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The Trifarm Mixed Team Relay Trailathlon

07 Oct 17

After the small test event last that turned out to be lots of fun, we thought we'd give it another go in 2017, but now in a mixed team relay format.  250m lake swim, 10km bike and 1.5km run. 

TEAMS MUST BE MADE UP OF TWO MEN AND TWO WOMEN.  Miniumum age is 15 (by 31/12/2017, no max' age.)

Just one person needs to complete the online entry.  Team names must be suitable for the press to print!

Our capacity is 25 teams.

Overview:  Being held at the lovely Trifarm, Church Rd, Boreham, CM3 3DS.  Race starts at 2pm, so no early morning alarms!

Important:  The bike course is approximately 30% off road.  Please save your pride and joy TT & expensive race bikes for another day!  CycloX, MTB, road bikes, commuters, hybrids with decent treaded tyres and even the a BMX will do.  No fixed gears or electric bikes though as it's against the rules. 

Team mates can share bikes if they like, so no need to drag four bikes along.  It may help you with costs and transportation.  We like participation and inclusion.

Parking:  Plenty of parking on site.  DO NOT PARK ON CHURCH ROAD. 

Registration:  Will be held in the Trifarm building from 12:30.  Race briefing at 13.40.  Race start 1400hrs.

BTF members.  Bring your membership cards to registration and get £3 cash back each (£1 for youths).

You will get one race bag containing 1 team number wrist band, 4 x race numbers, 4 swim hats, multiple stickers for bikes and helmets and some promo' gear along with 32Gi products..

Race number to be worn on the front on bike and run.  Split times will be for each team member starting the swim and finishing the run.  Manually timed, so if we can't see your number at the finish you can't get a time recorded.  Please help us to help you.

No boxes, bags and bulky non essential items in transition.

Swim:  Ladies with orange swim hats start in a mass wave.  Make sure you have your team wrist band on!

Swim start is over the Church Road side of the lake (last years transition area.)  Swim clockwise, keeping the small pontoon and buoys to your left.  The exit is over at the usual swim place; you'll spot it.   

If you get into difficulties during the swim, please roll onto your back and raise a hand for assistance or make your way to the side of the lake.  Wetsuits are likely to be optional (decision will be made by the official on the day.)

T1.  Put your bike helmet on before moving your bike, then the usual rules apply.

Bike:  Exit onto the run track and complete a 3/4 clockwise loop of the lake, exiting around to the gate / Church rd.


Foot down.  Turn left onto the road when safe to do so.  Over the bridge and head all the way along to Grace's Lane Bridleway.  Turn left onto it and head STRAIGHT all the way to the top towards the houses and gravel.  (People live here, so be quiet and show courtesy) Go through the gate and turn left onto NEW LODGE CHASE.  This is a narrow downhill stretch so take care.  Left onto HURRELLS LANE.  Again downhill towards the ford crossing!  At the end of the Lane it's a footdown, turn right and head back to the Trifarm.  Do a 3/4 lap in reverse direction (anti-clockwise) around the lake.  Ride on the left as slower teams maybe exiting to start the bike leg.

Drafting isn't going to be too much of an issue due to the mixed terrain, but please ride sensibly.

T2:  Dismount before the swim exit and run your bike to transition.  Rack bike before unclipping/removing your race hat.

Run:  New route in 2017. http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1113296908 

Exit transition and turn right onto the private access track.  Turn left uphill towards the farm buildings.  Go around the large cone and then run downhill back in the direction you came.  Pass transition and head towards the finish line.  Once you cross the finish, pass on your team wrist band to the next swimmer. 

Team mates must wait beyond the finish line ready to collect the band and ready to start the swim.

Team mate two:  Male, purple swim hat.  Repeat the above!

Team mate three:  Female, pink swim hat.  Repeat the above!

Team mate four:  Male, white swim hat.  Repeat the above and then please stop!

Note:  We may kindly request team members 1 (post race) & 4 (pre race) to help out marshalling the swim start and transition areas to ensure the smooth running of the event.

FOOD!!!!   Bill and Ruth are selling bacon rolls, tea, coffee and cake before and after the race.

Marshals...we will be paying your food bill!

We are kindly being Sponsored by Essex & Suffolk Water who are providing bottled water at the finish line.

Results and Prizes: Once we have collated all the results (which can be time consuming, but we will endeavour to get them ready ASAP, so please wait around.)

This is a fun event as well a friendly competition.  You'll all get a finishers medals. 

Top three teams get a trophy as well as the first 999 team (Ambulance/Fire/Police.) 

We will be also giving out a prize again for the most unusual / coolest / most unsuitable bike in the event (chosen by our panel of non-experts!)




Dates and Status

Date: 07/10/2017

Status: Open

Total Places: 25

Places Available: ??


To sign-up for this event on EntryCentral with a card payment, the Service Fee is 5% (min 60p) for each sign-up

Event Address
The Trifarm, Church Rd, Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 3DS