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03 Aug 19

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Wuo Tai - A Contemporary Bodywork

Near Glasgow, Birkhill, Kilbirnie

3rd and 4th August and 10th and 11th August 

From 10am Each Saturday

Module 1 - Osteo-Articulation

This course is open to anyone from a Yoga, bodywork, dance, circus skills... or even just having a body background!

This is a 4 day course covering the first module in Wuotai, a new development in bodywork.  This weekend introduces bodyworkers and Yoga teachers to Wuotai devised by Roland and Natalie who you can read about below.

About Wuotai

Wuotai has been developed by the evolution of osteopathy, or as Roland the founder would call it, social osteopathy. 

Wuotai can be practiced at any age, it explores the immense variety of available movements within the body. Wùo Taï is a new bodywork where the practitioner and receiver move in ways that promote an awakening of sleeping relationships in the body physically and consciously.

Objective of Module 1

  • to work with the body as one unit with smooth and spiralling movements of all the joints from head to toe.
  • to welcome you to wuotai family and culture of practice.
  • to explore the body as a complete unit from head to toe focusing on its articulation and joints using circular and fluid motion.
Remaining close to the underlying principles of  martial arts  this course develops the practitioners understanding of key principles of the wou tai gestures :
- The circle 
- The approach to rhythm 
- Working with body weight and mechanics  fixed points,
- Tune up to a 'working tension 
- The dance, and if to dance better do it with music 
Intention and attitude :
The attitude or rather the culture of the practice is as important as the practice itself. 

More About Wuotai

While remaining close to the philosophy of martial arts, this course develops the approach to two movements, rhythm, feeling, centering, work with your own weight and the right attitude.

The benefits of this form of massage and touch are as follows:

  • Increasing mobility 
  • Increase neurovascular-nervous system realtionship
  • Stretch and dance the muscular chains by opening and releasing them.
  • Explore the various relational plans within the structure of the body.
  • Become a tool to support self-awareness in the other. 

Wùo Taï invites itself of the mixture of spiralling movements with two on the ground, on the border between the gestures of our past, this moment and our future.

It is inspired by the alliance of dance and osteopathy.

Wuo Tai brings flexibility, strength, agility, and balance. This momentum of movement and sharing spreads in us zénitude, enchantment, force of life, respect of oneself.

About Roland Combes

Roland is an Osteopath who graduated from Eurostéo in 2004. He is the designer and creator of Wùo Taï, co-founder of the European Federation of Wuo Tai in 2008.

His goal: to deepen and develop new therapeutic gestures through the alliance of Osteo and Dance: Wu Tai.

About Nathalie Combes

Nathalie is the co-founder along with Roland, her husband, from the European Federation of Wùo Tai, initiated at Wùo Tai in 2007, she is a teacher and training assistant.

Her goal: to share her experience by opening Wuo Tai to other continents - to open other training places











02 Aug 2019£400.00

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is2% (min 25p) for each sign-up. The organiser also pays 2% (min 25p)

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Date: 03/08/2019

Status: Open

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Birkhill, Kilbirnie , KA25 7JR