Signups for Antonine 10k Trail Race 2019

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ForenameSurnameGenderClub Age Group
Ronald Gray Male Falkirk Victoria Harriers 45-49
Erika Cooper Female 45-49
Michelle Sinclair Female 45-49
Michael Healy Male 40-44
Alison Brown Female Bellahouston Road Runners 55-59
Kevin McMillan Male Wee County Harriers 17-39
David Murray Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
Ian Macdonald Male 45-49
Norman Mcneill Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 45-49
Jonathan Shepherd Male 17-39
Graham Andrew Male Garscube Harriers 17-39
Robert Burrell Male 17-39
Gregor Smith Male 45-49
Stephen Taylor Male 17-39
Edward McLoone Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
Sarah Grant Female 17-39
Nicola Mackay Female 17-39
Andrew Doherty Male 17-39
Laura Gray Female Garscube Harriers 17-39
David Downey Male Dunblane Runners 50-54
Donnie Kennedy Male 40-44
Fred Wallace Male On the run cumbernauld-jogscotland 50-54
Mark Upward Male Portobello Running Club 50-54
Kenny McManus Male 17-39
James Gallacher Male Kirkintilloch olympians 55-59
Jason McMinn Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
Gary Mitchell Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 50-54
Ross Crawford Male 40-44
Claire Harris Female RTC Warriors 17-39
Fiona Kirkaldy Female RTC Warriors 55-59
Pamela Parker Female Cumbernauld Amateur Athletics Club 50-54
Iain Crawford Male Cambuslang Harriers 50-54
Lorna Oldershaw Female 17-39
Gill Paterson Female Jogscotland 45-49
margo stewart Female 40-44
Caroline Munro Female Giffnock North AC 40-44
Moira Paterson Female Kirkintilloch Olympians 45-49
Julie Hunter Female 45-49
Marissa Donnelly Female 17-39
Mark Alexander Male Kilmarnock H & AC 40-44
Jennifer Laskey Female 40-44
Rachel Hunt Female 17-39
Rhoda Yarmahmoudi Female Bellahouston Road Runners 55-59
Nial Laskey Male 40-44
Nyall Goodwin Male Cumbernauld Amateur Athletics Club 40-44
Robert Conroy Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 40-44
Alison Downey Female Dunblane Runners 50-54
Zander Beggs Male 50-54
Gillian Gordon Female jog scotland 17-39
Drew Paterson Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 50-54
Scott Troup Male 40-44
Thomas Meenagh Male 55-59
Patricia Meldrum Female 60+
Person record deleted by user Unknown
Mark Welsford Male Kirkintilloch olympians 45-49
Jacqui Petrie Female 55-59
Jonathan Sharp Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
Cliona Ferguson Female 17-39
Melanie Sinclair Female Rons Runners 40-44
Nelson Liddle Male 50-54
Steven Faulkner Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 50-54
Linda Cunningham Female 50-54
Alan Owen Male 50-54
David Gethin Male 50-54
Karen Penman Female Jog Scotland larbert 45-49
Sandra Houldsworth Female Kilbarchan AAC 40-44
Colin Mendham Male 50-54
Iain Brown Male Parnie Street Runners 17-39
Gary Petrie Male 50-54
andrew morrison Male 17-39
Alison Spiers Female {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252 {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 .SFUIText-Regular;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\ 45-49
Alastair Cunningham Male 50-54
Graham Spiers Male 55-59
Wendy Fraser Female BMF Glasgow 45-49
Karen McIntyre Female Be military fit 17-39
Steve Lowrie Male 50-54
Michelle Murphy Female 40-44
Laura Mad Mooney Female Sunday Social 17-39
Stephen Bennett Male 17-39
Lesley Kapoor Female 40-44
Owen Murphy Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
Gayle Morrison Female 45-49
David Allsop Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 45-49
Lorraine Mullen Female Giffnock North AC 40-44
Stephanie Baird Female Bellahouston Harriers 17-39
Sharon Crombie Female Rons Runners 40-44
Fiona Duff Female 45-49
Ada Stewart Female Kirkintilloch Olympians 55-59
Euan Craig Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
Paul Wright Male 50-54
Alyson Connell Female 40-44
Madeline Smillie Female Bellahouston Road Runners 45-49
Terry Nimmo Female Bellahouston Road Runners 55-59
Suzanne Knox Female 40-44
Antoni Anderson Male Westerwood 45-49
Alan Gordon Male Jogscotland Larbert 17-39
Laurence Boischot Female 17-39
John McLoone Male 17-39
Elizabeth Fairbairn Female Rons Runners 60+
Suzanne Rae Female Garscube Harriers 17-39
Fionn Innes Male Vegan Runners UK 17-39
Lynn Reid Female Bellahouston Road Runners 50-54
Suzanne Reid Female 40-44
ross macphee Male jogscotland 50-54
Gerry Healy Male 17-39
Tim Arbuckle Male 45-49
Alex Chisholm Male Garscube Harriers 60+
Jennifer Dick Female Kirkintilloch Olympians 40-44
Jim Black Male 40-44
Gary Ayton Male North West Glasgow Running Network 40-44
Margaret Macaloney Female 45-49
David Campbell Male 45-49
Helen Winning Female 40-44
Jennifer Cowell Female Ron’s Runners 17-39
Caitlin Johnstone Female 17-39
Chi my Ta Female Bellahouston Road Runners 17-39
Claire Fitzsimmons Female Bellahouston Harriers 17-39
Arlene Wallace Female Ron's Runners 45-49
John Owens Male Ron’s Runners 45-49
Alison Hutton Female 17-39
Graeme McNay Male Bellahouston Road Runners 17-39
Lucy Addison Female 45-49
Daniel Kennedy Male 40-44
Anthony O'Donnell Male 17-39
Marc Pollock Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 17-39
John Sandbach Male 50-54
Chris Smyth Male 17-39
Rebecca Simister Female BELLAHOUSTON Harriers 17-39
John McAleer Male 17-39
Gerard McFadden Male Team Strathcarron 17-39
Kathleen McFadden Female Team Strathcarron 17-39
Carol Cormack Female CAAC 45-49
Jason Merrilees Male 17-39
Andrew McDonald Male 50-54
Ross Allan Male 17-39
Irene James Female 45-49
Graeme Michie Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 50-54
Lynn Evenden Female Jogscotland 50-54
Hilary Robinson Female 45-49
Gordon Capperauld Male 40-44
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Male Bellahouston Harriers 45-49
Fyona Gaffney Female Team Starthcarron 17-39
Alistair Watt Male 45-49
Rob Gawin Male 45-49
Sandra Reid Female 45-49
Rudi Paul Male Bellahouston Harriers 17-39
Stuart Murdoch Male Team Strathcarron 50-54
Andy Yuill Male 17-39
Fiona Wyper Female 17-39
Greg Pawelczyk Male 55-59
Colin Hughes Male Bellahouston Road Runners 55-59
Fiona Muldoon Female Cumbernauld Amateur Athletics Club 17-39
Stephen Muldoon Male 17-39
Kirsty Cunningham Female 45-49
AIleen Coulter Female 45-49
Gregor Stewart Male Westerlands Cross Country Club 17-39
Jim Haddock Male 45-49
Andy Lindsay Male On the Run Cumbernauld 50-54
Amanda Lindsay Female Ron’s Runners 50-54
Joni Lindsay Female Bellahouston Road Runners 17-39
Anne Crombie-Brown Female Kirkintilloch Olympians 40-44
Paul Grogan Male 45-49
Sarah-Jane Kissock Female Bellahouston Road Runners 17-39
Emily Jackson Female Bellahouston Harriers 17-39
karen livingstone Female 17-39
Chris MacNeil Male Bellahouston Harriers 17-39
Steven Robertson Male 40-44
Sharon Menzies Female 17-39
Grace Penney Female 55-59
Catherine Buchanan Female 50-54
Tracy McCormack Female Wee County Harriers 40-44
Michael Sweeney Male 40-44
Ross McGeoch Male Bellahouston Road Runners 40-44
Aaron McCrone Male 17-39
Allan Hendry Male 45-49
Elsbeth Mcstay Female 17-39
john wells Male Kirkintilloch Olympians 45-49
George Rooney Male Bellahouston Road Runners 45-49