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03 Aug 2019

Chelmsford City Kids Triathlon has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Organiser's Description for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

Marshals helping out at either this race or the earlier triathlon have a free childs place!  Please email me (mdp-triathlon@hotmail.co.uk) with both your details and those of your child.

Race name Swim Cycle Run Run 2 (duathlon) Number of competitors Race start time
Chelmsford City Super-Sprint (inc youth+) 160m 9.5km 3.5km   120 08:00
Tri-start (8) 40m 750m 600m   20 10:50
TS 1 (9-10) 80m 1.5km 1.2km   20 11:00
TS 2 (11-12) 160m 3km 1.8km   20 11:20
TS 3 (13-14) 160m 4.5km 2.4km   20 11:40

Youths (turning 15 years of age in 2019) and older can take part in the super-sprint race with an adults / guardians written permission.

The venue:  Great Baddow High School, Duffield Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2 9RZ.

Car-parking:  Free parking on site.  Please arrive in plenty of time and park between the lines and do not block emergency entry/exits or bike route in and out.  If you need to leave straight after the aquathlon, please do so ASAP.  Once the triathlon is underway, you cannot get out until the last competitor is back without putting the adults at risk.  We will have on site catering to keep you going if you decide to stay and watch. 

Registration and race briefing: Collect your race number and swim hats on race morning from 07:45 to 08:40hours.  Registration will reopen at 10:30 approx just for the kids race. Race briefing 10:50 just outside transition.  

Toilets are located in the main building before you get the transition. Please feel free to use the disabled toilet too.   

Kids race instructions:

Children can bring their bikes into transistion once we have managed to kick the adult triathletes out! 

No adults other than marshals allowed in transition.

Please make sure you have your stickers on your bike and helmet (which needs to be fastened before entering to be checked by the marshals.) Please use the other stickers to identify any bags or kit you bring into transition.

At 1100hrs approx we will clear transition.  We will collect your children in their age groups and escort them to poolside from the transition entry point.  The coloured swim hat provided will identify each age group...Purple, White, Orange, Gold in that order with the youngest athletes starting first. 

TriStarts do one length down the pool and back in the lane by the fire door, before leaving the pool via the fire exit.  Deep end start.

Tristar1 do just one length IN EACH LANE starting at the deep end.  Tristar 2 & 3 follow the same swim format as the adults (see below). 

Swim:  There is no access to any parents or specators on poolside.  You will not see your little racers until they start the bike leg.

Start at the top left hand corner of the pool (deep end).  Swim down by the wall and then back up by the rope.  Once at the end, go under the rope and repeat in the next lane and so on, until you get to the deep end corner of the pool by the fire exit.  Climb out and carefully the fire door.  The next swimmer will start once the person in front has completed 2 lengths, this should help spread you out, giving you more space in the water and out on the run course.

If you catch someone in front of you, please touch their toes/feet.  This indicates for them to pull over at the end of the length and let you past.  If you have had your feet touched, let the person behind past you once you get to the end of the length.  Sorry if you're ticklish, but at least you know it isn't a shark!

No running on poolside or on the external steps.  (Front crawl and breaststroke only.) 

T1: The ramp area by the pool exit.  Shoes can be left on the raised enternal wall or in transition with the bike.  This area will be marshalled.  Helmets on before touching your bike.  (TS & TS1 will be assisted by marshals if they struggle with taking bikes on and off the racks.)

Bike: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/2322875608

Mount where the concrete meets the grass field.

Anticlockwise lap.  1 for TS, 2 for TS1.  4 for TS2 & 5 for TS5.  The route is on grass and has a short sharp climb and descent at the far end of the course (otherwise it would be boring!)  Maybe slippery if wet, so slick tyres not advised.  Children are responsible for counting their own laps (we will try be counting to see if the cover the distance for the results, not for competitors assistance.)

Turn left near the finish line to start laps 2,3,4 & 5.  Dismount on the grass before the concrete.

Transition 2:  Place bike back against a wall or the designated area on the floor before removing helmet.  Run route is back on the field.  Keep on the left to avoid bikes coming and going on the right.

Run: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1158769531

Clockwise lap of the left hand side of the field parameter.  Keep the markers on your righthand side.  At the far end of the lap go between the two trees to the cone turn around point (marshalled).  On the way back keep to left to avoid on coming runners.  At the end of the lap go around another cone 180 degrees to start laps 2,3&4 or straight ahead to finish.  Again athletes are responsible for counting their own laps.  (A reminder will be written on their race numbers).

Tristarts do a short loop of the playground and playing field to finish. 

There is a medal and bottle of water waiting at the end for you.

Finish: Congratulations, you made it! Stretch, cool down and relax.

Adults can collect their kids from the cricket nets next to the finish line.  However, your child will need to collect their bikes and kit unaided from transition, entering and exiting from the car-park side of transition so to not interupt the others still racing.

Course records:  To be set in 2019!


The pool buildings will be closed at 1200hrs, so do not leave anything you need inside the building.

Please be considerate when using social media.  We will have photography admin forms and stickers to complete for the parents/guardians wanting to capture the moment.

If it is muddy, please do not re-enter the buildings wearing dirty kit. 

Results and Prizes:  All finishers get a medal. 

Full results will be on our website that night and within 48 hours and will appear on various running & tri websites, including www.infinitytri.co.uk & www.tri247.com

Have a safe, fun event!

Please note:  Parts of the routes maybe amended if building works are in place over the weekend.  We will not know until a day or so prior to the race, so we have to be flexible about it.  Our Facebook page will be updated with any last minute info.

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Dates and Status

Date: 03/08/2019

Status: Closed

Total Places: 56

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Great Baddow High School Duffield Road Chelmsford Essex CM2 9RZ