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Sparta B.A. Boxing Show

06 Oct 17

Prices - £35 for Main Hall ( meal included)

              £15 for Balcony

              £20 for Stage

No children in Main Hall, Children in Balcony only!!!

Ellen McLeod


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Main Hall meal included ( No under 18s permitted)06/10/2017??/250Open05/10/2017
Sparta B.A. Boxing Show - Stage (no under 18s permitted)06/10/2017??/20Open05/10/2017
Sparta B.A. Boxing Show - Balcony06/10/2017??/100Open05/10/2017

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Event Address
Grangemouth Townhall 27 Bo'Ness Rd, Grangemouth FK3 8AN