Marafun 2017 has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Info for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Marafun 2017

04 Jun 17

Rotary Club of Elgin - Marafun 2017. 


Rotary Club of Elgin's 14th biennial Marafun will be held on Sunday 4th June from 12.00 until 5.00pm. The event is a Street Relay with teams of 5, of all abilities, with each team member running 5.2 miles around Elgin Town Centre.


Registration:  All Team Captains must register and collect the Teams Running Numbers at Elgin Sports & Community Centre, Trinity Road, Elgin on Sunday 4th June 2017 from 10.00am - 11.45am.  Your team registration card will be sent to you and you must produce this at registration.  Each team will be issued with their 5 running numbers and pins.


Running numbers:  When you are given your Running Numbers please check that they are the same as those marked on your registration card.  The numbers are suffixed with A, B, C, D and E.  The first runners have numbers suffixed with A, the second runners B and so on.  It is essential that the competitors run in correct alphabetical sequence.  The last runner in each team must have an E suffixed number.  The number must be pinned to the front of your singlet, and not folded in any way.


Start:  The race will be started at 12.45pm outside the new Moray Council Headquarters.  The first runner from each team (Letter A) must be in position and ready to start by 12.35pm at the latest.


Lap Recording:   Each runner has to complete 8 laps (5.2 miles approx) of the circuit before handing over to his / her team mate.  A system of lap recording will be explained to all runners on the day, but it is essential that each runner passes through their designated chute.


Change Over:  The change over from one runner to the next (after completing 8 laps) will take place just after the lap recording area and will be clearly marked and supervised by Marshalls.  Each runner will be carrying a baton which must be handed over within the specified area to the next team member.

Important - The onus is on each team to have their next runner report to the Marshall at the change over area at least 15 minutes before they are required to take over.


Unable to Finish:  If you cannot go on (for whatever reason) one of the numerous Race Marshalls around the route will help.  The next runner in your team will be allowed to take over so that your team may finish the race.  Whilst it means that your team cannot win any prize or category the other team members do have the opportunity to take part in the event and receive their medal.


Slower Teams:    If it appears likely that a team will not finish in the 4 hours allocated, the last two or three runners will be allowed to run together from 3.00pm but only after reporting to the Race Marshall at the change-over area.


The Finish:  The last runner in each team (Letter E) will have to run a few hundred yards further to cross the finishing line.  A Marshall will guide you into the finishing lane and to the finish line, which will be under the time clock.  Please note that only the last runner should run this section and cross the finishing line.


Medals:  As the last runner in your Team crosses the finishing line (the team having completed 26.2 miles) the other 4 Team Members should be there to meet him / her.  They must have their race numbers with them.  A Marshall will be on hand to conduct the team to the Medal Presentation Area and each Team Member will receive a medal and commemorative mug.  Winners in each category will then be presented with their prizes.


Entry:  Online entries will close on the 22nd May 2017.


Sponsorship:  A pledge is required from each team to raise a minimum of £100 per team in sponsorship for 100 local charities.  Although this is only £20 per team member, should you have any doubt about raising this sum, please do not enter as you will be keeping another team out.  We can only accept 125 Teams. All sponsorship money to be returned by Monday 17th July 2017 to Elgin Rotary Club, c/o Elgin Sports & Community Centre, Trinity Road, Elgin, IV30 1UE or handed in at registration on RACE DAY.  Cheques made payable to "Elgin Rotary Club".

Nicky Nash

01343 543736

Dates and Status

Date: 04/06/2017

Status: Closed

Total Places: 125

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01 Jun 2017£40.00

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Elgin Sports & Community Centre Trinity Road Elgin IV30 1UE