GO TRI Sri Chinmoy Tri Club Duathlon (Bike & Run) at Tockington Manor - Race #2 has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Info for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.
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GO TRI Sri Chinmoy Tri Club Duathlon (Bike & Run) at Tockington Manor - Race #2

09 Jul 17

Sunday April 2nd 2017
Sunday July 9th 2017
Sunday September 10th 2017

The Sri Chinmoy Tri Club's GO TRI Duathlon is part of an initiative from Triathlon England to welcome newcomers into the sports of Triathlon, Duathlon (Running+Cycling) and Aquathlon (Swimming+Running). This event is one of 5 multisport and 4 running events which make up the Sri Chinmoy Race Series in the Bristol area for 2017.

Our Run-Bike-Run event will be based at Tockington Manor School, north of Bristol, and takes place 3 times each year:

Sri Chinmoy GO TRI Duathlon #1 - Sunday April 2nd 2017

Sri Chinmoy GO TRI Duathlon #2 - Sunday July 9th 2017

Sri Chinmoy GO TRI Duathlon #3 - Sunday September 10th 2017

The event begins with a briefing at 8.20 am and race start at 8.30am. All advance entries must be made online. If there are places available we will offer entries on the day. Thanks to support from Triathlon England and volunteer marshals from the Sri Chinmoy Athletic Club, the race will only cost £6 to enter (plus entry central fee if you pay online).

The event is aimed at people training for a triathlon who want multisport practice, or anyone who wants the challenge of combining two sports in a single race. There will be a limit of 50 people taking part to keep the course uncrowded and to stay in line with the aims of the GO TRI initiative which is focussed on small, low-cost races. Please note that if you don't arrive by 8.20 on race day and we have people on "standby" wishing to take part, we will offer your place in the race to another entrant (but if you're simply running late and do intend to participate, you can text me on 07702 410797 and I'll make sure you keep your place).


The entire run course is flat and on grass - we recommend running shoes with a bit of grip if you have them. The 2km is not exactly measured as it's comprised of 3 laps of a loop course on grass around playing fields. It's a good, even surface to run on and you can see video of the event on our website if you want to get an idea of the terrain.

TRANSITION - after completing the run, athletes will pick up their bike (bikes will be stored leaning against the fence, there is no specialist "racking") and wheel them 100m or so to the exit, where they will mount up before taking the left turn on to the road. Marshals will be present during the run phases while the bikes are "in storage" but if anyone is concerned about the safety of their bike they can simply lock it to the fence or have a friend/supporter keep an eye on it. Take a look at photos on our gallery to see how the Transition area is laid out (http://ukgallery.srichinmoyraces.org/Bristol)

BIKE - 15KM - From Tockington the course is approx 15km (9 miles) on predominantly flat country lanes and B roads through Pilning. On a Sunday morning there should be hardly any traffic on most parts of the course, but riders will be expected to obey the highway code and ride safely at all times. Some parts of the course are narrow and winding and riders may have to slow down to accomodate oncoming vehicles - other parts are wide enough for you to get some decent speed up. There are a couple of slopes but nothing I would call a "hill". There are two right turns on the course, both of which are marshalled. At all other points the course is well signed. A sweep vehicle containing a first aider and a bike mechanic will follow the riders in case anyone needs assistance. Please note that "bunch riding" is not permitted in this event - riders will be expected to ride separately and leave space between themselves and the rider in front, except when overtaking. So the usual "drafting" rules do apply, although there will not be any motorbike marshals checking up!

SECOND TRANSITION & FINAL RUN 2KM - after completing the bike course, riders will push their bikes back to the transition area, lean them back against the fence and complete another flat, 2KM run around the field, this time in the opposite direction. The finish line will be same as the start line, at the bottom corner of the field by the cricket scoreboard.

Drinking water will be provided during the run and at the finish (small bottles of mineral water). Supporters/spectators are welcome to come and cheer you on and they will have access to race HQ, in other words the sports pavilion, throughout the event. Tea, coffee and snacks (we usually do pastries) are available after the race for all participants free of charge - we ask supporters to make a small donation if they want a drink/snack in the pavilion either during or after the race.

Full results are available within a few minutes of the last athlete crossing the finish line and these will be announced at The Pavilion - small awards will be given to the fastest man and fastest woman. To keep event costs low we don't offer a range of agegroup awards as we do at other events.

Any questions about the event? Contact or call on 07702 410797





Garga Chamberlain


Dates and Status

Date: 09/07/2017

Status: Closed

Total Places: 50

Places Available: ??

07 Jul 2017£6.00

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Event Address
Tockington Manor School Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol BS32 4NY