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Maximise your Mojo: a health, wellness and yoga afternoon with Julie and Jane.

13 May 18

Maximise your Mojo: a health, wellness and yoga afternoon with Julie and Jane. has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Organiser's Description for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

Maximise your Mojo! Naturopath Julie Chazan and Yoga instructor Jane Blundell invite you to their combined health and wellness afternoon, giving you the knowledge, motivation and tools to move into summer with enthusiasm and joy on Sunday 13th May 2018, 1.00-5.00pm.

Would you like to know what you can do to have more oomph, better energy levels and emotional wellbeing? 

Come and be educated, encouraged and feel empowered to do the things that will help you regain and maximise your mojo, in an afternoon of great tips and information on health and wellness with Julie and joyful yoga practice with Jane.


Maximise Your Mojo

What does that mean?!..our Mojo is our ‘oomph’, our energy, our motivation and enthusiasm. It can easily diminish through the effects of our busy lives.. through our diet/lifestyle/thoughts and become an elusive feeling.

Part 1. 

In this practical informative talk, Julie will share her own knowledge and experience of 25 years as a Naturopath, together with research in nutrition, medicine and neuroscience. This will give you the tools on how to really care for yourself, eat well, sleep well, exercise well, think well, in order to feel more energetic, feel happier and less stressed,  and.. as a lovely side effect..better weight control and hormone balance! 

What you will learn:

  • how to improve energy
  • how to feel calmer and happier
  • what stress does to our body and mind
  • what the gut/brain connection actually is
  • what to do/eat on a daily basis.

So if you've been feeling more tired/irritable/anxious/overwhelmed  than you’d like ..this will be useful for you!

Feel free to bring any questions you have and time allowing, Julie will be happy to answer them.

Part 2.  

Jane will then lead us through a yoga practice to create energy, power and joy, using fluid movements to open the connective tissue to find greater freedom and flexibility. You'll then move into some longer held postures to calm, balance and quieten the mind and find stillness. Finishing with one of Jane’s deeply relaxing yoga nidras and a meditation to keep the embers of your joyous heart glowing long into your evening.

Jane's yoga sessions are perfect for experienced yogis and complete beginners alike. Her teaching style is relaxed, encouraging and fun.

Part 3.

We'll end the afternoon with herbal tea and healthy nibbles.


We look forward to you joining us to maximise your mojo!


About Julie (B.Sc (Glasgow University), RGN(Guy's hospital, London), ND (Perth, Australia))

Julie is a Naturopath with 35 years experience in the health profession, initially as an intensive care nurse and for the past 25 years in full time clinical practice as a Naturopath and Wellness Coach in Perth, Western Australia.

She is originally from Glasgow and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Glasgow University. After emigrating to Australia, Julie studied for 4 years at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies, qualifying in 1992 as Dux of Studies.

In addition to her clinical practice, Julie has lectured at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies and the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. She has conducted corporate lectures and workshops on Naturopathic Stress Management for various Government Departments, Hospitals and businesses in Australia and Scotland. Julie has written a programme for the Green Medicine Institute on Mineral therapy and written articles on health for The West Australian newspaper and The Sunday Times. She has spoken on Radio talk back health segments and has been interviewed on Channel 7 news in Perth.

Over her 35 years in the health profession she has been able to see the difference that the simple things such as food, exercise, sleep, stress and mental health have on our mind and body. These benefit both short and longer term health and in the prevention of disease and ill health. 

She is very enthusiastic to teach these simple but effective preventative measures in order that we live with energy, happiness and at our healthiest best. 


About Jane ( BA(Hons)& PGdip Camberwell College of Arts, 200RYT, 200EYT, 500RYT SYTT Glasgow)

Jane blends over 30 years of personal yoga practice with a formal London Art School training and experience of life as an artist, mother, teacher and traveller.

A strong personal practice enhances her ability to teach from experience. Jane’s seasonal flow yoga classes are influenced by the many styles of yoga she has practised over the years and the numerous teachers who have inspired her. 

Each time we stretch we are having an effect on our health and energy. In Chinese Medicine energy is defined as ‘chi’, circling within us and all around us. Chi moves through our bodies in paths called Meridians – like energy rivers that course through every area of your body, these meridians have a protecting role, nourishing specific organs and systems. Yoga encourages vitality and balance in these meridians and organs by gentle movement, stretches, postures and breathing techniques.

Jane is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, trained through SYTT in Glasgow. She teaches popular yoga classes and half day retreats in the Southside of Glasgow. 

Students have said of Jane’s classes:

“This is intelligent dynamic yoga”, “Jane is patient and observant”, “An inspiring teacher whatever your size, shape and fitness”, “With Jane, yoga is fun”.




12 May 2018£45.00

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Date: 13/05/2018

Status: Closed

Total Places: 30


Jane Blundell



Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA