BLDSA Coniston Veterans has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Info for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

BLDSA Coniston Veterans

28 Jul 18












Please read this information. Any supplementary information will be emailed to competitors after the closing date.


Age Categories 
Veteran  (Aged 45 years old or above on the day of the Championship).


From 9.00am report to the Swim Secretary at the Bluebird Cafe - Swimmers and boat crews MUST register.


10.00am at the Bluebird Cafe near the boating centre (Lakeside Road) prior to the swim.



from Oxen House Bay near the Lay-by opposite to Peel Isle.

Staggered start - details to be provided, but the first wave to start at 11am.

*Please note* The water entry point has been moved to Brown Howe car park and swimmers will be ferried around by the safety boats to the normal start point.


The swim is a straight course swim, the finish being 3.5miles away at the Ruskin Pier adjacent to the Blue Bird Cafe.


Conditions of Entry
1. For this swim all swimmers must provide their own safety cover. This must not be an inflatable canoe.  No swimmers will be allowed to participate in this event if they have not provided their own support. It’s the entrant’s responsibility to provide the safety cover. You can enter only if you detail your support crew. Coniston Boating centre has 7 rowing boats for hire. If you wish to be accompanied by a rowing boat you must provide at least 2 crew members and hire the boat directly from the boating centre. 

2. This swim is restricted to full senior members of the BLDSA meeting the age criteria. 

3. Each support boat or kayak must fly a Flag Alpha while escorting it’s swimmer, failure to do so will result in disqualification. All escort craft must carry the following equipment - plastic survival bag, energy drink, whistle (and rowing boats must carry a buoyancy aid such as an inflated ring).

4. It is the responsibility of the swimmer to ensure that their safety cover is at the briefing in good time. If a swimmer’s safety cover is not at the briefing the swimmer will not be allowed to start the race. It is also the responsibility of the swimmer to ensure that their crew members are able to maintain a course within 2-3 metres of the swimmer at all times. If the swimmer is not kept within this distance he or she will be instructed to leave the water. There are many other lake users on Coniston and all need to be confident that the swimmer is next to the boat, especially in breaking water. If this is your first escorted swim, go out and practise with your crew!

5. BLDSA Rules apply to this swim, i.e. only traditional swimming costumes/ trunks (must not extend beyond the end of the shoulder onto the upper arm and lower than the crotch onto the upper leg) will be permitted (No wetsuits or body suits. Please see the BLDSA website for a more details. Caps - Breaststroke swimmers must wear a PINK swimming cap. All other swimmers can wear any colour cap other than WHITE or PINK. Note – only one cap may be worn, it must have no insulating properties.

6. That you will declare that if you enter the swim whilst pregnant, you will inform the swim secretary at the earliest possible opportunity, and will provide him/her with a letter from a doctor or midwife confirming your suitability to enter the event. You understand that entry may be refused to pregnant swimmers at the discretion of the swim secretary, following a risk assessment.


Energy Drinks
It is advisable that you take an Energy Drink during your swim. This can be handed to your crew who will carry it down the course and hand it to you during the swim. A reasonable feed strategy to be applied during your swim is to stop every hour. If your swim is several hours long and the water temperature is low you will need to take on energy during the swim. We want you to finish the swim not the swim to finish you!


Time limit
There will be a time limit of 4.25 hours for this swim.


Non UK Residents
Non UK Residents must provide evidence of membership of their governing body or individual insurance for Open Water Swimming.


Coniston is situated in a beautiful area of the Lake District, approximately 7 miles from Ambleside.


Emergency Safety Cover
Emergency Safety cover will be provided; at a minimum this will include a BLDSA rescue boat.  


Changing Facilities
There is a toilet block situated in the car park next to the Bluebird Cafe (where the briefing and presentations are held).


The presentation will take place at the Bluebird Cafe as soon as possible after the swim.


General Information
All persons are advised to report any incidents, including near misses, to a nominated person who shall be named at the championship briefing meeting.

The BLDSA has in place Anti-Bullying and Child & Vulnerable Adult Policies. Copies of which may be obtained from the BLDSA Hon. Child & Vulnerable Adult Officer.

Any person associated with the swim is expected to pay any car park charges that may be due from the parking of their vehicle.


Caravan & Camp Site
For those who intend to stay at Coniston there are numerous hotel and guest houses in the area. There is also a Campsite at Coniston Hall a short distance from the Bluebird Cafe.


Websites - Information on all BLDSA events and much more.

The BLDSA hold 16 Championships across country.  They include Loch Lomond and St Mary's Loch in Scotland, Llyn Tegid in Wales and swims at Colwick Park, Dover, Torbay, North Yorkshire, Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater, Derwentwater and Scarborough.

Richard Hardy
Dates and Status

Date: 28/07/2018

Status: Closed

Total Places: 35

Places Available: ??

15 Jul 2017£40.00

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Event Address
Coniston Water, Coniston, Lake District, England