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8) Intro To Cold Water Swimming (Boundary Water Park)

25 Oct 2020

Organiser's Description

8) INTRO TO COLD WATER (POLAR) SWIMMING - Boundary Water Park - 10.45-11.30am

Throughout the Winter Uswim organises 'INTRO'S TO COLD WATER SWIMMING (POLAR)' to build up swimmers knowledge and confidence to swim in cold to extremely cold open water.

The intro's are a mixture of land and water tuition covering topics such as essential safety, correct kit, pre/post swim preparation, breathing techniques, proven health benefits and swim tips from knowledgable coaches that have embraced cold water swimming and all it has to give. The intro will empower you to enjoy cold water swimming. 

Limited places. Cost: £35.00*

*Includes wetsuit hire (if required), silicone swim cap, Uswim woolly hat, earplugs and expert tuition.

Details: Boundary Water Park, Sunday 25th Oct, 10.45-11.30am & 12-12.45pm
*Please note that there are no transfers or refunds available once the intro's are booked. 


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To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Dates and Status

Date: 25/10/2020

Status: Open

Total Places: 8


David Quartermain


Boundary Water Park, Allostock, Cheshire, CW48HT