Sandwell Triathlon 2020ne

27 Jun 2021

Organiser's Description



Oldbury Swimming & Triathlon Club's


Sandwell Childrens Triathlon 2020ne

Part of the West Midlands Childrens Series

Part of the West Midlands Youth Series

West Midlands IRC Qualifying Event

A Childrens 8-16yr Event

Open Water Swim, Closed Road Cycle, Park Path Run


"Sandwell Adult Triathlon Wave"

Intended for parents and 17yrs+ Ex competitors although Open to all adults

One Single Wave of 25 places


"Siblings Scootathon"


A Triathlon consists of a swim followed by a cycle ride then a run.

Age Group

Swim Distance

Cycle Distance

Run Distance

Tri Start (8yrs)




Tri Star 1 (9-10yrs)




Tri Star 2 (11-12yrs)




Tri Star 3 (13-14yrs)




Youth  (15-16yrs)




Adults (17yrs+)




Scootathon (2-7yrs+)





Your race age is as you will be on 31 December 2021, not age on race day                         

We will consider relay teams participation if all in same age category


Entry fee: £18 to £30 

Early bird £18 up to 22nd June 2020 (Tri starts £15)

then £25 up to 1st June 2021 (Tri starts £19)

then £30 up to 22nd June 2021 (Tri starts £26)


Plus a registration admin fee of 4% (60p - 1.20 max) 

If not a BTF member you will be charged; Adults £4 , Children £1 for a TE day race licence.

Don't delay enter early for less.



OSTC operate a full refund (excluding Entry Central admin charge) to competitors who withdraw from competitions prior to one Calendar Month before race day.

Also; to competitors who inform the Event Organiser (email, text, phone call) prior to race day,

We will concider deferring their entry to the following years Event at no extra cost (excluding day licences).



Basic Information

Name: Sandwell Childrens Triathlon 2020 + Adult Triathlon Wave

Date: Sunday 27th June 2021

Place: Sandwell Valley

Parking:  by registration & T1, Swan Pool, Park Lane/Forge Lane, Sandwell Valley, B71 3SX (no access durring event).

Registration:  Field top of path by lake, Swan Pool, Sandwell Valley

Registration  Open:  8.15am to 9.30am

Transition area:  car park by lake, Swan Pool, Sandwell Valley (8.15-9.30) no parents, marshalls help only

Main Briefing: 9.30am by registration

Tri suits, swim hat, timing chip: get on 15 minutes before your start time (supplied hat compulsary!)

Lakeside Briefing:  at Lake entry 10 minutes before your start

1st swimmers start:  in waves at approx 9.55am Swan Pool

Finish Line:  same small field as registration, near lake entry/exit

Changing facilities/toilets:  portaloos near transition, no changing facilities

Swim hats:  will be supplied and the wearing of is compulsory (can wear own hat under supplied hat)

Wetsuits: recomended, not expected to be compulsary, depends upon water temperature, shortie suits are permitted.

(see BTF rules)

Cycle Course: 2Km laps (IKm for TSS) on Park Lane. There is a road closure inforce during the Event as well as 30 minutes prior to and after the Event. A rare opportunity to race on an actual British Road.

Chip timing: yes

Youths go first, then TS3, TS2, TS1, TSS, Adults (Scootathon whilst Youths cycling)


Prelimary race results will be posted on

Official race results will be posted a few days later on

as well as being emailed out to competitors.

Please note all times stated are approx at this stage and depend on the amount of entries from each category.  If you would like to participate in a free training session with us “Oldbury STC” contact our Tri Rep at “”


Cost £1

The scootathon takes place at the lake jetty as soon as the last youth leaves the lake and whilst the youth are cycling. Two waves of 15 max,

What happens:  The first  group (able to put shoes on) start at lake exit mat and have their feet wetted via a watering can, they run to towel/shoes, put shoes on, grab scooter then push it for a short distance along the tarmac path to a line on the floor leave it there and run to finish line to collect their medal and certificate.  The second group (cant put own shoes on) will do the same but parents help them put shoes on (parents can help throughout).

Required Equipment:  shoes to run in, scooter or 3 wheel small bike, small towel.

How to secure a place:  tick box for scootathon on your entry and you will be emailed an entry form.


22 Jun 2020£18.00£22.00
01 Jun 2021£25.00£29.00
21 Jun 2021£30.00£34.00

*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

22 Jun 2020£18.00£19.00
01 Jun 2021£25.00£26.00
21 Jun 2021£30.00£31.00

*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

22 Jun 2020£14.00£15.00
01 Jun 2021£18.00£19.00
21 Jun 2021£25.00£26.00

*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Dates and Status

Date: 27 Jun 2021

Closing Date: 21 Jun 2021

Status: Open

Sandwell Adult Triathlon 2020ne??/25
Sandwell Children's Triathlon 2020ne TS1, TS2, TS3, Youth??/175
Sandwell Children's Triathlon 2020ne Tri-start??/25


Mark Deakin



Swan Pool, Sandwell Valley, Park Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands B71 3SX