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The Essex Off Road Super-Sprint Duathlon

22 Oct 2016

Massively modified; multi-lap course for 2016.  1.5 mile run (1 laps), 6 mile bike (4 laps), 1.5 mile run (1 lap) (over 14s)

Kids fun race:  Starting from a 0.5 mile run / 0.5 mile bike / 0.5 mile run for tri-starts.

Tri-star 1, 2 & 3. 0.5 / 1.5 /0.5.  Tri-star 3 0.5 / 3.0 / 0.5 (2 lap) bike course.

This race is back to basics.  Ideal for novices and those wanting to go flat out off road to end their season.  As this is an off road event we do not allow the use of slick tyres for safety reasons.  If you turn up with them, you'll be turned around and sent home again wthout a refund!  Other than that, bring what you like within reason and the rules.  We are happy to let cycloX, MTB, hybrids, shopping bikes complete with baskets and even BMX's take part as long as they are not fixed gear.

The venue: Hylands Park is situated off of the A414 on the outskirts of the county town of Chelmsford, Essex. It is used for a variety of events, from the World Scout Jamboree the annual “V” music festival.

Car-parking: There’s plenty of free car parking so use the car-parks on both sides of the venue.

Registration: Registration is open from 12.30am until 13.45am near the start line.  This is where you will collect your race bag that contains your race numbers and safety pins (if required).  Please show us your BTF membership cards (if applicable) to confirm your eligibility for the discount received (£3 adults, £1 kids for a day licence otherwise.) 

Race breifings:  Kids 13.55.  Race start 14.00           Adults 14.55.  Race start 15.00. 

Race numbers should be worn on their front during the run and rear for the bike so we can record your finish times.  Number belts are allowed. 

Kids route maps:

Run1 (and bike for Tri-starts):  1 lap is half a mile.  Ground maybe wet, muddy and slippery.  Clockwise direction.  Pass the finish line and enter transition.  Helmets on before touching the bike.  Run out to the start line to mount.

Bike:  1 lap is 1.5 miles (same course as the adults.)  Clockwise again on grass, gravel and possibly mud.  Older age groups will do more laps.  Ride past transition is on multi-laps; not through it, collecting a coloured wrist band each time.  At the end of the final lap, dismount at the finish line and run your bike back into transition. 

Run 2:  Run out past the start line and then the same a run 1 until the finish line.


Adults route:

Super Sprint:  The race is held on gravel, grass and mud.  It is on a clockwise circuit with one left bend.  Follow the white and red marker tape and the marker paint.  The last third of the lap follows the tree line.  We will display a map on race day too.  No arrow signage this time, so vandals have little to mess with!

Run 1: (lap is 1.5 miles).  Clockwise direction.  Pass the finish line and enter transition.  Helmets on before touching the bike.  Run out to the start line to mount your bike.

Bike:  4 laps of the course = miles.  Please be aware that there maybe slower runners out on the course.  If there are, please overtake on the right.  After each lap, pass the finish line, ride in front of transition (not through it!) and collect a coloured band.  You should have 3 different coloured bands by the time you cross the finish line to enter transition 2 after the fourth lap..  Dismount before entering transition.   Rack your bike before removing your cycle helmet.

Run 2:  The same as run 1, passing the start sign and completing a lap to the finish line.  Please be aware that there may still be bikes out on the course, so keep to the leftb hand side if being overtaken.

Our "Tail-end Charlie" backmarker marshall will sweep the course.

Cut off time of 16:30.

At the finish line of the race collect a finishers medal and a bottle of water. 

Presenation as soon as the last person completes the course (or misses the cut off time!) at 16:35 near Transition.  Awards for first males and females in each BTF age group. 

Full results will be on our website within 24hrs.




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Event Address
Hylands Park is situated off of the A414 on the outskirts of Chelmsford, Essex, CM2.