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SwimRun UK - Glencoe Skyfall

25 Jun 2017

SwimRun Glencoe Skyfall - Sun 25 June 2017

Swim Run UK is the newest and hottest endurance sport for bored triathletes. Inspired by Sweden’s iconic ÖTILLÖ, athletes swim a wee bit, then run a big bit, then swim, then run etc etc etc. 




James Bond’s Glen Coe Heritage

It’s no accident that Bond’s family estate is located in Glen Coe. Nearby Dalness Lodge is owned by the family of Bond’s creator Ian Fleming and was used for the film Skyfall.

In the novel You Only Live Twice Fleming reveals that, as a boy, 007 attended Fettes College – a private school in Edinburgh – whilst the iconic setting for Bond’s family estate in Skyfall comes directly from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – the film in which Bond reveals that his father is originally from Glencoe.

The Fleming family has had a long association with Skiing at Glencoe’s White Corries. The centre is on land originally leased from the family’s Blackmount estate, and Robin Fleming was company chairman until 2002.


The Race

The Long Course will start in Glencoe Village near the Clachaig Inn and finish at Glencoe Ski Centre.

The proposed route will take you up through Scotland's most famous and most stunning glen/valley, past its most dramatic mountains and then dump you in the wide, peaty, boggy expanse of Rannoch Moor.

The final route will be announced at the start of June, but expect a course roughly 49km-53km long, featuring 9 swims (approx 8km) and 10 runs (the longest being 16km - however it will have a few deep river crossings and shallow boggy sections to wade through and keep you cool).

The Short Course will start and finish at Glencoe Ski Centre and will be entirely on Rannoch Moor. Approx 18km long with 6 swims and approx 14km of running

The majority of the lochans and lochs of Rannoch Moor are very shallow, so we have little way of predicting their temperature other than... If it has been raining they will be cold with run off. If it has been sunny and there is still snow on the Black Mount they will be cold with melt water. ;-)

Both courses will have well stocked food and aid stations.

Both courses will have Sprint Points with prizes for the first team.



It is forbidden for entrants to recce swim sections of the course prior to the race day.


Water Safety and mountain safety are our biggest concern. We will be keeping a keen eye on the weather forecast. If our safety team think that weather conditions are too extreme we reserve the right to modify the course routes and distances. 


We want everyone to get round the course, but in a safe manner. There will be three cut offs along the course, but they will not be unreasonable. If organiser Alan (who's a crap swimmer and runner) can meet them then you can. More details soon.

If at any point the marshals or safety team think an athlete / team should be withdrawn for medical /  safety reasons then their decision is final

The Boring Stuff:

Swim Run UK is organised by Ha Ha Events, the team behind 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive, LOCH loMAN & Arran Man Triathlon. 

 The organisers of  ÖTILLÖ have kindly given Swim Run UK events permission to use the same rules. This helps standardise things for athletes who have or will compete in their events. The rules can be viewed at


Athletes will compete in teams of two.

Athletes must wear a wetsuit.

Athletes must carry all their own equipment at all times.

If one team member drops out of the race the other must stop with them.

Athletes must check in at all check points.


On The Day:


Registration & kit check will take place on Saturday 24th June from 3pm - 4pm in Glencoe (venue tbc)


COMPULSORY Race Brief FOR BOTH COURSES will take place on Saturday 24th June from 4pm - 5pm in Glencoe (venue tbc)


Long Course Race start will be at 8am on Sunday 25th June 2017

Short Course Race start will be at 12noon on Sunday 25th June 2017 

Important rules to consider prior to entering are:


2. Entry pre-requisite

  1. 2.1 To be able to participate in any SWIM RUN UK race you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and able to swim.
  2. 2.3 Entry fee is final. No refunds will be given. Deferral can be made to 2018 or an alternative Ha Ha Events race is space is available.
  3. 2.4 It is allowed to change one team member in your team
  4. 2.5 No external sales of your entry is allowed

4 Equipment

4.1 General Equipment

  1. 4.1.1 All teams need to bring all their equipment from start to finish, if a team fail to bring all their equipment to the finish line they will be disqualified.

4.2 Mandatory equipment

  • 1 First aid pressure bandage, packed waterproof
  • 2 Wetsuits suitable for water temperature of 10 degrees Celsius
  • 1 Compass
  • 2 Whistles
  • 1 backpack, hip pack or something to carry the mandatory equipment
  • 4.3 Mandatory equipment that the organisation will supply
  • Race bibs must be worn visible all the time during the race
  • Maps
  • Timing chip
  • Swimcaps must be worn visible during all the swims
  • 1 mobile phone in waterproof case. 

4.4 Recommended equipment

  • Water bladder

4.5 Equipment check before the race

  • Before the race there will be a mandatory gear check.

4.6 Equipment that is NOT allowed

  • Floatation help that is bigger than 100 cm x 60 cm.

There will be NO REFUNDS and NO ATHLETE TRANSFERS. If you become unable to make the event you will be able to defer your entry to 2018 or another SwimRun UK race. Please only sign up if you know you can make the event. 


Alan Anderson


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
SwimRun UK Glencoe SKYFALL (long course)25 Jun 2017??/100Closed18 Jun 2017
Swim Run UK - GlenCoe Skyfall (short course)25 Jun 2017??/100Closed18 Jun 2017
05 Nov 2016£300.00
01 Jun 2017£340.00
18 Jun 2017£360.00
30 Sep 2016£180.00
31 Dec 2016£200.00
18 Jun 2017£220.00

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Event Address
Clachaig Inn, Glencoe & Glencoe Ski Centre Glencoe PH49 4HZ