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Partner Yoga, AcroYoga and Flying Therapy

16 Jul 17

Partner Yoga, AcroYoga and Flying Therapy

Kridaka Yoga are delighted to welcome two of the brightest, smartest and funniest teachers to Scotland.

Luka and Omananda travel around the world sharing their knowledge and skills developed from many years of studying Yoga, mind and body practices and Thai Yoga massage.

It was such a joyous experience  to spend some time with them in the jungles of Laos and watch them share and teach AcroYoga and Flying Therapy.

Here is some information from their website on what they teach. 

we teach …

integral yoga – practice and philosophy as it is taught in the tradition

classical yoga (Hatha, ashtanga,…) – we have a solid background in yoga practice and we studied this philosophy many years

partner yoga and assisted stretches  – the next logical step in the evolution of yoga, it is always easier to do something with a little help from our friends

acroyoga –  it is social, it is fun and it is flying  – www.acroyoga.org 

handstands and inversions – look at the world from a different perspective, maybe it will change your mind

partner acrobatics – ready to get serious and high we have something for you

bodywork therapies – ( thai yoga massage, traditional thai massage, yoga therapy, flying therapy)








Mark Russell


Dates and Status

Date: 16/07/2017

Status: Open

Total Places: 20

Places Available: ??


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Kinning Park Complex 43 Cornwall St Kinning Park Glasgow G41 1BA