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Signups for The Thistly Cross At Winton Castle

Cached signups as of 23:42:17, refreshable every 5 minutes

Keith Breckenridge Male Mukyriderz
Andy Inglis Male Montvélo CC
Mark Birkett Male Velo Culture
Kirsty Ellis Female Synergy Cycles Race Team
Douglas Leslie Male Ronde CC
David Burgher Male Kelso Wheelers
Thomas McNeish Male Royal Albert
Brian Corr Male Flahute CC
Graeme McBirnie Male Fietsclub Balerno
Chris Allan Male VELO CLuB Edinburgh
Fraser Tait Male Ayr Roads Cycling Club
Darren Gilchrist Male Livingston Cycling Club
Jim foulis Male Dundee Wheelers
Alison Kerr Female
colin mcniven Male
Mike Lauder Male
Nigel Carrick Male Berwick Wheelers
Chris O'Neill Male Glasgow Nightingale CC
Howard Perkins Male
Daniel Kirk Male City of Edinburgh RC
Campbell Thomson Male
Chris Thompson Male West Lothian Clarion CC
Paul Stewart Male Montvelo
Gavin Robertson Male
edd shackley Male
James Edwards Male Ayr Burners CC
James Fraser-Moodie Male Pedal Power
David Anderson Male RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth - RCCK
David Hogg Male Stirling Bike Club
Cameron Gray Male The Royal Albert CC
Jeremy Toy Male Dundee Wheelers
Jackie Chan Male Team Andrew Allan Architecture
John Hodgson Male Carnoustie cc 79
David Holden Male
Malcolm Dunlop Male VeloClub Edinburgh
Simon Titmuss Male Ronde CC
Simon Kenny Male West Lothian Clarion
Ally Anderson Male Dooleys Cycles
Matthias Schwannauer Male City of Edinburgh RC
Kenny Macniven Male Road Club Cumbernauld and Kilsyth
Sean Gordon Male
Neil Raitt Male Angus Bike Chain CC
Gary Douglas Male Happy Trail Cross Collective
Scott Smith Male Biggar Cycling Club
Andy Brewster Male West Lothian Clarion
David Hordon Male West Lothian Clarion
Calum Gibb Male University of Aberdeen
Gordon Christie Male Arria Wheelers
Gareth Hunt Male Deeside Thistle CC
Euan Ritchie Male Carnoustie Cycling Club
matthew saunders Male Musselburgh RCC
Craig Duncan Male Team Andrew Allan Architecture
Barry McCleery Male Ronde Works Racing
Craig Macwilliam Male RCCK
David Ritchie Male
Louis Moorehead Male Ronde Works Racing
James Dickinson Male
Andrew Christie Male none
David Lewis Male
steve ROSS Male
Douglas Dorrington Male Lomond Roads CC
Willie Webster Male Leslie bike shop/bikers boutique
Chris Nicholson Male Hoddom Velo
Ronald Nolan Male
Jaime Nicholson Female
Richard Docherty Male Livingston Cycling Club
Reid Cunningham Male
Philip Hunt Male TEN North Boats
Clive Sharman Male Montvelo CC
Andrew Isherwood Male Peebles Cycle Club
Marion Kennedy Female Livingston Cycling Club
Marc Preece Male
Dan Gibson Male
Robert Holmes Male Lanark race team
kirsten cameron Female
Craig Owen Male
Bill Davies Male Law Wheelers
John Owen Male
Jonathan Herbert Male VC Glasgow South
Marcus Illingworth Male Ronde Works Racing
Jacqui Thomson Female
Paul Hosie Male Livingston Cycling Club
Gordon Dalglish Male
Lewis Campbell Male Livingston Cycle Club
Chris Hall Male
Paul McInally Male Pedal Power Race Team (West Calder)
Alan Ramsay Male
Leahn Parry Male
Sandy Gibbons Male RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth
Robert Marshall Male Team AAA
Stephen Crawford Male Dunfermline CC
Duncan Crawford Male Dunfermline CC
David Wylie Male
Paul Dailly Male Montvelo CC
Allan Dawson Male Gala Cycling Club
Vicki Woodburn Female Team Andrew Allan Architecture
Graeme Scott Male Happy Trails Cross Collective
Rob Nicholson Male Classic Racing Team
Ian Churcher Male
Douglas Sharp Male Dunfermline CC
Keith Buchan Male
Grant McDiarmid Male Glasgow Nightingales CC
Douglas Cameron Male
Paul Davies Male Ronde Works Racing
Ruben Villalain Male City of Edinburgh RC
Sara de Pablo Female City of Edinburgh RC
Kier Murray Male Peebles CC
Kerry MacPhee Female BikeLove-Genesis
Chris Shields Male Walkers Cycling Club
Brian Dempster Male Belhaven Bikes
Iain Fisher Male Ayr Roads CC
john Newton Male Leslie Bike Shop Bikers Boutique
David Allen Male Carse of Gowrie Velo
Allan Crosbie Male
Peter MItchell Male West Lothian Clarion
Luke Bates Male EH Star CC
Gordon Thomson Male Livingston Cycling Club
David Hamilton Male Walkers Cycling Club
Chris White Male Fife century r.c.
Alistair Ross Male Hoddom Velo
Scott Kerr Male
Ricardo Parreirinha Male
Richard Moore Male Gala Cycling Club
Ross Mcculloch Male Ayr Burners
Mark Warters Male Ayr Roads CC
Elizabeth Wisdish Female Glasgow Wheelers
Stuart Small Male
Raymond Mclellan Male
Tam Gordon Male
Andy Strathdee Male Nevis Cycles RT
Matthew Smith Male
Brian McCutcheon Male Walkers Cycling
Morgan Donnelly Male Allen Valley Velo
Charlie Taylor Male City of Edinburgh RC
Keith Stocker Male
Donald Bisset Male Musselburgh RCC
Tom Nicholson Male Hoddam velos
Helen Winton Female Stirling Bike Club
Chris Farrell Male Perth United
David Harcourt Male
Milan Misak Male Edinburgh RC
Nigel Holl Male Stirling Bike Club
Emily Holl Female Stirling Bike Club
David Ogden Male Deeside Thistle CC
Alex McDonald Male Livingston CC
Donald Budge Male
Ailsa Curtis Female West Lothian Clarion
stuart tennant Male Johnstone Wheelers CC
Andrea Pogson Female Gala Cycling Club
Graham Pogson Male Gala Cycling Club
Oliver Teenan Male
Graham Gauld Male Deeside Thistle CC
Philip Mowbray Male
Daryl Philip Male Hunters Bog Trotters
Pete Bentley Male Orkney CC
Jamie Pearson Male Ronde CC
Paul McGreal Male
Jim Davies Male Keswick Bikes
Jane Davies Female Beacon Wheelers
Lindsay McGarvie Male Ayr Burners Cycling
Harry McGarvie Male Ayr Burners
david baird Male
Roz Newman Female
Colin Dunlop Male Veloclub Edinburgh
Niall Shannon Male SR Albannach
Michael Burke Male Glasgow Ivy
Duncan Fortune Male EHStar
Nigel Brooks Male Stirling Bike Club
Alastair Ranyard Male Pentland Velo
Andrew Bothwell Male
Keir Greatorex Male Glasgow Green Cycling Club
David Falconer Male
Douglas Small Male Kelso Wheelers
Mark Shilton Male
Janey Kennedy Female
John Mackenzie Male SR Albannach
Steven Cowan Male CTC (unattached)
Thomas Tennant Male
Ewan Mulhern Male Glasgow United CC
Aileen Mulhern Female Glasgow United CC
Katie Turbitt Female Hors Categorie
brendan roe Male Dunfermline CC
Anthony Robson Male
Henry Cruickshank Male
Garry Templeman Male Velobants.CC
Martin McBride Male
Emma Young Female
Ross Young Male
Peter Houston Male Pentland Triathletes
David Lister Male HCC
Francis Ogilvie Male
Scott Logan Male Harts cyclery
Craig Napier Male Glasgow Nightingale
Ishbel Strathdee Female Edinburgh RC
Sarah Barry Female
Barry McGurk Male Glasgow Road Club
Aileen Fisher Female Ayr Roads CC
Alan Clark Male Torvelo Racing
Jonny Clark Male Portovelo
John Alexander Male
Craig Hardie Male
Lorna Macarthur Female Stirling Bike Club
Callum Reid Male Squadra Scozzese
Ruth Quigley Female
Grant Murdoch Male Coupar Angus cycling hub
Brenda Callander Female Stirling BC
Richard McCulloch Male West Lothian Clarion
Derek Hughes Male
Gary Neale Male
Christopher Mellor Male VC Glasgow South
Helen Gorman Female Stirling BC
German Rodriguez Male City of Edinburgh RC
Andrew Smith Male VC Glasgow South
Kevin Pauwels Male Marlux Bingoal
Jason Hynd Male HyndSportsClinic/MTBG/BikeScene
James Goldie Male Walkers Cycling club
Drew Gill Male HTCC
Ian Johnston Male
Craig Robertson Male
Steve Macluskie Male VC Glasgow South
Mark Scott Male
gary robson Male peebles cc
Graham Wilson Male Tge Royal Albert
Jeremy Weston Male Gala Cycling Club
E Hamilton-Rigg Male Fietsclub Balerno
Linda Buchanan Female Pentland Triathletes
Richard Osman Male
Neil Shepherd Male Gala Cycling Club
Jamie O'Kane Male West Lothian Clarion
Jamie Corr Male Biggar Cycling Club
Steven Jones Male
Dean Hendry Male GS Mossa
Mark Roberts Male
Gary Lawson Male City of Edinburgh RC
Chris Edwards Male Ronde CC
Alison Brown Female
Lee Morrison Male
crawford carrick-anderson Male peebles cycling club