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Logo for MMC Road Races - September 2021

MMC Road Races - September 2021

24 Sep 2021 - 26 Sep 2021

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description


Supplementary Regulations 2021 Racing Season



Entries should be received by :-

If Minimum Entries not received by the closing date, the Club WILL cancel this class.




Jul   17 / 18

Jul 5th       



Aug 14 / 15

Aug 2nd      



Sep 25 / 26

Sep 13th  



ALL meetings include rounds of the SACU Scottish Championship


Supplementary Regulations for National and Scottish Championship Motorcycle Road Race Meetings to be held on the above dates under the SACU rules, the National Sporting Code and appendices of the ACU, with any subsequent amendments and these Supplementary Regulations.


The Melville Motor Club will hold National Motorcycle Road Race Meetings at East Fortune Aerodrome, near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, open to holders of SACU, ACU licences or National Federation licences with start permission will be accepted at events.


The circuit is 1.56 miles long and over 30 feet wide. Racing is in a clockwise direction.


Officials of the Meetings:


Or other suitably qualified officials where appropriate.

Clerk of the Course: Bob Davies, Gordon Dingwall, David Paton, Stuart Wishar

Secretary of the Meeting: Louise Nichol

Secretary of the Meeting Support: Diana Dyce, Gavin Browne


Technical Officer: John Keymer, Ricky McCallum, John Muir, Robin Rollo

Chief Marshal: Johnathon Calthrop, Bob Davies, Steven Haire, Steven Jack, Joe Parkin

Club Steward: Diana Dyce, Sandra Lang

Child Protection: The SACU Child Protection Policy can be read on the SACU website. Officer – Sandra Lang

Riders Representatives: Charlie Flett and Jimmy Shanks


Entries: Covid advice from the SACU is that there should be electronic entries and payment ONLY.


Concussion: Please note that following a concussion injury, Competitors must produce a Doctor’s letter when re-commencing racing. Such letter can be given to either the SACU office prior to the event for issue to the appointed Stewards, or to the SACU Stewards at the event. The letter should clearly indicate that the competitor “is no longer suffering from the consequences of concussion”.


Limit of Entries: Normally, not more than 40 solos or 24 sidecars shall start in a road race or heat. The Club shall decide whether heats need to be run. If less than 6 entries are received for a class, the Club reserves the right to cancel it, or include it with another. A maximum of 6 reserves will be accepted.


Paddock Bikes: No paddock bikes or wheeled toys of any kind (including bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates/blades) to be ridden anywhere within the circuit during the event (generally 9.00am – 6.00pm), or at any time on the Friday.


Motorcycle Engines: Not to be run before 8.45am or after 6.00pm.


Generators: Not allowed. Silent Air Generators will be used, and in continual use – hook-ups are provided. power from 6pm on Friday. Please ensure your electric devices are electrically safe.


Competitors Requiring to Park on Grass Areas: Use Environmental Mat as per ACU Environmental Code.


Races:  Each entry entitles the rider to start in a race. The Intended programme is 2 races per race set on Saturday, and 2 races on Sunday. Additional races in the form of handicap or support races will be run, time and situation permitting.


Friday:  Subject to Official’s availability, “Sign-On” 1pm – 6pm, Technical Inspection 5pm – 7pm.

Defining “Sign-on” as presenting race licence to the Secretary of the event.


Programme of events



Practice Order

Signing on

6.30am onwards

7am onwards **

See Programme.


Programme will be set to accommodate riders competing in more than one Class, as far as possible.

Technical Inspection

7.30am onwards

7.30am **

Riders Briefing


8.45am **

(New Rider Assessment if programmed)

9.00am   or


Practice starts



Practice finishes




noon - 12.50pm

noon – 12.50pm

Racing starts


10.15am & 1.00pm

                                                                                    ** Sunday Only Riders

Cameras: On board cameras are not permitted.


Practice: Arrive at the circuit before the start of practice, or you will risk having to wait to gain access to the paddock (infield paddock).


Riders must complete at least 3 laps on their largest machine entered. Riders failing to complete 3 laps will, on the discretion of the Clerk of the Course, considering previous experience at East Fortune, be allowed to start. Anyone failing to obey the regulations concerning practice will be excluded from the meeting.


Qualifying: The Clerk of the Course reserves the right to apply a 110% of third fastest qualifying time. Riders out-with this time will be offered a race within another race class of like qualifying speeds. Points will still be awarded for the Class originally entered.


Classes: 15 as per Melville Championships for 2021.


Results: There will be no timesheets or bulletins issued as hard-copy but will instead be available on the Melville Motor Club Facebook Group, MyLaps Speedhive, or can be emailed (or posted) on request.


Transponders: Can be hired, from the race office, observing capacity limits, and wearing a face mask. Please use hand gel from the dispenser prior to entering the office.


Points Allocation: As per championship conditions.


Safety: Please take extreme care at all times and never ride beyond your capabilities, whatever the circumstances.


All riders who retire from a race or practice, must leave the course with their machine at the very first available opportunity, at all times ensuring they do not place themselves or their machines in such a position as to constitute a danger to other competitors. Competitors must not attempt to ‘tour’ back to the pits. In retiring, great care must be taken to avoid violent deviation, deceleration, or positioning on the course such that the following riders may be impeded or endangered.


ANY PERSON SPEEDING IN THE PITS WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM MEETINGS, ONLY RACING BIKES TO BE RIDDEN IN THE PADDOCK. Any rider attempting to gain access to the track at the ‘NO EXIT’ end of the pits will be excluded from the Meeting. Please observe the “One Way” traffic system in the paddock.


Grid Positions: Grids are allocated as per timed qualifying, this position will be the grid position for the whole event. It is the rider’s responsibility to know and start from his/her allocated position. Failure to comply may incur a time penalty or exclusion.


Riders Meeting: All Competitors shall attend a briefing at 8.45am, unless otherwise advised. Report to the Clerk of the Course at the Circuit Office.


Starts: Clutch starts for all classes. Start penalties will be applied per ACU Handbook at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course.


Changes: The Secretary of the Meeting will consider requests for changes (rider, passenger or machine, including adding additional machine) prior to respective race, and following consultation with the Clerk of the Course.


Competition Licence Numbers: Must be filled in on the entry form and licences must be shown when signing on. (Non-production of licence entails a £10 search fee to the SACU, donating to the Ben Fund).


Passes: Competitors – Will receive a vehicle pass which allows the competitor and three passes for the helpers named on the entry. Covid Restrictions depending, this may be reduced to TWO, to limit paddock occupancy. 


Prize Money/Awards:   There will be no Trophy Meeting – minimising transmission risks.

There will be no end of year prize-fund in 2021.

End of year Trophies and Club Championship 1st to 4th are awarded at the Annual Awards Ceremony, if this is a feasible option, otherwise, they will be presented when restrictions allow (provisionally April event, 2022).


Additional Feature Races will carry individual prize funds publicised at the event.


By entering the event, you are signing to:-


I acknowledge the Organisers are operating this event in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines, advice and instruction so as to minimise the risk to Competitors, Marshals and Officials and the public from Covid-19. I undertake to abide by these National Guidelines.

By participating in this event, I will take all necessary steps to protect myself and others from the risk of infection. I agree to follow and abide by any instructions set down by the Organiser in an effort to minimise the risk of the Covid-19 virus.

Nevertheless, I acknowledge and accept the underlying and unavoidable risk of infection from the Covid-19 virus.


14 Sep 2021£210.00
14 Sep 2021£130.00
14 Sep 2021£110.00
For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Closing Date: 14 Sep 2021

Places Available/Total: ??/150

Status: Closed

2 Day - September ADULT solos (EXCEPT F125/Junior Twins)26 Sep 2021
August ADULT solos ONE DAY (except F125 and Junior Twins)25 Sep 2021
MMC - September 2021 Formula 125 & Junior Twins26 Sep 2021


Diana Dyce



East Fortune Race Circuit Woodside East Fortune EH39 5JX