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03 Aug 2019

Chelmsford City Super-Sprint Triathlon has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Organiser's Description for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

Back for 2019!  

Aimed at novices, but open to all!  A 160m pool swim, 9.5km bike and 3km run.

In 2013; Females accounted for 47% of entries for the race and only 26% have done a triathlon before. 

38% of the males where taking part in a triathlon for the first time. 

The race venue:  Great Baddow High School, Duffield Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2 9RZ.

Car-parking:  Free parking on site.  Please arrive in plenty of time and park between the lines and do not block emergency entry/exits or bike route in and out.  Once the race is underway, you cannot get out until the last competitor is back.  This is for safety reasons.  It is a short race, so you will be on your way in time for brunch (we will have on site catering anyway.) 

If you know the area, we would strongly suggest parking up at Chelmer Park and cycling (downhill!) to the venue with your kit in a back-pack.  That way you'll have no problems parking or getting away. 

Registration and race briefing: Collect your race number and goody bag on race morning from 07:45. Race briefing at 08.50am at transition.  Race start 09:00, so be ready to go (in number order on poolside).

Bike racking:  Due to being a small event, we will not be using bike racking this year.  Please lean you bike upright against and wall or fence in the transition area (but not infront of any obvious exits!) 

Please place your numbered stickers from your registration bag on your bike & helmet before entering transition and on any personal bags, pumps etc. Helmets and bikes need to meet BTA standards. Visit www.britishtriathlon.org for the rules. Please keep your area tidy.  Spokes bike repairs will be on site to help with any last minute bike issues.

Toilets are located before you reach transition Follow the signs.  Please feel free to use the disabled toilet too as we are the only hirers on the day.   


Race instructions:

Numerical order (using your estimated swim time). 


Start at the top left hand corner of the pool (deep end).  Swim down by the wall and then back up by the rope.  Once at the end, go under the rope and repeat in the next lane and so on, until you get to the deep end corner of the pool by the fire exit.  Climb out and carefully the fire door.  The next swimmer will start once the person in front has completed 2 lengths, this should help spread you out, giving you space in the water and out on the bike course.

If you catch someone in front of you, please touch their toes/feet.  This indicates for them to pull over at the end of the length and let you past.  Conversely, if you have had your feet touched, let the person behind past you once you get to the end of the length.  Sorry if you're ticklish, but at least you know it isn't a shark!

No running on poolside or on the external steps.  (Front crawl and breaststroke only please.) 

T1: Put on your cycle hat and fasten it before touching your bike (see BTF rules). Ensure your race number is on your back so we can record your time when you start the cycle section. The "bike out" exit point will be identified during the briefing and will be signed.  Do not mount your bike until you pass the sign to do so.  This area will be marshalled. 


Bike route:  http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/86043433/

THE YELLOW ARROWS ARE THE ONES TO FOLLOW! 2 laps totaling over 9km in an anti-clockwise direction. 

The vast majority of bikes are allowed, from full-on TT bikes to MTB's and hybrids.  No electric (cheating!) or fixed gear (i.e. velodrome machines.)  Look on the British Triathlon website for the regulations on bikes. 

Be careful when riding on the college grounds as contractors and other bookings may be driving in and out of the venue.  The Highway Code and Road Traffic Act applies, so please take care.  Turn left on to Duffield Road and then left at the give way onto B1009 Beehive Lane.  There is a pedestrian crossing at this point, so be prepared to stop (it is not that busy on a non-school day, so just bad luck if you have to wait a few seconds!) 

Stay on this road, going slightly uphill until you turn left into Skinner's Lane (part of the national cycle route).  Prepare to give way at the next left turn onto Watchouse Road (it becomes Galleywood Road half way along) and go slightly downhill.  DO NOT CROSS THE CENTRE LINE OF THE ROAD....DQ if you do!  Be careful at the 2nd pedestrian crossing too.  Left into Dorest Avenue.  Be careful here as the corner is more of a chicane!  Through the estate and left back into Duffield Rd.  Pass the venue (look out for others joining the route) and repeat for lap two. 

At the end of lap two, enter the car-park (looking out for passing runners) and retrace your route until the Dismount sign.  Run back to the racking with your bike.   

This is a non-drafting race.  Again, take a look on the British Triathlon website for the rules. 

T2: Enter at the BIKE IN sign.  DO NOT REMOVE YOUR HELMET UNTIL YOU HAVE SAFELY PARKED YOUR BIKE.   Please wear your race number on your front so we can record your race time on the start of the next run.


Run:  http://www.mapmyrun.com/gb/chelmsford-eng/chelmsford-tri-run-2016-route-84076581

Follow the WHITE AND RED ARROWS and painted arrows.  2 laps of 1.5k each.

Exit T2 by going through the gate and right onto the footpath.  Go right again onto the public footpath and follow the trail around the outside of the college fence.  At the end join turn right and right again onto Beehive Lane.  Nice downhill section until a right turn into Duffield Road.  Take care when crossing the entry point as cars and bikes will coming in and out of the college.  Right onto the pedestrian footpath and go past the college gate by transition, collect a white wrist band from the marshal and repeat for another lap. 

At the end of lap two, turn right into the college ground (signed "Finish") and head down through the double gate (new for 2016) to the finish line.  Note:  You only need one wrist band.

There is no water station on the run route (people don't like cups all over the gardens, even if we do tidy up at the end) so please bring your own drink if you need it.  There is a water available at the start and more waiting at the end for you.


Finish: Congratulations, you made it! Stretch, cool down and relax.


Course records:  Ali HENNING 29m04s (Male) 2016.  Maddy HENDERSON (Female) 35m09s 2013.


Important note:  Do not discard any bottles, gel wrappers etc (not that you need them for a short race like this!) or you’ll be DQ'd.  If it is muddy, please do not re-enter the buildings wearing dirty shoes. 


1st prizes for male and females in the following age groups.  Youth, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 60+ as well as a trophies for the overall fastest male and female too.

Prizes given once all the competitors are safely finished.  If you're not present, you don't get a present!


Full results will be on our website that night and within 48 hours and will appear on various running & tri websites, including www.tri247.com


If you know of anyone willing to help marshal for the morning, they will be supplied with free food and drink for their assistance.  Marshalls with children between 8-14 also get a free kids triathlon place (that takes part after the main event.)

Have a safe, fun event! 

Please note:  Parts of the routes maybe amended if building or road works are in place over the weekend.  We will not know until a day or so prior to the race, so we have to be flexible about it.  Our Facebook & web page will be updated with any last minute info.


01 Feb 2019£25.00£30.00
31 Mar 2019£28.00£33.00
18 Jul 2019£31.00£36.00

*Discounted for members of any of TE WT TS

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Dates and Status

Date: 03/08/2019

Status: Closed

Total Places: 44

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Great Baddow High School Duffield Road Chelmsford Essex CM2 9RZ