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This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

Chrysalis K9 C3 Races @ Fforest Edge:

May 25th-27th 2024.

This is the entry portal for the 3C race weekend held @ Fforest Edge near Brechfa in West Wales.

Entries for this race weekend are for 1, 2 or the whole 3 days to include:

Friday 24th

  • Arrival 
    • Detailed directions will be emailed to you in the welcome pack

Saturday 25th

  • 8am (approx)          Canicross
    • Approx 5K but it's so hilly the distance is largely irrelevant!
  • 10am (approx)        Cani-Swim-Run 
    • Also hilly and wet!!
  • 12 noon (approx)    U13 Cani-Wade-Run
  • 6pm                          Dinner
    •   Hearty meat or veggie lasagne home made (by a professional chef!), with creamy coleslaw, green salad and garlic bread.

Sunday 26th

  • 9am (approx)           Cani-Orienteering
    • 90 minute time limit.
  • 12 noon (approx)     U13 Treasure Hunt
  • 6pm                           Dinner
    • Hearty meat or veggie cottage pie loaded with veg, topped with creamy mash and served with a medley of green vegetables.

Monday 27th 

  • 8am (approx)           Canicross
    • Approx 5K but it's so hilly the distance is largely irrelevant! 
  • 10am (approx)         Cani-Swim-Run
    • Also hilly + wet!
  • 12 noon (approx)     U13 Cani-Wade-Run


 Your race entry includes the following:

    • Canicross and Cani-Swim-Run entries on both Saturday and Monday
    • Cani-Orienteering on Sunday
    • Camping (due to the nature of the single track drive we would ask that all competitors stay onsite for the duration of the weekend - we are very remote and there is so much to do on site!) 
    • Professional first aid provision
    • Exclusive use of the whole venue with access to 80 acres of beautiful, livestock free  Welsh hillsides, streams and ponds 
    • Direct access to a further 17,000 acres of stunning forest with miles of tracks and paths to explore (maps will be available to borrow)
    • Access to a small secure field (a booking system will be in place on the field gate)
    • Much more beside!

All of that for £125 per person and absolutely no charges for juniors to compete!!


On entry to the event you will receive a conformatory email and then aproximately two weeks before the event we will send out an event booklet with all of the details for the event.


Our host (a professional chef) will be providing onsite catering (unlike anything you're used to!) throughout the weekend. Available at extra cost, there will be home made brunch, hot and cold sweet/savoury items, snacks and baked goods (CAKE!) available all day on site along with tea, coffee and soft drinks.

In addition,  our host will be making hearty evening meals on Saturday and Sunday which are available for pre-booking. The evening menu includes:

  • Saturday evening:
    • Home made meat or veggie lasagna with crunchy coleslaw, green salad and garlic bread. 
  • Sunday evening:
    • Home made meat or veggie cottage pie, loaded with veg and topped with creamy mash, served with medley of green vegetables. 


The venue has a set number of pitches (and we are a camping only event) so;

  • If you are sharing a pitch with someone else please can you book a "couples" entry as this will reserve you one pitch for the event and thus leave a pitch for someone else to book.
  • If you are occupying a pitch with non-competing adult spectators or with children then please book a single entry.
  • There is no extra charge for adult spectators or children sharing your pitch (though we would ask that if possible adult spectators please marshal for us on Saturday and/or Monday; there is no requirement for marshalling on Sunday).


There will be a prizegiving on Sunday (after dinner) for the Cani-Orienteering and on Monday (after racing has finished) for the Cani-Swim-Run and the Canicross.

Prizes and goody-bags are being sourced that are kind to the environment and so there will not be a medal or a rosette as such but rather items/mementoes that are either edible or of use to you or your dog! 


Event Rules and Event Information.

Dog ages: dogs should be a minimum of 12 months of age to compete.

Dog health: dogs should not attend this event if they have any contagious condition or have been in contact with a dog that has a contagious condition within the last 14 days. Bitches in season may compete if they are otherwise keen to take part but please notify us so we can keep your start time distant from any entire males. Pregnant or lactating bitches may not compete.

Dog behaviour: we welcome reactive dogs and dogs that wear muzzles and we can adjust starting positions in the linear races to minimise interactions between dogs but for the Cani-orienteering competitors must be aware that there is no specific course and so head to head meetings are possible and in such situations both parties are responsible for bringing their dogs into close control during the meeting.

Race etiquette: overtaking is inevitable and a part of racing. It is the overtaking athlete's responsibility to call to the athlete in front that they wish to overtake, they then should be given time to ensure that their dog is happy for the overtaking to occur. The course is such that there are no narrow sections where overtaking is challenging. Our races are aimed at athletes for whom enjoyment is far more important than winning! The course is very hilly and as such it would be advantageous if you were able to ask your dog to descend hills at a pace you feel comfortable, the hills are grass though and the landings are soft! In the water dogs must be happy to swim or wade. If your dog is not happy you will be asked to bring them out of the water and you will not be eligible for the top prizes as bypassing the water will significantly reduce your course time. Safety, fairness and happiness are our guiding principles.

Team composition: You may run with one or two dogs as is your preference. We would suggest that two large dogs on the downhills might be challenging and two dogs swimming together should both be happy to swim side by side. If your dog is fit enough - its likely that they will be quite able to do the swim-run and the canicross as your fitness up the hills will likely give them plenty of rest! ;-) 

Prizes: Our races are about having fun. There is only one class! Irrespective of human gender, age or number of dogs. As a result prizes will be awarded further down the results order than in any similar event. There will also be many spot prizes and these will be likely more highly competitive than the positions. If any sponsors would like to offer prizes, do get in touch. Everyone who takes part will receive a goody bag. 

Junior races: These will be organised to include the killer uphills but not the steep downhill! The wades will be included but not the swim. 

Orienteering: Please only punch your own score card. You can absolutely run with friends in a group but respect the fairness of the event - flags and punches should not be moved. You will have 90 minutes to complete the orienteering course and collect as many points as possible - the briefing will explain how this class works.

Equipment: Dogs should wear a harness, ideally a canicross specific harness but if your dog does not pull then a non-restrictive walking harness is fine. Human athletes should wear a hands free belt and dog and handler should be connected by a line with an elastic section. If this is your first canicross event then do get in touch and we can support you in being appropriately kitted out! For the orienteering you will be provided with a map, compass and a score card. If you have a map case or other pieces of equipment that you wish to use that is absolutely fine. We do not recommend the use of electronic navigation aids, especially on your phone as some of the control points may require you to cross water! For the Cani-Swim-Run you may wear running clothing, a tri-suit or a thin wetsuit. The swims are not long but the water is straight off a Welsh hillside and as such might be chilly but the uphill sections will soon warm you up! Dogs may wear a basket muzzle that allows them to pant. Absolutely no e-collars / shock collars, prong / pinch collars or choke chains may be brought onto out race venue.

Communication: There will be a race briefing for each event. For the linear races (Canicross and Cani-swim-run) these may be via a video which will be published in the event on Facebook. The orienteering will have an in-person briefing on the morning of the event. If you want more information please do just ask us - we aim for this to be a fun and relaxed weekend where your and your dog's enjoyment is paramount.

Marshalls: If you or a member of your group are willing to marshal for us then you will be fed by us for free and there will be a small thank-you gift. Please get in touch.

Sat 25th 5k Cani-Swim-Run / Canicross

Sunday 26th Cani-Orienteering

Monday 27th Cani-Swim-Run / Canicross

Full on-site catering like no event you’v


The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Date: 25 May 2024 - 27 May 2024

Closing Date: 14 May 2024 23:59

Places Available/Total: ??/60

Status: Closed



Claire Martin


Clynmawr Farm, Brechfa, SA327QW