sunday only competitors will be placed at the rear of the grid.

·         RACING TIMING: Will be by transponder. Please include your transponder number on your entry form. If you require a transponder, a limited number are available for hire at a cost of £40 for the weekend. Please indicate on your form if you wish to hire a transponder.

·         RACING: Conditions permitting, will commence at 12.30 pm on Saturday and immediately after practice on Sunday.

·         RACING HEATS: If heats are necessary in any class, details will be published in the Official Programme.

·         RACING ALL CLASSES: Front plates to be same as side plates (250 - Green, 350 - Blue, 500 - Yellow, Unlimited - White)

·         RACING POST CLASSIC JNR/SNR ELEGIBILITY: SCRMC Ltd have now capped post Classic JNR/SNR at December 1993

·         RACING TROPHIES: Awarded on aggregate points for each day of racing. Points as follows: 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

·         METHOD OF START: Clutch starts will be used for all classes. Start penalties for races will be applied per ACU Handbook at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course.

·         CHANGE OF RIDER: The Secretary of the Meeting will consider requests for changes (rider already entered the event, passenger or machine, including adding additional machine) prior to respective race or parade, and following consultation with the Clerk of the Course. A change fee may be charged.

·         MOTORCYCLE ENGINES: Must not be run before 8.45am or after 6.00pm

·         CAMERAS: On board cameras are NOT permitted

·         OIL LEAKS: It is essential that you ensure your motor cycle is free from any oil leaks. If you become aware of any leaks during your race you must leave the track immediately. Failure to do so may result in you being excluded from the meeting.


·         PADDOCK: Please observe the “One Way” traffic system in the paddock at all times.


·         TRACK ACCESS: Any rider attempting to gain access to the track at the ‘NO EXIT’ end of the pits will be excluded from the Meeting.

·         PADDOCK/FUN BIKES: The riding of all types of fun bikes (for example bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates/blades) is strictly prohibited and should not be ridden anywhere within the circuit during the event (generally 9.00am – 6.00pm), or at any time on the Friday. E-Scooters or E-Bikes have not been given permission to be ridden in the paddock or circuit.

·         FIRE EXTINGUISHER: All Competitors Vehicles must carry a (minimum 2kg) fire extinguisher available for immediate use. This extinguisher must show the date of the last annual inspection. Non-compliance with this regulation will incur a penalty imposed by the Clerk of the Course.

·         SOUND METERS: Will be in force at this meeting. Max. 105db

·         GENERATORS: Silent Air Generators will be used, and in continual use – hook-ups are provided, power from approximately 6pm on Friday. Please ensure your electric devices are electrically safe. See Final Instructions for more details.

·         ALCOHOL AND DRUG TESTING: Random drug and alcohol tests may be ordered by the SACU or the ACU at any meeting organised under its jurisdiction. As per 2023 Scottish Championship conditions the SACU commit to conduct more Drug and Alcohol Testing. Those providing positive test results face an instant ban of 2 years in line with FIM regulations. Any positive alcohol test at an event will result in the individual and team being asked to leave the event, The SCRMC Ltd will not be required to refund their entry fee. Competitor will be liable to have licence suspended for 6 weeks.

·         PARKING ON GRASS AREAS: Use Environmental Mat as per ACU Environmental Code

     CONCUSSION: Please note that following a concussion injury, riders must produce a doctor’s letter. Such letter can be given to either the SACU office prior to the event for issue to the appointed Stewards, or to the SACU Stewards at the event. The letter should clearly indicate that the rider “is no longer suffering from the consequences of concussion”.

·         COVID-19: By entering this meeting you declare that should you contract coronavirus in a 10-day period prior to the event taking place, you will not travel to or participate/officiate at the event and will follow Gov.UK guidance/advice as appropriate



For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Sidecar Entry inc Camathias Cup
06 Jun 2024 12:00£230.00
Solo entry RACING ONLY
06 Jun 2024 12:00£180.00
Parade Entry
06 Jun 2024 12:00£80.00
Sidecar Passenger Entry
06 Jun 2024 12:00£0.00

Dates and Status

Date: 22 Jun 2024 - 23 Jun 2024

Closing Date: 06 Jun 2024 12:00

Places Available/Total: ??/200

Status: Open


Sammi Croniken



East Fortune Race Circuit Woodside East Fortune EH39 5JX