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Aberdeen AAC Indoor Open Graded-Meeting 1

10 Dec 2022

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description


 Saturday 10th December 2022

Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen


Entry fee: £5 per athlete per event

Each 60m run is a single event. To run both 60m races a £10 entry fee should be paid. In the event of cancellation entry fees will be refunded at £4.50 per athlete per event, for organisers to cover additional transaction fees incurred.

Entries close Friday 3rd December 2022


10:00 60m Hurdles U17-Senior M&F 10:00 Long Jump #1 U17-Senior M&F
  Shot Put #1 U17-Senior M&F
10:20 60m - Run 1 U17-Senior M&F  
  11:00 Long Jump #2 U17-Senior M&F
Shot Put #2 U17-Senior M&F
11:15 60m - Run 2 U17 - Senior M & F  
12:00 BREAK
12:30 60m Hurdles U13-U15 M&F 12:30 Long Jump #3 U11-U15 M&F
  Shot Put #3 U11-U15 M&F
12:50 60m - Run 1 U11-U15 M&F  
  13:30 Long Jump #4 U11-U15 M&F
Shot Put #4 U11-U15 M&F
13:45 60m - Run 2 U11-U15 M&F  

All events will have the number of entries capped.

The meeting has been split into morning and afternoon sessions. The organisers reserve the right to move athletes between sessions in order to allow the maximum number of athletes to compete, when doing this consideration will be given to an athletes age group, times and distances, and athletes would be notified of the change.

Spectators will only be allowe on the balcony overlooking the competition area. Coaches will be allowed access to the competition area and must register attendance in advance via Entry Central.

To ensure quick and easy access to Aberdeen Sports Village on event day, all athletes, coaches and spectators will be required to be members of Aberdeen Sports Village, its Passport scheme or register their attendance in advance following these instructions.


  1. Athletes must be at least 9 years of age on day of competition.
  2. The events will be open to all genders and age groups specified, including athletes with disability and wheelchair users.
  3. 60m heats will be determined by performance, athletes without a known 60m PB can find a time predictor here.
  4. Hurdles – age groups may be combined in the case of low entries. Appropriate hurdle specifications will be used for each age group. Hurdles are not open to Under 11 athletes.
  5. Masters can use senior or age group implements / specifications for shot put / hurdles.
  6. All event times are approximate and subject to change on the event day.
  7. Field events are each scheduled for 60 minutes. Athletes will get 2 warm‐up attempts followed by a minimum of 4 competition attempts, more if time permits.
  8. Entries must be submitted, online by midnight on the closing date for each meeting.
  9. Declarations for each event will close 60 minutes before its scheduled start time.


The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 2% (min 25p) for each sign-up. The organiser also pays 2% (min 25p)

Dates and Status

Date: 10 Dec 2022

Closing Date: 03 Dec 2022 23:59

Status: Closed

60m - Run 1 - U17+??/60
60m - Run 2 - U17+??/60
60m Hurdles U17+??/20
Long Jump - U17+??/24
Shot Put - U17+??/24
60m Hurdles U13-U15??/20
60m - Run 1 - U11-U15??/60
60m - Run 2 - U11-U15??/60
Long Jump - U11-U15??/24
Shot Put - U11-U15??/24


Mark Davidson

Aberdeen Sports Village Linksfield Rd Aberdeen AB24 5RU