The Night Elf

05 Dec 2020

Organiser's Description

The poor Elves have found themselves way behind after Lockdown 2 and need to run a nighshift to get all of the toys and gifts finished so they are putting on their first night trail. The Night Elf Trail is a 12.5 mile narative trail race (there are no marshals. There will be a few arrows and glow sticks but mostly you follow written instructions) following a circular route from Maldon to mundon and returning along the seawall. The route is 95% off road on a variety of terrain. For your safety you will be expected to run with a mobile of the same number that you have left with registration. You will also need a torch (not your phone), no torch no race.

The race starts and finishes at West Maldon Community Centre. When you reach the finish you will recieve a well earned medal.

Start time: Wave 1 = 5.30pm

                   Wave 2 = 5.45pm

                   Wave 3 = 6.00pm

To comply with our COVID guidelines we will have wave starts. Each wave is for 30 runners. No groups of more than 6 may start together, otherwise you will start at 30sec intervals. Once you are ready to start, you come to the start line and give your number and off you go. Do not try to start in an earlier wave as this will put us in breach of the 30 people COVID limits. If you are late for your wave you will have to wait until after the 6.00pm wave


The Price £19 / £17

Registration, will be in the Wast Maldon Community Centre where you will collect your instructions, number and timing chip. Please try to arrive as close to your wave start time as possible and follow the directions though the hall, there will be a one way system in opperation. Once you are ready, let us know and off you go.

Race Briefings, there will be no pre-race briefings. Your final email will count as your race briefing.

Refreshments, There will be a well stocked checkpoint at approximately 6 miles.


The races will be run under permit from The Trail Running Association (permit number TBA)

Timing will be from each individuals start.  Please ensure your number is clearly visible on your front. Also be prepared to shout your number at the finish if requested.  We are aiming to post the results on the web later the same day.

Lockdown Policy

If lockdown is extended past Dec 2nd then all entrants will either have their entry roll over to Night Elf 2021 or can opt to run it this year as a virtual event. There will refunds for this event due to costs already being incurred. Thank you for your understanding.


Race rules
  • Please do not pass your number to anyone else.
  • You MUST report to the race organiser if you are abandoning the race.
  • The use of personal stereos, MP3 players. You need to be fully aware of what is going on around you at all times. This is for your safety, the safety of your fellow competitors and the safety of the public.

We would welcome any volunteers to help on the day.  If you know of anyone please ask them to email the organiser James Haskey-Jones at or call 07799020748.

If you have any questions about the race please contact us on or visit our Facebook page


03 Nov 2020£17.00£19.00

*Discounted for members of clubs affiliated to any of EA WA SA

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Date: 05 Dec 2020

Closing Date: 03 Nov 2020

Places Available/Total: ??/100

Status: Closed



James Haskey-Jones



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