This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.
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Hawick Sprint Triathlon and Come+Tri

06 May 2018

Welcome to the events page for the Live Borders Triathlon Series 2018


Location: Teviotdale Leisure Centre

Date: 6th May 2018                                   Date: 6th May 2018

Event: Sprint Triathlon                               Event: Come + Tri

Swim: 750m pool based                             Swim: 400m pool based

Bike: 20k                                                  Bike: 10k

Run: 5k                                                    Run: 2.5k


The Pool swim will be based at the Teviotdale Leisure Centre, Hawick. The swim order will be dictated in waves based on submitted ‘estimated swim times'.The transition will be sited in the car park adjacent to the pool.

Ample parking is available at Teviotdale Leisure Centre.

Hawick, world famous for its common Riding festival, offers the second setting for the Live Borders Triathlon Series. The cycle route takes participants through rolling countryside. The route follows from Mansfield Road towards Hawick Rugby Football Club. The climb is steep up towards Hamilton Road, turning into Burnfoot Industrial Estate. Turning right heading towards Appletreehall, passing this turn off towards Minto Golf Club. Passing Golf Club and following road towards Clairelaw. Stay on road until joining A7 passing Hawick Police Station.

The events’ running route leaves transmission area running up centre hill until directed right onto Mansfield Road towards Hawick RFC, competitors will be directed past Rugby Club, Football Clubs etc. until they join on to grass pathway. There is a steep climb which leads back onto road where competitors are directed back through Burnfoot Industrial Estate passing Jewson’s and Doves. Competitors are directed along old railway towards the finish line. The route follows the main road to a small village called Denholm. When again competitors are on the outskirts of this small village. After here competitors pass Minto Golf club which is set overlooking Denholm looking towards Jedburgh etc. Competitors join on to the busy road which is the A7 from Edinburgh. Again on the run route competitors will run past Hawick RFC home ground and also Hawick Royal Albert football club home ground. Competitors run along the riverside (river Teviot). On the return part of the running route, competitors will run through Burnfoot Ind Est passing a local knitwear firm (Barrie’s).


Neil Renton

01750 700110

Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Hawick Sprint Triathlon 18+06 May 2018??/200Closed30 Apr 2018
Hawick Come+Tri 18+06 May 2018??/100Closed30 Apr 2018
Hawick Sprint Triathlon 16-17years06 May 2018??/200Closed30 Apr 2018
Hawick Come+Tri 16-17years06 May 2018??/100Closed30 Apr 2018
30 Apr 2018£34.00£42.50

*Discounted for members of any of TS WT TE

30 Apr 2018£24.00£30.00

*Discounted for members of any of TS WT TE

30 Apr 2018£34.00£42.50

*Discounted for members of any of TS WT TE

30 Apr 2018£24.00£30.00

*Discounted for members of any of TS TE WT

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Event Address
Teviotdale Leisure Centre, Mansfield Road, Hawick TD9 8AG