Berkhamsted Triathlon

23 Apr 17


Sunday 23rd April 2017 from 6am

Event Location

Knox Johnston Sports Centre
Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3BG

Registration/information desk

This is located in the hall of the Sport Centre. It will be open from 06:00am-07:45am. This is your first port of call – you will not be able to enter transition without your race numbers. Please register at least 30 minutes before your start time and we recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes before your swim start time – this is to give you enough time to register, set up all your equipment in transition, get changed, make any other preparations and be onto poolside 15 minutes before your swim start time. Registration is where you must show some ID (passport, driving licence, bank card). You will be ticked off on the registration list, given your race number.

Race and safety briefing

ALL report to the Sports Hall for the race and safety briefing at 07:45am. The race briefing is mandatory and will take approximately 5 minutes. It will confirm the format of the event and be used to advise you of any safety notes and changes. Please be aware of other competitors and spectators and other sport centre users (the sports centre will be closed to the public for the morning). Please be mindful of the forecast weather conditions and prepare appropriately.


Click here for Swim information.


Click here for Cycle information and route map.


Click here for Run information and route map.


Click here for Transition information and map.


This year we are excited to announce the introduction of participation via a relay team! Therefore comments such as 'I can't do the swim' or 'I'm not a strong runner' no longer get you out of it! Grab your team mates, think of a team name and sign up together! 

 Relay teams can be female, male or mixed. There will be a designated zone within the transition area for relay teams, teams will have one electronic chip timer which will have to be passed between team members in the transition area. Teams will need to provide their own race belt to pass their Tyvek number between team members for each stage. 

Amendment of entry details

Competitors must notify the organisers of any corrections to entry details before starting the event. No exceptions will be made afterwards.

Race numbers

Arrive in good time to be able to collect your numbers from race registration before you start.. Race numbers must be clearly visible for all three disciplines. Use safety pins or a race belt to attach your numbers. If wearing a race belt, please ensure the number can be seen through each timing point – during the cycling phase a number must be displayed to the rear; and during the running phase a number must be displayed to the front.

Electronic chip timing

When you come to the poolside, you will be guided to pick up your chip timing device – this should be attached to your left ankle before you enter the pool (this is where it has been designed to work at its optimum and fixing it anywhere else will jeopardise you getting your race times). You must wear your race strap throughout the whole race.

You will also need to mark clearly on both upper arms, your race number with the waterproof pens provided. Following this, you will be guided by the poolside marshall to your starting point.

Please return your chip to the marshal at the finish line. You will not be allowed to remove your bike without returning your chip and ankle strap. If you have lost your timing chip you will be charged £10 to remove your bike from transition.

The chip timing system will give you detailed results including all of your splits and a print out of your results will be available at the finish line.

Note: For relay teams the electronic chip timer will have to be passed from one team memeber to the next in the transition area.

Timing points

The timing points we use between stages are:

  • Swim: from when the whistle goes in the pool, to when you enter transition
  • T1: from when you enter transition to when you leave transition on your bike
  • Bike: from when you exit transition on your bike to when you re-enter transition at the end of the cycle
  • T2: from when you enter transition to when you leave transition for the run • Run: from when you exit transition to start the run, to when you cross the finish line

Waterproof marking pens

We are using these as well as the race numbers. You will have opportunities at registration and poolside before you start the event to add your race number to your skin. We suggest marking the back of your hand and upper arms.

Triathlon sport guidance

Check the Triathlon England Website for general information.
Also see our section on common rule infringements.

Bike mechanic service

Please check back nearer the event.

Withdrawing partway through

If you withdraw from the event at any stage before the finish, please inform a race official, preferably at registration desk. This is for your own safety (and saves us spending hours searching for you out on the course!). Please return your timing chip at the finish line. Let us know if you need any medical help or advice.

First aid

First aid is available on site, and qualified first aiders are able to attend to casualties out on the course.

Changing facilities and baggage storage

Changing rooms are available in the Sport Centre, along with showers and lockers.

There will be an option next to registration in the sports hall for you drop bag/baggage.

The sports hall is very large so competitors do have an option to change in this area.


Knox Johnston has fantastic facilities and the cafe will be open for tea, coffee and bacon rolls. There is ample room for competitors and friends in this area.


We will be providing free massages in the sports hall both before and after the race.


Event photography will be provided by Adam Hollier Photography. 


Winners will be announced at the prize giving which we will be held at approximately1pm. A provisional listing of the full results will be posted on the website within 48 hours of the event ending. After this competitors will have 72 hours from the time of its posting to make any queries.


Any penalties issued will be displayed at the finish line. Any queries regarding these must be referred to the race official.

Post-race collection of kit from transition

You are asked to collect your bike and kit from the transition area as soon as possible after you finish – by 12.30pm at the latest. This helps us to comply with the wishes of the sport centre – after this time we cannot guarantee the security of your equipment.

Lost property

Any lost property handed in will be kept for 4 weeks after the event.


Spectators are very welcome to watch all stages of the event. Marshals may warn you of oncoming competitors – this is for your own safety. Please also stay out of the marked competitor only areas. Importantly, enjoy the event!


There are 50 parking spaces in the girls school next to the Knox Johnston sports centre. Directly across the road at the Prep school, there are 50 more spaces (accessible from Doctors Common Road). Other parking is available in the streets directly around the centre of Berkhamsted (no restrictions) or in Tesco and Waitrose car parks just 5 minute’s walk away.

Local residents

The start and finish are located in a residential area. Please respect this and keep noise and rubbish to a minimum.

Please note

The organiser cannot be held responsible for competitors’ property lost, stolen or damaged before, during or after this event.

Cliff King


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Berkhamsted Triathlon (Individual)23/04/2017??/300Closed19/04/2017
Berkhamsted Triathlon (Relay)23/04/2017??/300Closed19/04/2017

These events share a common pool of 300 places


*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS


*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

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Event Address
Knox Johnston Sports Centre Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3BG