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Running coaching with Soulinmotion workshop(Whitley Bay)

05 May 19

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Run and walk lighter, feel balanced and get rid of those running niggles!

  "Hi I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. Using the techniques has made a massive difference to my running, not just reduced pain levels but has renewed my enthusiasm............. I will be looking out for further courses and I'm spreading the word. Perhaps all hope of racing again is not lost....."

"I feel I have come such a long way since my first session with  you early last year. I was trying out new things to give meaning to my life as my work was reducing. I had joined the running club and was starting to make friends, but without the good teaching I've had from you both I've no doubt that running would be one of those things that I beat myself up on over not getting out there. I know from last experience it's so easy to let it all slide."

"it is the most incredible feeling and I absolutely love it. I feel like something that is made out of elastic that has been set in motion and then I am just carried along by own momentum'



Time 9:30 to 12 midday

A 2h 30 mins, full on as much as I can give introduction into the principles of Chi Running. You will experience some easy static and running drills to help you move more relaxed, fluent and feel a lot lighter in your stride. The session is recorded and you receive the edit including voiceover and slo-mo a few days after the workshop. Any questions? contact Nick at [email protected] or visit www.soulinmotion.co.uk

This session would be ideal for folks new to the concept or those who attended a workshop a while back and needed a refresher. The lessons and sequences change quite regularly as I review the content over the years. 

I have coached over 2000 clients, from all backgrounds. These have included 15min 5K female runners, 1h 3min half marathon runners to clients who could barely run/walk. Ages have varied between 12 to 85. I have coached yogi's, cross fit, martial arts, ultra runners, Ironmen and women, clubs, private groups.....jog scotland groups appear a lot as do some sport England.



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Date: 05/05/2019

Status: Open

Total Places: 12

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Nick Constantine


Churchill Playing fields Hartley Avenue Monkseaton Ne26 3NS