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CSJ Series hosted by Canicross Midlands Weekend 5

03 Mar 2018 - 04 Mar 2018

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description


Welcome to the CSJ Series hosted by Canicross Midlands. This is the entry portal for the fifth race weekend in the series - 03rd and 04th March 2018.


Venue: Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5SQ

Briefing: 8.30am, 1st race off at 9am. (Timings may vary depending on weather conditions)

Combined times from days 1 and 2, awards for top 3 in each class.

Entry fees: £15 per class, reductions may apply see table below. All Canicross Midlands Members will receive a £1 discount on all races.

Camping - Caravan / Campervan £12  per unit per night. Tent £10 per unit

Emtries Close - Midnight Saturday 24th February.

Classes, Eligibility, & Discounts
Class Discipline Distance
(Approx. km)
Eligibility Part of the 
CSJ Series
Open Canicross
5 Anyone above the age of 16.
Any dog above the age of 
12 months for CC & 
18 months for Wheels
Yes None Intended for a team that complete 5km without stopping
3km Canicross

Anyone above the age of 16 for Wheels and 11 for CC
Any dog above the age of 
12 months for CC     (1 dog only)  
16 months for Wheels

No £5 Intended for a team that complete 3km without stopping. 
Ideal for new dogs or dogs returning from injury
Novice** Canicross
3 Anyone above the age of 16
Any dog above the age of 
12 months for CC & 
18 months for Wheels
One dog only.
No £5 Intended for Novice runners. If entering Novice you are not eligible to enter any other class with the exception of Odd & Bods
13-16 Canicross 3 Anyone aged 13-16 
Any dog above the 
age of 12 months
Yes £7 Intended for a junior team with the runner being aged between 13 to 16
8-12 Canicross 1.5 Anyone aged 8-12 
Any dog above the 
age of 12 months
Yes £7 Intended for a junior team with the runner being aged between 8 to 12
U8 Canicross 1 Anyone aged 6-8
Any dog above the 
age of 12 months
Yes £10 Intended for a junior team with the runner being aged between 6 to 8. All runners must be accompanied by an adult who must be attached to the runners dog
Odd & Bods Canicross 1.5 Anyone
Any dog above the 
age of 12 months
No £7 A fun class for anyone to enter
Jun Wheels Bikejor
1.5 Anyone aged 11-16
Any dog above the 
age of 18 months
Yes £7 Intended for a junior team with the rider being aged between 11to 16
** You are a Novice for as long as you deem yourself a Novice, unless you win 3 Novice classes where you have to move to Open. Entering an Open class signals your intention to move out of Novice and you are no longer eligible to enter Novice again


RULES  - Our rules in detail are published on our website.  In summary our rules are:

SERIES RULES of the 14 races in the series, the 8 best results per athlete, per class count for the series. Only 2 results may be counted per race weekend. All races have equal weighting within the series. Athletes that tie on points within the series will be separated by their highest discarded score. Should all their discarded scores be equal then they will be separated on the last race positions at which both competed.

DOGS must be a year old on the day of the race to canicross and 18 months old to compete in a wheeled class, bitches in season are permitted to race but should be kept well away from the start / finish area and not taken on or near the course when not racing. Please notify the race team if you have a bitch in season.
Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times during the race and should not be run in a slip lead, check/choke chain, head collar, flexie lead or any collar that restricts breathing, if a muzzle is required it should be of the wire / plastic greyhound racing style. No harsh handling will be permitted at the event and e-collars, prong collars and other similar devices that are not compatable with dog sports should not be brought onto the site. For your dogs comfort we suggest they run in a suitable harness, equipment will be available for sale or hire on the day.
Dogs should not be brought to the event if they are coughing or have been in contact with infectious disease within the last 21 days. It is the owners responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy before racing. If in doubt consult your vet.
A dog may only run in one full course event per day but a human can run a 2nd class if they want with a different dog. A dog may run in a short course race in addition to a full course race per day should the owner consider it is fit enough.

AGE GROUPS Are for runners age on the day of the last race in the series.

BORROWED DOGS It is presumed that you are running with your own dog. If you must borrow a dog to race with you should be familiar with each other, have trained together prior to the race and the handler should be aware of the dogs behavior in a race environment and be responsible for its care throughout the event. You will not be permitted to race with a borrowed dog that you have only just met.

CHILDREN runners age U8, on the day of the race, must be accompanied by an adult attached to the dog, on foot, children in the 8-12 class may be accompanied - according to their parents preference. All children attending the event to run or spectate must be supervised by an adult at all times and instructed not to approach dogs they do not know.

INSURANCE The race will be covered by event/public liability insurance but all racers and spectators attend the event and run at their own risk.

CANCELLATION Should the races have to be cancelled or postponed for reason beyond the organisers control or in the event of bad weather making the course too dangerous to run - the organisers reserve the right to take expenses already incurred from entry fees before using any remaining moneys to refund entrants. NOTE it is the entrants responsibility to check the race is still on before traveling, the organisers will, post on facebook, and email all entrants if there are any last minute changes - please check your email before traveling.

FACILITIES Please respect the facilities and centre. Clean up after your dog in all areas and on the course. Showers and toilets are provided for your convenience. There will be an off lead exercise area available for dogs to use. Only 2 dogs per owner should be off lead in the exercise area at any one time. We anticipate being able to provide a securely fenced area for more "independently minded dogs" to go off lead in addition to the fenced exercise area. In all other areas of the centre dogs should be on lead.

CAMPING Camping is available for tents, and vans. £15 / £18.50 with hook up per unit per night. Units that wish to stake out dogs should ensure that their dogs do not have access to the adjacent camping pitch and that their dogs do not damage the ground by digging, dogs should be supervised at all times while on stakeout. Pitches will be allocated and those wishing to camp in adjacent pitches should indicate their preference to the organisers. 

CATERING There will be catering facilities available throughout the weekend providing hot breakfasts, lunches, dinners to order and snacks throuout the day.

SAFETY Please listen to the race briefing and marshals instructions. If your dog(s) are likely to be noisy and excited please do not bring them to the race briefing so that everyone can clearly hear safety instructions. Human and dog first aiders will be available at all times on site and there is a 4WD that can access the course. An Emergency Vet will be available and details will be displayed in the race stewards tent.

CHANGES TO YOUR ENTRY Any changes you need to make to your race entries for classes or dogs (note you cannot transfer a human name if the human cannot come sorry entries are not transferable) should be done by EMAIL ONLY PLEASE by closing date, if you ask for changes in Facebook messages, comments on posts or on events pages I might not get to see them or if I do I might not remember to action them when back at the computer email is the only reliable means of communication, face book stuff gets lost.

TRADE STANDS are very welcome. Please contact the race organisers for details.

MARSHALLS Please email the race director if you have a member of your party who would be prepared to marshall. Marshalls will recieve a meal voucher and a thank you gift.





RACE DIRECTORS - Claire Martin. 07794435318. claire--martin@hotmail.com Alan Sherwin - 07967096393 alan.sherwin@btinternet.com



The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Dates and Status

Closing Date: 24 Feb 2018

Places Available/Total: ??/400

Status: Closed

Saturday Weekend 5 (Please check class eligibility below before entering)03 Mar 2018
Sunday Weekend 5 (Please check class eligibility below before entering)04 Mar 2018


Elaine and Alan Sherwin

01926 423 291

Prestwold Hall Prestwold Lane Loughborough Leicestershire LE12 5SQ