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Signups for Berkeley 10k

Cached signups as of 03:30:55, refreshable every 5 minutes

ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
Alice Lewis Female Dursley Running Club 55-64
Dave Mayo Male Almost Athletes 50-59
Edward Munro Male Almost athletes 60-69
Josh Hand Male Almost Athletes Senior
Lynne Macedo Female Almost Athletes 65+
Charmaine Brunt Female Almost Athletes 35-44
Paul Warren Male Almost Athletes Senior
Sharmila Door Female Almost Athletes 45-54
Sean Lewis Male Almost athletes 50-59
Jayne Murphy Female Almost athletes 35-44
Hannah Brown Female Almost Athletes 35-44
Mike Kennedy Male Almost Athletes 40-49
Richard Smith Male Almost Athletes 50-59
Richard Haslam Male Almost Athletes 40-49
Nicole Hope Female Almost Athletes Senior
Duncan Mounsor Male Almost Athletes 50-59
Debbie Smith Female Cheltenham and County Harriers 45-54
Karen Gomm Female Almost Athletes 55-64
Natalie Stow Female Almost Athletes 35-44
Christopher Davis Male Gloucester AC 40-49
David Howells Male Severn AC 50-59
David Stephens Male Severn AC Senior
Clare Hearing Female Almost Athletes 45-54
Loui Francis Male Senior
Mike Line Male Almost Athletes 50-59
Jeremy Mower Male Gloucester AC 50-59
Bob Spawton Male Almost Athletes 60-69
matthew Atkins Male 40-49
Christopher Brown Male Severn AC 40-49
Glen Balmer Male Gloucester AC 40-49
Matthew Owens Male Senior
Martin Foster Male Cheltenham and County Harriers 40-49
Richard Hogg Male Dursley Running Club Senior
Charlotte Hall Female Gloucester AC Senior
George Scully Male Severn AC 70+
Anthony Bailey Male Cheltenham and County Harriers 40-49
John James Male Severn AC 70+
Kevin Probyn Male Severn AC 50-59
Tom Morgan Male 40-49
Neil Dooley Male Cheltenham triathlon club 60-69
Owen Parry Male Gloucester Athlectic Club 40-49
Catherine Wasley Female New Berkeley Harriers 45-54
Humphrey widdas Male 40-49
Amanda Martin Female Tewkesbury Running Club 45-54
Emily Renninson Female Dursley Running Club 35-44
Norm Lever Male Almost Athletes 60-69
David Durden Male Dursley Running Club 50-59
Jadie Cotterell Female 35-44
Alison Hume Female Almost Athletes 55-64
Rob Hume Male Almost Athletes 60-69
Amber Bullingham Female Cheltenham and County Harriers Senior
Paul Corderoy Male Gloucester AC/Severn Valley Events 50-59
Gareth Edwards Male Cheltenham and County Harriers 40-49
Carol Mosses Female Thornbury RC 55-64
Suzy Cundy Female Thornbury RC 45-54
Andrew Darton Male Thornbury RC 40-49
Paul Thomas Male Thornbury RC 50-59
Emma Barnes Female Thornbury RC 35-44
Kevin Richards Male Almost Athletes 60-69
Colette Jackson Female Thornbury RC 45-54
Laura Orna Female Thornbury RC 35-44
Chris Pritchard Male Thornbury RC Senior
Claire Gregory Female 45-54
Richard Illingworth Male Thornbury 70+
Paul Harrod Male Thornbury RC 40-49
selina slater Female Thornbury RC 45-54
Erica Pemberton Female 45-54
Ian Evans Male Thornbury RC 40-49
kevin jackson Male Dursley Running Club 60-69
Janet Gaze Female 70+
Brian Harris Male Cirencester AC 50-59
Daniel Lygo Male Dursley Running Club 50-59
William Pearce Male CLC Striders 40-49
Joel Freeland Male CLC Striders Senior
Paul Northup Male CLC Striders 50-59
Steve Bradley Male Cheltenham and County Harriers 50-59
Andrew Oborne Male 50-59
christopher jurevicius Male Stroud & District AC 60-69
Ryan Major Male Stroud & District AC 40-49
Lizzie Morris Female Stroud 35-44
Rachel Vines Female CLC Striders 35-44
Ian Newns Male Stroud & District AC Senior
Jim Godden Male Thornbury Running Club 50-59
Lee Christmas Male 60-69
Robert Pritchard Male Chepstow Harriers 40-49
James Adams Male Stroud & District AC 60-69
Jackie Pennington Female Dursley Running Club 55-64
Steve Barnes Male Severn AC 60-69
Alice Saltmarsh Female Stroud & District AC Senior
JOHN FOX Male Thornbury RC 50-59
Chris McMahon Male Almost Athletes 40-49
Mike Chipping Male Bristol and West AC 70+
Veronica Higgins Female Dursley Running Club 55-64
Lee Galligan Male 50-59
Nick Miles Male 40-49
Lisa-Jane Miles Female 45-54
Mike Binns Male 50-59
Emma Binns Female 45-54
Peter Allsopp Male Almost Athletes 60-69
Ruth Fulford Female Cirencester AC 70+
Annette Heylings Female Dursley Running Club 65+
Mel Lloyd Male Thornbury RC 70+
Leanna Parry Female DRC Senior
Sue Coates Female 45-54
Suzie Bateman Female 45-54
Hannah Hamilton Female Thornbury RC Senior
William Hamilton Male Thornbury RC Senior
Dom Hurford Male North Bristol Running Group 40-49
Louise Cronin Female Bristol and West AC 45-54
Josephine Parry Female Hogweed Trotters 45-54
Karen Higuera Female Cirencester Athletics 55-64
Brecht Grieten Male Senior
Phil Eastwood Male 40-49
Sally Ingram Female New 35-44
Peter Kimpton Male 60-69
Philip Blackburn Male Thornbury RC Senior
Andrew Gage Male CLC Striders 60-69
David James Male CLC Striders 70+
John Willson Male CLC Striders 60-69
David Gresswell Male Gloucester AC 50-59
Anonymous User Female 35-44
Lisa Hawker Female None 45-54
Simon Dakin Male 50-59
Fiona Dakin Female 45-54
John Watt Male Thornbury Running Club 60-69
Clare Watt Female Thornbury RC 55-64
Carolyn Powell Female North Bristol Running Group 45-54
Colette Rudland Female Vegan Runners UK 45-54
Anonymous User Male Bristol and West AC Senior
Rachel Barrow Female Cirencester Athletics Club 45-54
Paul Barrow Male Cirencester Athletics Club 70+
Anonymous User Female Frampton Running Group 55-64
Tim Cornish Male 40-49
Ian Gawinowski Male Westbury Harriers 40-49
Anthony Buckland Male Stroud & District AC 40-49
Jon Owen Male 50-59
John Bourne Male Dursley Running Club Senior
Anonymous User Female Thornbury Running Club Senior
Stephen Owen Male Chepstow Harriers 60-69
Alan Dobbs Male Chepstow Harriers 40-49
Paul Dodd Male Chepstow Harriers 60-69
Kate Stutter Female Senior
Thomas Helps Male Senior
Nicola Skeen Female 45-54
Niki Morgan Female Chepstow Harriers 45-54
James Boyle Male Chepstow Harriers 50-59
Helen Hinsley Female Bitton Road Runners 55-64
Sarah Dennis Female Tewkesbury Running Club 45-54
Gordon Dennis Male Tewkesbury Running Club 70+
John Hargreaves Male Great Western Runners 60-69
Calum Martin Male Senior
Rick Watts Male Westbury Harriers 40-49
Louise Davies Female SGS 45-54
Victoria Newman Female Dursley Running Club 55-64
Samantha Prescott Female Thornbury Running Club 45-54
Graham Withers Male SGS 40-49
James Price Male Lonely Goat RC Senior
Tyler Williams Male SGS Senior
Angela Wixey Female Angels RC 55-64
Martin Harris Male SGS Senior
Richard Wiliams Male SGS 40-49