Wearside Triathlon accepts memberships by application, which the organiser approves. You may apply now. When you've completed your application, you can authenticate your card details so that the organiser can approve your Application and instruct us to complete your payment.
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Wearside Triathlon

Wearside Triathlon, established in 2017 Triathlon Club based in Sunderland, England. We boast members dotted across the world of all abilities, from beginners to those who dominate Sprint and Olympic distance events, GB Athletes to top 10 finishers in Iron distance races across the globe.

Our members like to train hard to race hard. The aim of the club is to support each other in order to reach our full potential and become the best we can be.

At Wearside Triathlon there is no hierarchy, no committee. Decisions are made by the athletes for the athletes - every member in the club has a voice and everyone is heard. The club is what we make it.

Benefits of joining Wearside Triathlon:  

  • Free Wearside Triathlon merch when signing up
  • Access to Wearside Triathlon team kit
  • Low joining fee
  • Discounted Everyone Active gym membership (£28.50 per month) This gives you access to Everyone Active gyms, nationwide
  • Big discounts at Cycleworld Store Sunderland
  • 10% off at Start Fitness, Newcastle
  • £5 discount at Hennings Tri massage. Mobile sports massage service
  • Special rate of £17.50 per half hour at Sunderland Complimentary Therapy Centre.
  • Race under and be part of a BTF (British Triathlon Federation), CTT (Cycling Time Trials) & England Athletics affiliated club.
  • Discounted BTF (British Triathlon Federation) membership.

Austin Thompson

Dates and Status

Expiry Date: 31/12/2019

Status: Application

31 Dec 2019£20.00

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