This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Burntwood Autumn Aquathlon

04 Nov 2018


IMPORTANT! Your race age is as you will be on 31 December 2018, not how old you are on race day

Age GroupSwim DistanceRun Distance
Tri Start (8yrs)50m600m
Tri Star 1 (9-10yrs)150m1.5k
Tri Star 2 (11-12yrs)250m2k
Tri Star 3 (13-14yrs)400m3k
Youth (15-16yrs)400m5km
Vet (40-49)400m5km
Super-Vet (50+)400m5km

Entry fees:

Until 30th Sept 2018 - Adults - £18.00 (£15 for BTF members); Juniors (16 or under at 31-Dec-18) - £10 (£9 for BTF members)

From 1st Oct 2018 - Adults - £20 (£17 for BTF members); Juniors (16 or under on 31-Dec-18) - £12 (£11 for BTF members)

BTF members must produce a current BTF licence at registration

Entries will be available on the day if there are places left at £25 (£22 BTF) for adults and £15 (£14 BTF) for Juniors

The first swimmer will start at approximately 08:30. Juniors will race first. 

Race details will posted on the our web site 

Dave Green


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Burntwood Autumn Aquathlon (Seniors)04 Nov 2018??/250Closed02 Nov 2018
Burntwood Autumn Aquathlon (Juniors)04 Nov 2018??/250Closed02 Nov 2018

These events share a common pool of 250 places

01 Oct 2018£15.00£18.00
02 Nov 2018£17.00£20.00

*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

01 Oct 2018£9.00£10.00
02 Nov 2018£11.00£12.00

*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Event Address
Burntwood Leisure Centre, High Street, Chase Town, Burntwood, Staffs, WS7 3XH