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Logo for EpicTrails 8km - fun on the Mugdock trails

EpicTrails 8km - fun on the Mugdock trails

18 Dec 2021

Organiser's Description

EpicTrails can't wait to welcome all runners who want to check out the local trails around Mugdock park and Craigallian woods starting at 0930hrs on Saturday 18th December from the front of Mugdock Visitor Centre. Afterwards runners can get a hot drink and cake in one of the cafes.  This run is for anyone who can run a road 10km in under 60mins (although there won't be any road in this run).

Guide: qualified, experience, insurance and first aid trained.

Speed and numbers: No-one gets left behind. These are social runs and not races. We will regroup at various points along the route. Pace will vary depending on the distance covered and the type of run - this run is aimed at those how can run a road 10km in under 60 mins. Group size will be manageable to ensure the safety of all attending.

Dogs and under 18’s: Unfortunately, no dogs or under 18’s as not covered by our insurance.

Mandatory kit: Kit will vary depending on the route and time of year and this will be detailed in the run brief. Always mandatory are trail shoes and if a night run a head torch is a must. No kit = no run.

These runs are not for profit. All money raised will initially be used to cover costs and the remainder donated to a local charity on a periodic basis.

If you cannot attend the event please let us know. Refunds will only be given if requested and no refunds if less than 24hours notice.


18 Dec 2021£3.00

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Dates and Status

Date: 18/12/2021

Status: Open

Total Places: 14

Places Available: ??


Nicola Dawson

Mugdock Visitor Centre