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Logo for Warrington Dolphins - 33rd Albert Dock Liverpool Championships

Warrington Dolphins - 33rd Albert Dock Liverpool Championships

05 Aug 2017




Barbara Harding


Tel. 07472 064794


Juniors £14.50
Seniors £22.00
This includes the price of a meal


Juniors 2 miles event - 12 years and under 16 years on the day
Senior 2 & 4 miles events - 16 years and over on the day


All competitors are to register between 7.45 - 8.30 a.m. at the Liverpool Watersports Centre.


All competitors, officials, canoeists and rescue personnel at 08:30 a.m. on the café terrace area.


At 09:00 a.m. in a line from the foot of the pontoon in front of the Watersports Centre.


A maximum of 80 entrants overall

2 miles events – 40 swimmers

4 miles events – 40 swimmers

(With flexibility to adjust)


Starting from the Watersports Centre, Mariners Wharf, this is a straight course through the dock system. Swimming in an anti clockwise direction and following the marker buoys, swimmers will proceed through Queens Dock, passing under Queens Wharf Road bridge, through Wapping Dock and under the next bridge into Wapping Basin. Swimmers should pass the turning buoy near the far end of Wapping Basin on the left making the return journey back through the system to Mariners Wharf, keeping to the right hand side, until passing the white turning buoy adjacent to the Watersports Centre pontoon, which will be passed on the left.  On passing the pontoon, swimmers will call out their race number to the timekeepers prior to the commencement of the next lap.

One circuit of the course is 1 mile. Therefore 2 miles events are 2 circuits and 4 miles events 4 circuits.


On completing their race swimmers must touch the pontoon and call out their number to the timekeepers and finishing judge. Swimmers should not leave the water until told to do so.


Junior Ladies, Junior Gents 2 miles Freestyle and Breaststroke Championships

Senior Ladies, Senior Gents 2 miles Freestyle and Breaststroke Championships

Senior Ladies, Senior Gents 4 miles Freestyle and Breaststroke Championships

The first swimmer to complete the course in each event will be the Championship winner. Note: If this happens to be a breaststroke swimmer then the Championship Trophy and the Breaststroke Trophy will be awarded to that swimmer.


Junior Ladies, Junior Gents 2 miles 

Senior Ladies, Senior Gents 2 miles

Senior Ladies, Senior Gents 4 miles

Under BDLSA rules swimmers in wetsuits are not permitted to be part of the Championship events.  Therefore separate trophies will be awarded to the winners of the wetsuit events.


1. The Championships are swum under B.L.D.S.A. rules; i.e. only traditional swimming costumes/ trunks (must not extend beyond the end of the shoulder onto the upper arm and lower than the crotch onto the upper leg) will be permitted (No wetsuits, knee or body suits). Please see the BLDSA website for a more details.

2. Breaststroke swimmers must wear PINK caps, freestyle swimmers any colour but pink or white­. Note – only one cap may be worn, it must have no insulating properties.

3. You will declare that if you enter the swim whilst pregnant, you will inform the swim secretary at the earliest possible opportunity, and will provide him/her with a letter from a doctor or midwife confirming your suitability to enter the event. You understand that entry may be refused to pregnant swimmers at the discretion of the swim secretary, following a risk assessment.

4. Junior swimmers must be accompanied to the event by a parent/guardian who must remain at the Watersports Centre whilst the Championships are taking place.


Trophies and certificates will be presented following the end of the event at the Watersports Centre.  A buffet meal and hot drink (included in the entrance fee) will be provided for swimmers immediately prior to the presentation. Supporters are welcome to attend the presentation, where they can purchase food from the café if required.


Liverpool Watersports Centre is situated at Mariners Wharf, Queens Dock, Liverpool L3 4DG. The Docks are well signposted and Mariners Wharf is situated at the far end away from Liverpool City Centre.


1. The Club has to register the number of swimmers using the facility for licensing purposes with the relevant authorities. To avoid disappointment apply early.

2. Entrants who are not members of the B.L.D.S.A. or an affilliated swimming club will be provided with a one day free membership of Warrington Dolphins LDSC for the day of the event.

3. The water in the dock complex provides a surprisingly clean environment in which to race, being home to a range of saltwater fauna.


The Watersports Centre has toilet, changing and shower facilities. Lockers are also available (20p coin required).

There is a café offering hot & cold drinks and snacks for sale.

Limited free parking is available.  It is advised to arrive early and to car share where possible. There are also ‘pay and display ‘car parks nearby.

For those of you who have not been to the Albert Dock, the venue is unique for the sport. Being a major tourist attraction, the Dock is home to museums, floating exhibits, an art gallery and a host of bars and shops, all you might need for a family day out. Liverpool city centre is a relatively short walk away, with two contrasting 20th century cathedrals close by, not forgetting the Mersey ferries from the Pier Head.


Larry Richard
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