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This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

The Tyne Triathlon Club Lakeside Aquathlon

An Adult and Junior Grand-prix Aquathlon event for all ages. A Great course for people looking to try out a multi-sport event or seasoned athletes out for a blast! Making the most of one of North Tynesides best swimming pools and a run past the picturesque lake and through the wooded area around the Killingworth Lakeside Centre.

The results will be posted to the Tyne Tri Website.

This is a Regional, Junior Grand prix, so you can compete with the best in the county or only with yourself and the clock.

If you’ve never done a multisport event here are some pointers:

  • You start in the pool at the allotted time
  • You swim the right distance
  • You get out of the pool at the shallow end
  • Go and get your trainers on
  • And run (the right distance)

Your time is taken from your specified start time to when you finish your run, so getting changed and drying off will cost you dearly. If you start late or in the wrong posiiton then your time will include this delay.

What to wear? Ideally a tri suit but you can run in a swim suit and tee shirt or whatever you feel comfortable in running up Great Lime Road on Sunday Morning straight out of the pool!

What you’ll need :

  • Goggles
  • A swim cap (optional)
  • Swim Suit or Tri Suit
  • A number belt (optional) or safety pins to pin your number to your t-shirt
  • Trainers

Who Can Race?

As long as you are 8 years old or over you can compete.   There are no restrictions pertaining to club affiliation, organisations or experience.  Just enter and do it.



Swim Distance (m)

Number of Lengths

Run Distance (m)

TriStars Start (8y.o.)




TriStars 1 (9-10y.o.)




TriStars 2 (11-12y.o.)




TriStars 3 (13-14y.o.)




Youths (15-16y.o.)




Juniors/Seniors (17+ y.o.)





Trophies are given for first second and third, open and female places for all TriStar and Junior age groups.

For adult races trophies are given for first second and third overall open and female.

RacePass and Insurance

British Triathlon provide and insist on public liability insurance for all athletes who are competing details of which are here. If you're a British Triathlon member, this is already included in your cost of membership. If not, you'll be directed to purchase a Race Pass separately. This money is paid directly to British Triathlon.

Swim Times

We don't place in any particular order, so be aware that the lane speeds may be mixed. When a faster swimmer wants to overtake, they'll give your foot a tap. When you feel this, please wait at the end of the lane to allow them to pass. For faster swimmers, if you catch the swimmer in front, give their foot or calf a firm tap so they know you're there.

Kids are not placed in any order as they are already pretty well sorted by age group, so there is no need to supply kids swim time.


Registration is from 7.15am and the race briefing is 8:10am at the lakeside centre main hall.  Here you'll be given your number. Registration is signed from the entrance to the Lakeside Centre.



For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

A British Triathlon Race Pass is required for participants who are not a British Triathlon Home Nation member. For this event, Race Pass costs are £2.00 for participants aged 24 and under, and £8.00 otherwise.

TTC Lakeside Aquathlon (Adults)
12 Apr 2024 23:59£21.00
TTC Lakeside Aquathlon (Children and Juniors)
12 Apr 2024 23:59£19.00

Dates and Status

Date: 14 Apr 2024

Closing Date: 12 Apr 2024 23:59

Places Available/Total: ??/500

Status: Closed



Scott Walton

Event Route

    Single Run Lap