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Leslie Kaminoff Yoga Masterclass - The Spine, Breath, Bandhas and Sound

17 Nov 18

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Organiser's Description

Leslie Kaminoff - Yoga Masterclass

17th and 18th November 2018

Kridaka Yoga are delighted to welcome Leslie to share his wealth of knowledge, for his third visit to the UK.  This will be taking place in Glasgow, home of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and a city renowned for its vibrancy and friendliness.

The workshop will take place over 2 days on the 17th and 18th of November, 2018.

The teaching will begin at 09:30am each day till approximately 5pm.  Registration will begin at 9:00am on the Saturday.


Demystifying The Bandhas:

The popularity of vinyasa-based yoga practice has created a wide interest in the theory and practice of Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandhara Bandha – the “yogic locks.” In this workshop, Leslie applies his unique, experiential approach to clarify and, above all, simplify the practical, anatomical basis of these powerful, yet widely misunderstood tools.

The good news is the moment you first learned to coordinate breath and body movement, you were immediately, implicitly learning bandhas. From this perspective, deepening your yoga consists of nothing more than uncovering our innate ability to find support and spaciousness through breath-centered practice.

The Most Powerful Breath You’ll Ever Take

…is your very first breath. It transforms your entire physiology from its non-breathing, non-eating fetal state to that of an independent entity that must oxygenate its own blood, seek out its own nutrition, eliminate its waste and navigate a world of gravity and space. For the rest of our lives, we will have to negotiate this intricate dance between our internal and external spaces.

A breath-centered yoga practice offers you the opportunity to take the second-most transformational breaths you will ever take, and that is the specific goal of this workshop. Through inspiration, education and reflection, Leslie Kaminoff will lead you through a series of practices that will forever transform your relationship to your breathing body.



Healthy Spines: Range of Motion, Support and Breath

Are forward- and back-bending asanas about moving forward and backwards in space or are they about changing the shape of the spine? What role does the breath play in entering into and supporting us these challenging poses? How we answer these fundamental questions will determine our goals and experiences when we practice. Unfortunately, some of the most common alignment cues do not produce evenly distributed spinal movement, resulting in a perpetuation of chronic tightness in the very areas the poses seek to release.

This workshop will provide a solid grounding in details of the anterior and posterior lines of the body from both an anatomical and a yogic perspective. We will practice a variety of breath-based movements and healthy alignment strategies.


Sanskrit Phonetics And The Creative Power Of Sound:

Asana practice is a mindful way to exercise, re-pattern and integrate the physical body; chanting Sanskrit syllables yields the same benefits for the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Leslie Kaminoff will teach a simple, accessible yet profound method of transformational chanting, utilizing the five locations of human sound production inscribed in the Sanskrit alphabet. After experiencing this powerful approach to mastering the creative power of sound, your voice will never be the same!



About Leslie

Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar and his father Krishnamacharya.  He is the author of Yoga Anatomy which is now in its 12th print and has been an Amazon best seller for several years.


He is the founder of the Breathing Project, a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to the teaching of individualized, breath-centred yoga practcie and education.


You can access more information about Leslie here.


We are excited and privileged to host Leslie for his third visit to the UK.







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