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28 Jan 2018 - 28 Feb 2018

DB12Run Presents

tour guide

7 meet ups - 7 different locations - 5 medals - three groups - DB12Run the diabetic community club for everyone and anyone run walk or jog

7 meet up runs with three groups - the speedy group, the runners and the selfie group. This is to bring all runners together as DB12Run is an community and I get to run with you

The cost for doing the 7 meet ups is £15 to do these. 7 runs = £2.15 per run! Hey that's not bad and you also get 5 medals for doing this

If you love us and would like an DB12Run hoodie also to commemorate the tour guide it will be £35pp including the 5 medals

If you can't make some of the runs not an problem!

The money raised for the tour guide event will go to buy public liability insurance for the club to hold events in the future.

Any further money raised will go to help pay for the survival of the club

the locations and dates

9:30am Sunday 25th Febuary - Reverse subway run ( Glasgow )

7:30pm Wednesday 7th March - a night time run at strathclyde park ( motherwell / hamilton)

9am Saturday 17th March - An Grand ole tour of the kelpies ( Falkirk )

9am Saturday 24th March - Tour of edinburgh ( Edinburgh ) start location - waverly train station

9:30am Saturday 7th April - Pollokshaws country park ( Glasgow )

9am Saturday 14th April Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh #LEGBUSTER

9am Sunday 15th April - A wee run at troon beach for some chips and tattoo'd seaguls ( Troon ) to celebrate the end of the tour guide

added free extra run for the long distance runners

8am Sat 28th April Annan to Dumfries ultra half marathon to go for an beer at the white hart hotel dumfries

Chris Gray


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
35 medals and hoodie28 Jan 2018??/50Closed28 Jan 2018
15 medals only28 Feb 2018??/50Closed28 Feb 2018

These events share a common pool of 50 places


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