This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.
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Gloucestershire CC League Blackbridge only

05 Nov 2016

There are FOUR races in the league:

You enter as an individual and are automatically entered in the team competition.

We are only currently accepting entries for the race at Blackbridge Gloucester on November 5th. 

TIMETABLE: Under 11 Boys 11.45 am Under 11 Girls 12.00 pm 2.6k:  2 small laps 

Under 13 Boys 12.15 pm Under 13 Girls 12.35 pm 3. 4k: 1 small lap & 1 large lap

Under 15 Boys/U17 Men 12.55 pm  4.3k: 2 large laps Under 15 Girls/U17 Women 13.15 pm  4.3k: 2 large laps 

Junior/Senior/Vet Women 13.40 pm   6.8k: 2 small laps (omitting bank) & 2 large laps

Junior/Senior/Vet Men 14.25 pm   9k: 2 small laps (omitting bank) & 3 large laps
The course is best run with spikes or similar shoes. There are sharp and possibly muddy banks and, under trees, roots are exposed. Runners are advised to walk the course before competing.


See for timings including any amendments.

 Rukes and distances are also on the above website.

Please keep an eye on the Gloucestershire AAA  website for details of routes, start locations etc.


The race is run under UK Athletics Rules.




Race Numbers for online entrants will be issued on the day of the race at Registration.  Please bring a note of your race number which will be publish on Race Numbers are not exchangeable and no-one will be allowed to run without one.


Numbers MUST be worn on the front and be visible. If the original number is lost then aak at registration for a replacement.
Marshals instructions MUST be obeyed at all times.
Timekeepers are busy. DO NOT attempt to interupt them while they are working. Results will be published   as soon as possible and are usually displayed at the venue within 30 mins of the race finishing.


Arthur Daley


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Gloucestershire CC League Blackbridge only (Adults)05 Nov 2016??/400Closed03 Nov 2016
Gloucestershire CC League at Blackbridge: Juniors05 Nov 2016??/400Closed03 Nov 2016

These events share a common pool of 400 places


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